I’ve brought another SKIRT

Seriously, talk about changing my mind.

Yep. Me.

Here I go again.

Do you remember this post when I said ‘never say never’?

So glad I did.

Why? Because if not, I would be eating my words!

I’ve only gone and bought another short skirt or I should I say it has appeared as if by magic in my wardrobe.

The CR fairies must have brought it home – it wasn’t me 🙂


 Quilted Skirt $99.95 size 14  |  Check Shirt $99.95 size 12/M both Country Road  | Shooties Rockport from a couple of years ago.

It’s funny, because I can see how shocked the team are at CR that I, have not only bought another skirt – but that said skirt is also short.

I love shocking everyone occasionally though.

It gives me a giggle.

I say occasionally, because I know these skirts are just a flash-in-the-pan for me.

They’re very much, just for now.

For Autumn/Winter.

I’m enjoying the freedom of mixing it up a bit.

Change is good.

It adds new life to my wardrobe, at the same time as putting a smile on my face.

This skirt also makes getting dressed for work, just that bit easier – all because its different.

We all need to push ourselves – sometimes.

Anyway, my legs are still covered by the opaques, so all’s well in my world.

When it comes to fashion, I think I’ve always been a boundary pusher.

If I remember rightly, this started when I was in junior school.

Yes Junior school – all over a Midi Skirt.

I drove my Mumma crazy begged for a midi skirt that had caught my eye, on a shopping trip to Birmingham. I wanted it so badly, even though I knew all of my friends would wonder what the hell I was wearing.

Back then, it didn’t seem to bother me.

In fact, I can remember feeling excited to wear the latest trend, with not a care in the world.

That’s obviously stayed with me, because if I can find a way to wear a look – then I’m not afraid to give it a go.

The only test it has to pass is, MY test.

I’ll give most things a go, while not moving too far away from my classic style personality.

Knowing I can return to my style in a heartbeat.

So this little skirt is just me having a bit of style-fun.

It’s my twist on ME and I’m LOVING it!

Size wise I struggled to get into the 12…well I got it on but it looked sprayed on. Not a good look on anyone.

So if you are pear-shaped liked me, you may want to consider sizing up. More athletic shapes i.e. slim hips and no butt – you could probably stick with your regular size.

To complete the look, I desperately (I know now very dramatic) needed to add a check to my shirt collection.

My love of blue won over. I couldn’t resist this one.

This outfit has turned into a rather blue affair wouldn’t you say?

In my mind instantly, I knew I wanted to go blue on blue – my favourite colour with a touch of leopard thrown in for good measure of course!

The check, and the quilting is something very different for me…but the leopard?

Well, I just can’t resist wearing these shooties at every opportunity.

The best bit?

I LOVE the whole outfit.

So for now at least, I’m just going to enjoy having a bit of fun – until I come to my senses that is!

Tell me beauties, what’s your favourite colour and your favourite way to wear it? Have you got clothes that fit the fun side of your personality?


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