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Hallelujah for weekends off work.

Last weekend was my three whole days off (my two-week roster at CR means I get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, every second weekend).

Lazy days of doing very little, except enjoying the company of my gang.

Beckie is in full-on exam study mode. Her first exam was yesterday.

One down, three more to go before next Tuesday.

She is doing it tough, in this final year of her Law degree.

It’s hard slog.

But the end is in sight, there is light at the end of the tunnel (she graduates in December) and she couldn’t be happier.

I adore having her home though – even if she is studying.

She grounds me.

She also makes me laugh uncontrollably – mostly at myself, I might add.

Jonny and Beckie love making me the butt of their jokes – in turn, I love watching their togetherness.

While she is studying, we tiptoe around, trying not to make too much noise.

But just having her home is all we need to fill up our reserves of Beckie loveliness.

So on Saturday, Jonny and I headed off to Noosa for lunch and a wander.

I wanted to see the new Witchery store (where I use to work – which has doubled in size) on Hastings Street and also check out Seed Heritage.

Seed are nailing it at the moment, both on style and price point in my opinion.

So it made perfect sense to throw in lunch at Noosa Beach House as well.

Rain and a dip in temps was predicted, so I dressed accordingly. Only to be greeted with wall-to-wall gloriousness in the sunshine dept.

This jeans boots and poncho ensemble was perfect in the shade, but a touch-too-much, in full sunshine 😉

Winter is tough to predict here on the Coast – it was actually raining heavily 45 mins down the coast at our place.

I love Noosa,  but I must admit, I don’t miss driving there everyday, not one bit.

Now when I go, its purely for pleasure and that’s just how I like it!

As soon as we arrived home, it was time to get my bloggy head on, I wanted to show some love to this gorgeous frock, from the girls at Brisbane based Surafina.

The Dress and Bag Edit

Cocoon Maxi Dress* $179.00 | Watch: Sydney by Jord* $199 USD | Necklace: Angel and Minx | Shoes: Tatiana $139.95 Nine West

This dress is probably not my normal. But something about it really appealed to me.

I have loved throw-on dresses for a while now. Dresses that stand-up to whatever the day asks of you.

Now there is also something special about a dress that can take you anywhere, don’t you agree?

A dress that is also one size fits all and in the softest fabric (100% cotton jersey).

I visualise throwing this frock on, over my bikini as well as wearing it out for drinks/cocktails.

But, as it’s not bikini weather here in Australia, amping it up, felt like the perfect way to showcase its gorgeousness.

I liken the top of the dress to a built-in cape effect.

Perfect for a touch of arm coverage – I prefer to keep my bingo-wings covered as much as possible these days, thank you very much!

The dress glides over the body and falls, in very complimentary folds.

Inside the dress on one of the side seams, are a couple of ties that can alter the look and fall of the dress, to make it asymmetrical.

I prefer to wear it straight – but I can see the enormous flexibility this dress has depending on your body shape.

It suits my pear shape beautifully. It doesn’t cling to anywhere in particular either – which deserves a big tick in my book.

Offering the dress in black was pure genius though.

That’s where the versatility comes from.

Wear it summer or winter.

  • Think boots and a large scarf on a cool autumnal day.
  • Hitch up the side seam, and throw on your favourite sparkly sandals, add a stack of bracelets for summer lunch with the girls.
  • Spray tan, your favourite heels and drop earrings for a cocktail party any time of the year.
  • Thongs, bikini, your favourite sunnies for a day poolside or at the beach.

This one is a winner.

If you beauties follow me on Instagram, you will already know about my excitement over my new Louenhide handbag.

My handbags are something I truly treasure.

For me, they must be leather.

I won’t compromise.

Now, I know that everyone will have a different opinion on this. I’m ok with that. Each to their own I say.

I’m just the type of person that lusts after beautiful bags.

I would rather have one fabulous bag than ten mediocre, any day of the week.

This little beauty is just what I’ve been looking for.

Take a closer look, isn’t she just divine?

IMG_5877 650

Boston in Coffee* by Louenhide (website currently showing sale only – contact Louenhide direct for details).

I truly carry far too much stuff around with me on a daily basis, so I’ve been looking for a smaller but gorgeous bag, for a while now.

My current work bag is my Mimco Laptop bag (which I adore) for its size and versatility.

Some days though, I just don’t need to take my laptop with me. On these days this bag will be my go-to.

Its big enough for everything I need, with clever little compartments to keep everything in order.

The colour is warm and elegant. Rich enough to look just as fabulous with denim as it does with black.

Being so cute and super-stylish – I just know we will be the best of friends.

Pssssst…yesterday was her first work outing – she passed the test with flying colours.

Hoorah – I’m in love.


Do you have a one dress wonder in your wardrobe?  Tell me about your favourite handbag?


* items gifted for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy


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