The Wooden Watch Edit

Are you like me where watches are concerned, do you consider them an accessory or just a time-piece?

Me: Full on additional accessory.

I like my watch to reflect my style.

It’s like I’m offering the person who notices it, an insight into me, if you like.

You can tell a lot by the type of watch someone wears.

Traditional | Fashion | Designer | Quirky

The only exception to the above for me is sentimental…nothing means more to me than that.

I have my Dad’s gold watch that he received for 30 years loyal service to the company he worked for in the UK – its something I will treasure forever.

Anyway…Today’s post is all about watches of the stylish variety, you know the ones that pack a punch.

The stylish good-lookers.

The Wooden Watch Edit

When I think of fashion watches, I liken them to sunnies.

They need to be edgy, a bit of a conversation starter.

They also need to reflect you and your personality.

I find when I’m at work, especially behind the counter at Country Road, my hands and wrists, get full-on attention – can you imagine trying to hide your hands at the counter – difficult as hell 😉

Customers are always asking me where I get my nails done (thanks Jilly Leach for being my nail PA), they also ask me about my wedding ring – which I love – I know, I’m such a sook.

And of course, my watch.

These days, I’m alternating between my beloved Michael Kors and this watch from Jord.

The Wooden Watch Edit

Sydney Wooden Watch by Jord $199.00

I’ve coveted a wooden watch for a while now.

So can you imagine my excitement, when the lovely folk at Jord sent me such a fabulous piece? – I know, I jumped for joy.

Yes, it’s very ME.

It’s also called Sydney – which I kinda like – cool name eh?

It’s made from Maple and Rose Gold with Swarvoski crystals surrounding the face – for an extra touch of girly gorgeousness.

I guess it goes without saying, I adore the design, it’s feminine and stylish. But I also love that its super-lightweight to wear – my wrist doesn’t feel weighed down in the slightest by the wood. In fact, the watch is as light as a feather!

Products my hands and wrists can live without.

  • Soft moisturised hands – this Aesop one works a treat to combat winter dryness.
  • Manicured nails – shellac is the only thing that works for me – retail is super-tough on your hands and nails.
  • A statement watch.
  • Additional bracelets to match your outfit.
  • Spritz of my signature scent.

A little TLC goes along way when it comes to your hands. Especially now winter is upon us.

So I’ve set myself a little challenge, to apply hand-cream religiously, for the month of June!

Because it’s the little things that people notice, that often leave a lasting impression….don’t you agree?

Are you religious with hand-cream? Could you see yourself wearing a wooden watch? 

What kind of watch do you wear? Is your’s sentimental or fashion forward?


*This watch was gifted to me for editoral consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy




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