It’s fur baby!


I have been secretly giggling to myself in the last week.

While I’ve waited patiently for my Zoe Faux Fur Vest from the gorgeous folk over at Bohemian Traders, to pop into my P O Box.


Because I still can’t believe I’ve brought it.

Yes. I know.

Me – with the big boobs and the classic style personality.

Who the bloody hell am I?

Never, in a month of Sunday’s, did I think this was a piece, I could pull off.

I truly didn’t believe it would fit comfortably with my classic-ness, without of course, making me look like the honey monster.

But do you know what?

It’s slowly growing on me…and I’m delighted!

I totally blame Emily from Bohemian Traders – gosh that girl has exquisite taste.

I seem to be under her spell.

I continually keep falling in love with pieces that constantly challenge my thought process.

Pieces that make me think of ways that I can wear them, instead of breaking out into a cold sweat, and running for the hills.

I think I’m even shocking JONNY!

The guy that get’s clothes so well, (he is the male version of me when it comes to shopping).

Up until now; I feel sure, if put to the test, he could easily predict what I would choose either in a shop or online.

Not anymore though.

Every since I entered that competition for the Ahoy dress on Instagram – I’ve been well and truly hooked on Bohemian Traders!


I simply adore everything.

He is stotally shocked about this fur vest the most though.

I truly understood his concerns too (he really does have fabulous taste) – he thought it could look slightly Nana, if paired back with the wrong thing.

And he is right – it could.

For me to wear this well, I will always try to put a stylish/trendy spin on it.

So my drop crotch pants are perfect for achieving a look that makes sense to me.

A look that makes me feel good and long to wear again.


Also, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, layers can be tricky to pull off, when you have boobs.

Adding extra bulk is just not an option.

But somehow this vest just works (I did size down to a small).

Underneath I’m keeping it simply with a lightweight tee.

This top half of the look, has a classic 70’s spin to it. But just adding the drop crotch, brings it back to a more comfortable place for me by offering a touch of edginess.

And that is the secret to all of my outfits. I find a way to make them work for ME.

What do you think? Is it me? Have you fallen hard for the faux fur vest?



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