Sentimental Me: Beautiful Souls

In this post I’m using the word parent liberally…to me this is a person who has nurtured, it doesn’t have to be a birth Mother or Father, just someone who has shown love and kindness in the raising of children. After all, everyone’s circumstances are different. x

Beautiful Souls

Have you ever had the moment when you meet someone and they instantly grab your heart?

You know, the kind of person that you feel has done it tough, but still, only see’s life through rose-tinted glasses?

Someone that leaves a huge impression on your heart – but you’re not sure why?

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting that someone a few months ago.

I instantly knew he had a truly beautiful soul.

The moment was a pure coincidence when that someone, came to drop off a résumé at the shop.

Now as I’m sure you can imagine, we get lots of people dropping in on a daily basis, handing out resumes. But this young man, say 20 ish (how old do I sound?) stood out from the crowd for me.

It is rare.

But I remembered him.

We didn’t have any positions available at the time, but I asked if he would like us to keep his résumé on file.

Fast-forward two months and we need to hire again.

Not one, but two people came to mind.

One was the guy above, the other a girl.

Both for very similar reasons.

The way they  both conducted themselves shone out of them both like moon-beams.

I’m guessing they are similar ages.  Both stood-out in a sea-of-resumes.

We all remember people for different reasons.

But I’m a very old-fashioned type.

I’ve always been one to trust my gut.

I also have a 30 second rule. Yep, you can make an impression on me that quick.

A hand shake from a young person ALWAYS blows me away.

A happy, bright smile and eye-contact goes a long way too.

I could instantly tell that both of these great kids had come from wonderful parents. Parents that have supported and nurtured these children into fine young adults.

Adults that now, know how to present themselves, be polite and respectful and most importantly leave a lasting impression.

On paper they are both so different, but the things that make them similar, are all the things that I value in a person. They are also the values I have instilled in Beckie.

Yep, I could see the goodness in their souls.

I could see they were loved and cherished.

I could instantly feel how proud their parents are of them.

These things MELT MY HEART.

Meeting these two fine human beings has really meant the world to me.

It has underlined to me, all that is important in parenting.


Sentimental Me: Beautiful Souls

Our children need us to teach them right from wrong.

They need to be taught empathy, understanding and compassion.

We need to give them the confidence to be truthful, gentle and kind.

It is our job to make sure they have all the tools required to be outstanding.

When I say outstanding, I don’t mean in a monetary sense.

Success does not hold a price tag in my eyes.

Instead, success is when a stranger meets your child for the first time and your child blows them away, just by being themselves.

When I am with Beckie, I listen to the way she engages with people, I love watching her interact.

I get that gushy warm feeling, deep-down in my soul.

I guess that feeling is pride.

Tell me, who has blown you away recently. Are you a sentimental fool like me?











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