My June Beauty Picks

I am a beauty product whore.

No doubt about it.

Show me a product that promises me the earth and I’m all over it like a rash.

I won’t be able to get it out of my mind.

It will torment me until I have it in my hot little mitts.

Yep, I know. I’m a PR/Marketing companies dream customer.

Always have been.

I blame my obsessive nature.

Anyways beauties, enough of my qualities 😉

Because I get lots of emails asking me what shampoo/foundation/moisturiser I’m using. I thought it would be kinda neat to share my favourite beauty/make-up products with you on a regular basis – say once a month.

So fingers crossed, this monthly feature will be of help to you, at the same time as offering an insight to what is floating my beauty boat.

In this regular feature, I promise to only shout about products that I would buy again, the products that up until now, I normally only squeal with excitement about, to Beckie.

Yes, she is a product whore too…but she prefers me to be her lab-rat!

If a product is gifted, I’ll will tell you.

Before we get started on my June delights, its important to know more about my skin/hair type.

Extremely DRY and sometimes super-sensitive.

Everywhere, from tip to toe.

I’m also blessed with psoriasis too, at times of stress – I know, such a lucky duck eh?

What that translates to in terms of product, is often good news for the masses. Because if my skin can tolerate it, lots of other skins can too.

One last thing…

I have completely changed my facial skin care routine over the past couple of months. I’ve listened to advice from friends in the know, I’ve researched and then researched some more.

What I’ve ended up with is a few products that are working like a dream for me.

So I promise to do a separate post, just on my facial routine – this week I’ve introduced one more product (that I’m very excited about) but I want to make sure I’m happy with it, before I share if with you.

June Beauty Picks

1. Triology Rosapene Night Cream $44.95 (Adore Beauty)

One of my lovely friends tried this and recommended it for my dry-as-a-dog’s-bone skin – it’s worked a treat. What I’ve loved most about this cream is the luxurious feeling you get the moment you put it on. My skin soaked it up and still felt supple after a good nights sleep.

2. Garnier Beauty Oil Scrub $11.99 (Priceline)

I love any  ‘oil’ product when I’m in the shower. It somehow feels like my skin is being pampered without any effort from me. This scrub will be my go-to from now on, it’s filled with nourishing oils of Argan, Almond, Rose and Macadamia.

3. Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine $60.00 (Adore Beauty)

This treatment works like a dream on very dry and damaged hair. Offering maximum, intense nourishment and softness. I use this twice a week to bring back manageability and control. Yes, this mask is indulgent with the luxe price point but, if used sparingly (massage through your hair) it will be just the boost your hair needs between salon visits to keep it in tip-top condition.

4. Neutrogena Body Oil $12.99 (Priceline)

I apply this gorgeously fragranced oil in the shower before I pat myself dry with the towel. The soft fragrance reminds me of being in a spa. Not a trace of oily residue is transferred to my clothes and it really helps in combating the scaly snake-like appearance of winter skin.

5. Redken Blonde Idol Custom Tone Violet $27.97 (

To keep my brassy/golden tones under control, I always use a purple/violet shampoo. This one from Redken comes in conditioner form. You can amp up the amount of violet depending on what you need by turning the control from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). My hair is very strong so I tend to keep it between 4 and 6 depending on what point I’m at with my salon visit.

6. Ultraceuticals Ultra C23 Firming Concentrate $129.00 (Ultraceuticals) *TOP pick for June*

This packs a mighty vitamin C punch like no other. I have seen really good results in the overall appearance of my skin since I have used this. The pro-collagen formula provides 23% vitamin C in a CSIRO formula. Because my skin can be reactive, I started by using this every second day to build up a tolerance. A slight warm and tingly feeling is normal when first applied. This one is a #keeper and worth the price tag.

7. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo $19.99 (Priceline)

If you are looking for a shampoo to tone away the yellow in your blonde locks then give this one a try. This was recommended to me recently, so I decided to give it a go (I told you I’m a sucker for a recommendation, right?). I saw an incredible result after the first use. The longer you leave it on the stronger the result. I tend to use this on the days that I am using the Kerastase Mask (3). At all other times I will use my regular shampoo with the Blonde Idol (5) conditioner.

8. Australis Primer The Original $13.95A (Australis)

The one step I never miss in my make-up application? Primer. Now this little budget buy has super-impressed me. I’m thoroughly enjoying using it and dashed to buy it after it was compared to one of my all time favourite primers by Benefit, Porefessional. The review was good, it held its own. The texture is easy to apply, my foundation goes on well and lasts all day!

9. Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette $76.00 (Mecca)

This was my Mother’s Day present from Beckie. She know’s, just how much I adore Hourglass products. Yes, the hold a luxury price tag but the pigmentation in this palette is spectacular topped off with incredible staying power. I’ve stopped using all of my other palettes in favour of this one – I just LOVE it.

So, there you have it lovelies. A sneaky peak into what’s grabbing and holding my attention at the moment.

I am a hard task-master when it comes to recommendations BUT these beauties (pun very much intended) have gained hero status at my place!

What products would you recommend to me?

Psst. I’m on the lookout for a new foundation, any suggestions?



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  • Must try the Garnier oil!!! I love Garnier.
    Also love Fudge products – currently rocking the PurpleHaze paint box, it’s too fun!

  • I loe the look of that Garnier oil scrub, looks delicious! I’m so nosy – love seeing other people’s beauty routines haha!

    • Best budget product I have picked up in a long while Vicki! It smells Spa like but does such a fabulous job of de-scaling the rough bits too! xx

  • Leesa

    Thanks very much for the recommendations, Bev. Always love your posts, but this one is very helpful, as I have very sensitive skin too. I’m going to try the Garnier Body Scrub, Neutrogena Oil and the Primer. I’ve been trying primers of late, but they’ve been quite harsh to my eye area. Are you supposed to apply it around the eyes? Thanks again for your advice and humour. Leesa xo

    • Thanks so much Leesa. You will love the Garnier Body Scub and Neutrogena, both products are heaven sent at this time of year. I seem to shed my skin faster than a snake, so anything that helps to keep the smoothness, is a winner in my book. Also the price point for both items is fab!
      Lots of people use separate eye-primers (I have two but forget to use them most days). When I’m applying, I tend to just smooth the residue over my eyelids. In saying that lids can be super sensitive so maybe just use on the under eye area to start with. Let me know how you go! Mwah xx

  • Sharon

    This post made me laugh….I’ll believe anything a product promises. I’m fairly level headed but turn into a gullible dope if someone tells me a cream is like a facelift without the scapel!!! I’ve just started using Youngblood Mineral Foundation and its beautiful, lasts all day and is great for my sensitive skin, fairly certain it has SPF too which is bonus for us English roses! Whatever you’re using keep it up, you always look beautiful. Mwah xx

    • I haven’t heard the word ‘dope’ for ages – I forgot how much I love it though…rest assured, I will be using this today at every given opportunity – I just love your sense of humour!
      You should see me gush over a new product too. Like you, my sensible head just seems to disappear! I believe all of the hype and hyperventilate continually until I get the product in my hands. I could sell ice to an Eskimo when I’m justifying the price – even my hubby believes it will work a miracle by the time I’ve finished! Peace and Pout Beautiful – have a great weekend! xx

  • Kathryn

    Love all your suggestions Bev, will be trying the Garnier and Neutrogena for sure. Anything for the shower gets my vote, especially if it smells good. Priceline has their goodie bag on offer, buy $69 worth of skincare and it’s yours. Sure to be something in that which promises the world lol I am a bit the same!

    • Awwwww thanks Kathryn. I’m such a devil for those Priceline Goody Bags too – how good are they?
      I was looking at it yesterday (going back today – I was rushing my ass of though, so didn’t have the time find my $69 dollars worth). Beckie tried the Garnier scrub and couldn’t believe how good it felt on her skin…especially with the Neutrogena oil over the top – simply divine, just like having a 2 minute spa treatment! Mwah xx

  • Can’t go past the Australis primer, especially at that price!

    • It is the bees-knees Janet. I really do recommend this one. Some of my primers cost $60+ This one has a very similar feel and texture to many luxe primers, so I for one, am SOLD on it! xx

  • Yvonne Duke

    Love this !! My skin is very dry too and my hair is dyed very blonde so it’s good to see what you’ve been using. One of go to products is Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash, for tired morning eyes, just one tiny amount and the skin around the eyes feels bright and fresh ! As for foundation I always go back to Clinique Superbalanced in Ivory, although for casual days you can’t beat Garnier BB cream in Light for sensitive skin. Love your blog !!

    • Oh Yvonne thank-you! x
      I get so many requests about my beauty products, so this regular post will keep everyone updated with what I’m lusting over. Love the sound of the Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash – I will definitely try this one. I’ve long been a fan of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I adore the instant kick it gives to my skin first thing in the morning. I’ve never tried a Clinique foundation, but I will check this one out as it sounds like we have very similar skin! Thanks for the inspiration darling! Mwah xx