My Work Wardrobe: The Roll Neck Dress

Confession time…

I’ve not been buying much Country Road of late.

Instead I’ve tried to mix and match with what I already have.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, Jonny is a very happy man – he never complains when I curb my spending 😉

I’ve looked at everything that’s been arriving in store, but nothing has screamed BUY ME.

Rare I know, but extremely truthful.

It’s sure been a while, since something has been jumped out at me.

Ok, ok, maybe I did sneak in a couple of cheeky purchases of two shorter skirts and a couple of shirts a few weeks back…I justify this though, by the fact that I spend so much time there – I need lots of variety, yes?.

In my defence, there has been lots of wool arriving – it’s also been of the itchy wool variety, which my sensitive skin just can’t cope with.

Not only does wool make me break out in a severe case of hives; said hives also make me look like I’m imitating a dog with Mange…certainly not the best look for a hormonal 50-year-old.

Until now that is…I found some Merino wool that I can tolerate

Order has been resumed.

Can we just say Hello to this little beauty…the Roll Neck Dress and all of its magic?

My Work Wardrobe: The Roll Neck Dress Edit

Roll Neck Dress $199.00 Country Road (I’m wearing a Medium) | Ponte Leggings $49.95 (I’m wearing Small) Sussan | My old faithful Rockport Shooties | Watch: Sydney Series*  $199.00 by JORD

Yes, you read it right, magic.

It’s one of those frocks that can be worn several ways – making it a versatile piece, for lots of different body shapes and sizes.

To be honest, when it first arrived, I had sort of, dismissed it. Thinking it would be too tight and revealing over my butt, belly and thighs.

And because its black (yes, I know I ADORE black) – but try wearing black AND wool and in 27 degrees -ney on impossible.

The weather here has been beautiful and not at all Autumnal. So for all the obvious reasons, I let the dress slip off my radar.

That was, until I saw someone trying it on.

Yes, even I get inspired at CR.

The lady was a classic apple shape (you know, with the type of sensational legs I long for) – the dress looked incredible on her.

It stopped me in my tracks – she looked drop dead gorgeous.

That started my mind wondering, ‘what would it look like on a pear’ – i.e. ME!

Could I pull if off, without it looking sprayed on?

Would it complement my shape and style?

There was only one way to find out – I needed to man-up and try it on.

I instantly LOVED it.

In the slide show, I tried to show the two different ways I will wear it…depending on my mood of course.

  • Longer in length and slightly ruched around the middle.
  • Pulled up shorter to enhance the dolman sleeve effect – making it look more like a jumper and skirt.

I like it both ways.

Knowing me, I will probably change it as the day goes on – variety is the spice of life after all!

I’ve added a ponte pant underneath, instead of my usual tights, to add a slightly different look.

It won’t be long before I pull out a pair of colour opaques though.

What I love the most though, is its classic façade.

This dress could take you almost anywhere through Autumn/Winter.

Dress simply with a pair of stockings and black pumps for office perfection.

Tanned legs and a killer pair of ankle strap sandals for a dinner date.

Knee length boots for a full-on winter look.

Or like I have, over ponte pants (fabulous sucker-in ability)/legging, with a statement accent,.

Think, capes and, trenches and leather jackets to add another layer.

Simply earrings plus a couple of bracelets and you’re good to go.

Truly the possibilities are endless.


So tell me, how are you with wool or indeed roll necks? Do you avoid them or embrace them?



Hanging out over at Kimbalikes place today for wardrobe Wednesday



* this piece was gifted to me for editorial consideration



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