The Pleather Mini Skirt Edit


Yes, you read it correctly.


What has gotten in to me?

I’m in my fifties for god’s sake.

Who the bloody hell am I?

The Pleather Mini-Skirt Edit

Leather Look Elastic Waist Skirt $99.95 Country Road (wearing a 12) | Rue La Fayette Paris Tee $39.95  Seed Heritage (wearing M but S would have worked) | Jacket old New Look from the UK | Opaques: Plain Black $24.95 Country Road | Rockport Shootie a few seasons ago

It’s sure been a while since I’ve stepped over the line and fell for a mini-skirt.

Micro – Hell no!

Mini – Do-able but with major restrictions: OPAQUES

I can remember buying a fabulous winter weight Ted Baker short skirt about ten years ago in the UK – I loved it, but it’s not something I have considered buying since.

This skirt has been on the rails at CR for a good few weeks already – I had completely ignored its existence.

I had dismissed it, because I just knew there was no way of me wearing it…you need a cracking pair of pins and a bucket load of confidence.

So I guess that while the temps have still be soaring here, the skirt fell into the too hard basket.

As with everything though, I always believe, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

Sometimes we need to throw a piece or two into the mix – to add a touch of fun to our style personality.

This is that piece.

Last Thursday I was desperate for new ‘work clothes’. Yes, I have tonnes of CR clobber, but really not much that is current. I promise.

I also needed opaque tights…something must have clicked in my head, I dashed over to the rail to see if there was still a size 12 waiting patiently for me to wake up and come to my senses.

As soon as I had made up my mind – it was full steam ahead.

I didn’t try it on at work. I didn’t need too.

I was confident it would be ok.

The moment I got home, it was straight on my butt – I LOVED it.

Every mini-skirt I have bought in the past has ALWAYS been worn with a thick tight – or over leggings.

I talked yesterday about my love of opaques and just what an essential item they are in my A/W arsenal.

Also my love of monochrome, makes wearing a shorter length skirt that much more do-able.

Nothing seems as outrageous when it’s in black – don’t you agree?

If you follow me on IG you would have already seen a pic of me wearing this skirt quite casually with a dark charcoal tee and black ankle boots – I felt great.

The Pleather Mini-Skirt Edit

The skirt has a fabulous elasticated waist and POCKETS – I know. Dream combo!

It’s also quite lightweight, which makes it full on comfortable when I’m dashing around the store.

When it came to photographing it though, I wanted to show you how I would wear it on my ‘off-duty’ days.

Just by adding a jacket, a wordy tee and a touch of leopard – it changes the look of the skirt.

Perfect for a date night or out for drinks with the girls.

The addition of opaque tights really does allow me the confidence to wear the skirt, but the other elements jazz it up a little and fit perfectly with my style personality.

Guess what…yesterday I only went and brought another shorter skirt – seriously, even I’m shocked!

Watch this space it will be making an appearance very soon 😉

Tell me lovelies, have you brought something recently that has shocked you? Would you wear a shorter skirt, with or without opaques?

Go on, make me envious…tell me you have a cracking pair of pins!


Nothing gifted in this post.






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  • Fifties, schmifties! You look AMAZING.

  • Kirsten Wick

    That mini looks so amazing on you, love that you styled it with those leopard pumps! Much love, Kirsten x

  • You always look so gorgeous. I love your style. x

  • Super hot! Love it – head to toe. x

  • I’ve been eyeing off leather skirts too. I’m looking for a knee length one. I think you look gorgeous!

    • So many fabulous ones to choose from too – you’ll be spoilt for choice! xx

  • Kathryn

    Well. I think you look wonderful. Me – I have dunny stumps for legs. So. Jealous. But in a good way! xx

    • Kathryn I’ve never heard of ‘dunny stumps’ before – you’ve made me giggle.
      I bet your legs are nowhere near as bad as you think they are. I’m super harsh on my pins too…but opaques really make me feel better about them xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    I wished I could tell you that I did! You look smashing hot in that pleather mini Bev!!

    • You have such a fabulous figure Norlin and great pins too! Thanks so much for the love gorgeous girl xx

  • Sharon

    Rock star chic…you look divine. I’m loving this look on you lovely Bev xx

    • Oh Sharon, thanks so much for the huge compliment – you’re so very kind. This skirt does feel good on though…I’m already over worrying about whether I’m too old to wear it – expect to see it often! 😉 xx

      • Sharon

        I’m 45 and I wish I could rock every look like you do. You either have IT or you don’t and you’ve got it in spades. As my grandma used to say “When you’re hot you’re hot…and when you’re not,you’re not!”….she always made me laugh. xx

        • I love the sound of your Grandma Sharon.
          You seriously have worked wonders for my confidence, thank-you for the bottom of my heart xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    “The moment I got home, it was straight on my butt” – best line ever! I recently got a pleather look skirt too but have been struggling with how to wear it so this is a great idea.

    • It seriously did go straight on my butt too;) – I couldn’t wait to wear it! Try yours with opaques Lauren, I think the combination works on everyone xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look smoking hot girlfriend wit woo I think you have lovely long legs Bev! Would I wear a mini skirt I’m not sure but I do like opaques,great post beautiful,girl Xx

    • This kind of skirt would be fabulous on you Lisa. I can imagine you wearing it with a great jumper, opaques and ankle boots! Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • Woot woo!! Bev you look gorgeous. Your pins are fabulous! Love how you’ve styled the whole outfit. I have had a similar shock lately with a pencil skirt. I haven’t never been a fan of the pencil on me due to my short stubby legs but I recently wore one with vertical stripes and I loved it!!

    • Oh Wendy thank you so much – I never mind seeing my legs in opaques…they truly hide a multitude of sins! You have such a fabulous figure, you could rock any look…was the pencil skirt from your photoshoot? xx

  • Petra

    You have styled it beautifully – and look at your long legs!!!

  • You look fantabulous lovely. V x

    • Thank you so much Vicki! I can quite believe that I’ve gone and snapped up another skirt – 2 in one week! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Wit woo lady!! Age/stage…meh…you are rockin it!!

  • Sarah Watts

    Love it! Looks fabulous! have recently bought a leather skirt (am also in my 50s) always wanted one and love it! Have worn bare legged and will wear with opaques as it gets cooler.

    • Oh Sarah go you! I bet your skirt looks absolutely fabulous…your confidence shines through you words by the way – which is fantastic! Thanks so much for stopping by xx