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My day was made on Monday, by a trip to the Post Office to empty my P O Box.


Because there were treasures.

And who doesn’t love treasures?

By now, I think you all know me pretty well.

You already know I get sent lots of beautiful gifts from brands that would like me to blog about their products.

Things arrive from a whole range of different companies. Companies that believe their products would be a good fit for me, and in turn YOU.

So I consider myself to be a very lucky girl.

There have been occasions though, when I have returned gifted items, because they are just not right for me.

Or indeed, I have politely declined an offer by email.

Of course, I thank the brands for being utterly generous and thinking of me.

BUT if the gifted item is not something I would wear or isn’t a piece that’s suits my taste/style, then no matter how hard I try, I would never do the product justice.

Which is counter-productive for both parties.

But most of all though, the reason I consider every piece or request is because of YOU.

I would hate (yes, hate) YOU to think I was compromising myself or my style, just for a gifted product.

So for me to show the gifts to you, they MUST be something I would either buy myself, or it has to be something I fall instantly in love with.

Talking about falling in love –  let me take a second to introduce you to Read & Bell.

It was love, from the moment I opened the parcel.

Firstly, it was wrapped with LOVE – I know, it gets me every-single-time.

Secondly, also enclosed in said parcel, was a letter.

Be still my beating heart, I love a letter. It’s such a lovely way to introduce yourself – don’t you agree?

Thirdly (yes, I’m stopping at three points) the pink poncho was on my back in three seconds flat!

A little squeal of pleasure popped from my mouth, when I laid eyes on the gorgeousness.

All three products oozed quality – something that is very important to me.

There was an instant feeling of understated elegance.

They were all super-soft, extremely well made and pieces that I believe, fit perfectly into most wardrobes, but especially a Queensland winter wardrobe.

Stunning, warm and not too heavy.

IMG_5460 650 Merino Wool Poncho in Blush * $145.00 Read & Bell  |  Katies Jeans (last season)  |  Avery Point Wedge $149.00  | Sunnies Witchery

Now, before I go any further, with a little imagination, I believe everything can be worn differently…

I’m not wearing this poncho the traditional way – the seam would normally be on the shoulder.

But I love a v-neck. So I’ve twizzled it around to the front, just to show you how flexible it is.

It reminds me more of a cape top – which can be difficult to wear (unless of course you are petite).

Wearing it this way though, balances out my ample boobage to perfection – but because the fabric is king (I cannot explain how good this feels against skin) I will easily be able to wear this poncho the traditional way too, without the visual appearance of extra padding!

Honestly, I can not wait to wear it again – Hello Weekend.

It is total perfection and feels luxurious, feminine and bang on trend.

Also inside the package, was  the cutest Merino Knit Scarf you ever did see…you already know I’m a scarf whore, right?

Yes, another squeal.

IMG_5503 650

Merino Knit Scarf * $70.00 Read & Bell – see above for other details.

The two totally compliment each other.

I adore that I could start the day with the scarf (which is a perfect way to obtain warmth) without the bulk of adding another layer.

Gorgeous merino wool, that even I can wear next to my skin.

Unfortunately, my skin has the nasty habit of reacting to most wool products. I can’t bear it next to my skin, but this merino wool is truly the best I have felt in a long time.

I might have done a little happy-dance 😉

Seriously, everything in this parcel is so ME to a T – I am stoked.

But there was still one more treasure.

Last and certainly not least, was a stunning Merino Wool Wrap, it can be worn either as a cardigan or across the body as a wrap.

I naturally lean towards wraps and poncho’s – I love that they offer something different to the norm and can fancy up any outfit from boring to chic in a nano-second.

Who am I kidding?  More like, I love the drama of feeding my multiple style personalities!

Read and Bell

Merino Wool Buttoned Wrap * $145 Read & Bell

Above worn as a cardigan.

Or below as a wrap.

So who are Read & Bell I hear you ask?

Tory Read and Anne Bell are the duo behind the brand.

A small Sydney based design company, passionate about their threads. They are predominately a summer brand, but this season they have launched a small capsule of Australian Merino knits for the winter market.

I believe this design duo have nailed it, all the above are exquisitely beautiful.

But especially the cape.

If you are in the market for the PERFECT lightweight cape, this would be my top buy.

Quite frankly, I’m blown away by the genius of this one simple piece.

Yes, me. The girl who is surrounded by capes and merino wool all day long.


Are you a wool lover? Are capes and wraps your thing?


These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.



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