Getting My Casual On

I’d say by now, lots of you gorgeous peeps, know my 9-5 gig is Country Road.

Which means most days, I’m in my CR uniform.

Well it’s not a uniform as such. I do get to choose what I buy (with the help of my hefty discount of course). BUT with new drops of clothes arriving weekly, I very quickly forget what I have bought and therefore, most of the time, have no idea what’s in my wardrobe…

To keep things simple, I have a dedicated a CR section:



1. any of the more or less distinct parts into which is or may be divided or from which it is made up.

2. to delicately PUSH Jonny’s clothes out-of-the-way to make more room for mine 😉

This section makes my life so much easier, especially when I’m dashing around like a complete head-less chicken first thing in the morning, trying not to be late, for my 8am Tuesday meeting.

Another positive for doing this is, you can see exactly what you have to play with…as long as you keep your washing and ironing up to date that is!

Which makes conjuring up different ways of wearing the same clothes, super-duper easy.

But by the end of the week though, no matter how inventive I have been, I still find myself fantasizing about wearing something different – trust me, even I can get bored.

Monochrome Casual

Jackie Top (Stripe Print) * $99.00 (I’m wearing M ) | Harem Pants (Solid Print) * $115.00 (I’m wearing S/M) | Booties Rockport | Laptop Bag Mimco

At the moment, my main wardrobe focus is Casual.

The one area I tend to ignore when I’m shopping.

Why? I just can’t help myself.

I’m naturally drawn to fancy-schmancy pieces, not show-ponies, but not your everyday casual either.

I love dressing up, but in reality, that’s not what my wardrobe needs.

I must learn to realise, that all that glitters is not gold.

Beauty can show itself in many ways…

So for now at least, I’m paying more attention to the basics.

I’m trying to find tee’s that fit and flatter, without being too clingy.

I’m also looking for bottoms that are dual purpose – i.e. that look just as good with flats, as they do with heels.

Because you already know, I ADORE my heels, right?

Some-days, I slip them on without a care in the world – others, I just want my flats.

Also, my poor feet need respite-care from the harshness that is working retail.

I guess I’ve always had my smart-casual covered.

To be precise: Jeans, a jacket and heels – accessorised with a cute bag and maybe a scarf.

Hello Bev Heaven.

But for the days when my  beloved jeans just don’t cut the mustard – you know, the days when you need to dash and go without too much effort, but you still want to look stylish – yep, those days.

Tee’s and soft pants, nail this brief to perfection.

I might just add – perfection levels are majorly increased, if a touch of monochrome/stripes are involved!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I talked about these pants and shirt from Bella Lido (my bloggy buddy Nikki from Styling You – wore a similar shirt yesterday on her blog) Yes, we have both giggled about having the same fabulous taste 😉

Basically, the fabric of the harem pants (rayon-lycra mix) makes them a delight on both the comfort and the maintenance stakes – think wash, dry, wear.

Which always gets a big tick in our household…especially from Jonny the de-creaser.

The tee is made from cotton-supima, which is super-soft and perfect for layering-it-up through A/W.

Harem and drop crotch pants are everywhere at the moment and I for one, am not complaining.

What really seals the deal for me though, is the mighty punch they pack on both the style and the comfort stakes, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Keep in mind there are varying levels of ‘drop-crotch/harem’ pants around. Don’t be put off, because a softer fabric can make the world of difference.

Persevere until you find the perfect pair for YOU.

Wear them with a sneaker, loafer or ballet flat on those days when only comfort will do.

Or pull out your favourite heel, to add a touch of leg lengthening confidence!

Have you got your wardrobe staples nailed? 

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy











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