Work Wardrobe: Khaki Love

Besides my beloved khaki Witchery Jacket/Anorak there really hasn’t been much khaki love hanging in my wardrobe lately.

Yes, I’ve got a couple of tee’s but nothing else to really shout about.

To be honest, I’ve just never thought khaki was really my colour.


Which just goes to show you’re never too old to change your mind 😉

Just indulge me for a second, slight hysteria may follow…

Guess what’s on its way to me as I type this *insert squeal and a very LOUD shouty voice* the Bohemian Traders drop crutch pants in Khaki. EEK!

I know. I just HAD to have them.

Couldn’t wait a second longer for them to be in my life. Once I make my mind up – there is no stopping me. I’m all over it like a rash.

Dramatic? Yes.

Honest? You betcha.

Although, why I didn’t come to this conclusion while Bohemian Traders were on spend and save,  I will never know.

Sometimes, I cannot believe my stupidity!

So while I wait for those little beauties to fall into my P O Box – I’ve decided to add a touch more Khaki to my work wardrobe to keep me going.

I was inspired by a gorgeous customer, she was rocking this shirt to perfection.

My Work Wardrobe: Khaki Love

Pocket Shirt $79.95 (sale price) |  Drop Crotch Pants current but not online (available in store) both Country Road | Shooties from Rockport a few seasons ago.

Yes, I had passed it by. I dismissed it without a second glance.

It didn’t even catch my eye – well the colour did.

Of course, I encouraged customers to try it on, explaining the necessity to have a touch of khaki in their A/W collection.

So why oh why did I ignore it for me?

I’ll be damned if I know!

Happiness has been restored though, my size was still on the rail just waiting patiently for me to come to my senses – let’s just say, all is now well in my wardrobe.

While I was in a buying mood, I couldn’t resist buying another, yes I know, more obsessive tendencies pair of drop crutch pants too.

My Bohemian Traders drop crotch are my favourite BY FAR – they hold my heart.

But these will work well as part of my Work Wardrobe.

If you are new here, I spend my 9-5 working for Country Road where I have to be wearing items from the current collection.

When I find something I love, I’m truly all over it.

Yes, Drop Crotch is my new obsession. I’m sold on them

I do understand that these are not for everyone, but with varying degrees of ‘drop’ on the market. I do think its possible for most of us, to own a pair and embrace the trend.

Liken them to getting your head around wearing a pair of elasticated jazzy pants or even skinny jeans for the first time.

You may need to try a few pairs, before you’ll find the perfect pair for you.

But I think its worth persevering.

They are so versatile. Yes, they are a trend but they are also perfect for injecting some style into your A/W wardrobe. Something different to wearing your jeans.

You can dress them up with a heel or why not add a wedge sneaker for a touch of sport-luxe.

Think harem pants and not drop-crotch and you might just convince yourself to give them a go!


Nothing gifted.


Happy hump day beauties…I’m hanging out at Kimba Likes for the day…with the cool girls.



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  • Drop crotch pants aren’t for me, but they really work for some people. And you wear these well so I’m sure you will love the other pair you bought! 🙂

    I don’t have much khaki in my wardrobe either but I’ve just pulled the trigger on a pair of khaki pants. The black were sold out in my size and the khaki had one in a size down from what I’d usually go for, so we will see if I’ve lost all the baby weight to fit into them yet 😉 Hopefully the work out, I think it’s quite a flexible neutral colour and as you said perfect for autumn!

  • Leismg

    Hi I love those country road pants you have on. Would you be able to give me the details of them as I don’t have a country road near by but may get to one on Sunday and would love to be able to track them down. Might need to check that shirt out too 🙂

  • Love khakhi and love drop crotch pants… so why don;t I own any yet??! Thanks for inspo to get cracking… you look amazing Bev xx

    • Kate you won’t regret getting a pair (the Bohemian Traders ones are to die for). Every person that wears them looks fabulous in them. Remember to size down though as they are very generous! Thanks for the love xx

  • I haven’t joined the khaki or the drop crotch pant trend yet but I think
    I am finally convinced. The drop crotch pants look fabulous on you and
    the khaki really suits your colouring. The only khaki I have is a
    beautiful eyeliner so I think I may have to add some pieces of clothing
    this season.

    • Oh Kate so pleased you’ve decided to give them both a go – they truly are all kinds of awesome! Khaki is a great colour for blondes too xx

  • Flat bum mum

    I think khaki is definitely your colour. Those shoes are amazing too! X

    • Thanks so much for the love Bron – I’ve fallen hard for khaki…and leopard! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Looking gorgeous Bev, I’m a fan of a drop pant too!

    • You rock a drop crotch Jenni – always super stylish and bang on the money! xx

  • Love the shirt Bev. Love how you’re wearing it with the drop crotch pants – perfectly effortlessly stylish. I do think khaki works particularly well with blonde hair. I’m noticing a distinct lack of khaki in my wardrobe and I’m feeling left out! Might need a CR visit soon xo

    • Wendy, khaki and you will be a match made in heaven. You are absolutely rocking everything you wear – the new ‘do’ has just added a whole new dimension to your style and I LOVE it!
      Get some khaki…! xxx

  • You look stunning in these shots Bev. I love that shirt, more of a softer shade of khaki.

    • Awwww thanks so much Sarah…I try to mix the pics up a bit.
      The shirt would look fabulous on you…its delicate but out there xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Stunning outfit on you ladybug I love khaki on you and those pants look Devine with the with the leopard print shoe/booties great combo sweets!
    I must admit I didn’t think I own anything in khaki……..yet,great post I really can’t wait till the weather decides to be cool Xxx

    • Awwww thanks gorgeous! Not sure why I didn’t buy the shirt when it arrived…at least I came to my senses. Leopard and khaki are a match made in heaven in my book.
      Time for a sneaky khaki purchase for you me thinks! Mwah xx

  • Sharon

    I love that outfit Bev, you look gorgeous. I have just ordered the Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress in Khaki…couldn’t resist. I’m loving Khaki atm. Keep smiling lovely Bev xx

    • Oh Sharon I love the dreamer in khaki – it’s the perfect dress for any occasion. I’m so happy for you…although I may just be a tad envious too 😉 Enjoy lovely! xx

  • Love khaki with a bit of leopard, it’s a great combo! I’m on a shopping ban right now so stop showing me so much freaking amazingness!x

    • It’s my favourite way to wear it too Vicki – something so right about a khaki and leopard combo!
      You may have to look away next week though…Bohemian Traders drop crotch pants in Khaki have just arrived at my P O Box! Eeek!

  • Looking fabulous. I really must head into Country Road and case that shirt.

    • You must… there are so many fab A/W pieces in at the moment…and if you rush you may be entitled to Spend and Save (it finishes Sunday). xx

  • Love this khaki shirt on you. The whole ensemble looks fab. I love it all!

    • Thanks so much Bec…I’m loving this shirt so much, its casual with a stylish twist xx

  • I have been shopping up a storm at Country Road lately, thank goodness for the spend and save. Looking just gorgeous Bev. V x

    • Oooo Vicki I can’t wait to see your treasures! Spend and save has been a huge success for us.
      Thanks for the love darling xx

  • I’m loving me some khaki too, just not sure what yet! Your shirt is a great start! x

    • Shannon I may be bordering on obsessive! My poor wardrobe is bursting at the seams already…xx

  • Yvonne Duke

    Looking fabulous as usual !! X