Sentimental Me: Being Apart.

Sentimental Me: Being Apart

Nothing affects me more in life, than being apart from my loved ones.

I hate it.

It’s just not me.

I’m such a family girl. My gang mean the absolute world to me.

I never tire of being around them. They are my comfort zone. My sunshine.

So when one of us is not around – my whole world feels slightly off.

I can only describe the feeling as unsettled.

Like my internal axis has been tilted somehow, and I’m slightly off-balance.

You know, like when your adrenaline pumps that bit faster, because you are anxious deep down in your soul.

This feeling started on Saturday morning for me, and it was like a domino effect…

Looking back, I didn’t realise how hassled I was feeling, when I shot to Brisbane to have my hair done.

Beckie noticed straight away. She could tell I was on edge.

Like me, she originally thought, it was because I was trying a new hair salon.

But, to be honest I had a fabulous time.

I was so relaxed, it was unbelievable…I think I would even have thought short back and sides was a good idea, I was so chilled!

No, if I’m honest, the reason I was off, was different.

Deep-down in my sub-conscious, I was starting to panic about Beckie flying back to the UK and the thought of her being away for a whole month.

Sometimes, a month can feel like a lifetime.

Now, before we go any further, I’m all about encouraging personal growth.

The whole reason we emigrated from England to Australia was to open up a different world of opportunities for Beckie.

When she was 18, I left her here in Australia on her own for 10 months when she started Uni (I made sure she had a roof over her head and food in her tummy of course, but the rest she had to do herself).

So as you can see, I would never dream of holding her back.

If anything it’s quite the opposite, I’m always suggesting things for her to try, that are out of her comfort zone.

Most of my suggestions are met with a resounding NO.

Like the time when I thought she should go and live with the orangutans in Borneo for a few weeks…but that’s another story 😉

No this time, it’s because I know she isn’t quite firing on all of her cylinders.

The past few weeks have been tough going for her.

Exam preparation makes Beckie want to hibernate from the world. She is such a smart-cookie, but she can’t help but make herself anxious around exam time.

Culminating in migraines, triggered by stress.

Add to that a wisdom tooth that decided to pop through in the middle of said exams and her world came tumbling down.

Yes, her final year of Law is pushing her to places she has not been before.

She has had to dig deep to get through.

Her everyday life gets pushed to the sidelines and she can’t see the wood for the trees.

Her last exam was last Tuesday and since then there has hardly been a spare moment (with work) to kick-back and enjoy the utter elation of finishing the semester.

She always seems to be dashing from one thing to the other, with no time to smell the roses.

So I guess this big flight (that she has done several times on her own before) has just come at a bad time.

Don’t get me wrong, she is so excited to see family and friends. To catch up and have fun.

But it’s just the getting there. She finds it hard travelling that far, on her own.

She has never really enjoyed flying…she doesn’t let it stop her, but it always makes her anxious.

Sentimental Me: Being Apart

Anyway, I digress…

So, in true Uni student style, Beckie arrived home on Sunday afternoon with the contents of her wardrobe in a suitcase – only problem, EVERYTHING still needed washing.

Most of it was hand wash or dry clean only – which meant drip-dry.

Of course, I started straight away – but so did the bloody RAIN.

Picture a Chinese laundry situation, without the fancy equipment!.

Let’s just say the day of relaxing we had planned for yesterday, entailed a trip to the dentist, problems with the airline and drying clothes with a hair-dryer and a patio heater 😉

The last clothes were packed at 20:30 and we left for the airport at 21:00 – I know, a very close call.

Then to add insult to injury…the terrified flyer, was then told her flight was delayed until 03:30 meaning there is a strong possibility she won’t make the last leg of her flight in Dubai.


Thank goodness the bar was still open in the Departure lounge and she had a heap of sleeping tablets for the flight!

sentimental me being apart

…if your interested, she managed nearly six hours of snoozing on the first leg from Brisbane to Singapore!

This is just for you Beckie-Boo…

Sentimental Me: Being Apart

Love Mumma xx







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