Sentimental Me: Three of Us.

I have a two-week roster at Country Road which means that every second weekend I get three days off, Saturday Sunday and Monday.

When I go back to work on the Tuesday I work six days straight…I’m not gonna lie, six days straight, is truly the pitts.  

I then have the Monday off. Hoorah!

This time, when I go back on the Tuesday, I work my last 4 days of the two-week roster, before I shout a big HELLO to my long weekend again.


Don’t you just love the expectation that Friday beings? I do.

For me it means sharing it with Jonny and if I’m lucky, Beckie.

Jonny and I adore spending every spare minute together. It works a treat for us.

I don’t ever feel like I need time away from him.

We love the same things…not only does he do the ironing lovelies, he also loves shopping. I know right? #totalkeeper!

But the one thing we both crave is precious time with Beckie.

Anytime spent with Beckie is, for us, pure happiness.

We miss having her around on a daily basis. She is definitely our ray of sunshine.

She makes us belly-laugh and beam with pride all at the same time.

The three of us all giggle at the same things. We love each others company. I’m normally the butt of both of their jokes – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, do you remember the weekend that I met up with the lovely Instagram Girls?

Well Jonny and Beckie spent the day together. They had fun.

As we drove home back to the Sunny Coast, we both agreed that we need to make time to do more of the things we love.

So in an attempt to not let life pass us by…how is it nearly May already?

We decided to make some changes to our weekends, by making time to do the things that make US the happiest.

The Three of Us

From now on we’re going to start making regular trips to Brisbane on my 3 day weekends…not every second weekend, otherwise we may just wear-out our welcome 😉

We also both happen to LOVE Brisbane, nearly as much as Beckie does.

And who can turn down having their own personal tour guide? Well, that just seals the deal.

Last Saturday we hot-tailed our asses to see our girl and had a truly lovely day.

We didn’t arrive until midday as Beckie was a little worse for wear having been out the night before…let’s just say Jonny reversing in and out of a very tight parking space, while she was sitting in the back of the car, did nothing for her nausea 😉

Three of Us

Beckie is wearing: Witchery Lace Cami $79.95 | Lee Jeans and Tatiana Pumps from Nine West $139.95 |

Me: Bohemian Traders Ruffle Hem Blouse (wearing a 12/M) $130.00 | Katies Super Shaper Jeans in Dark Denim* (I’m wearing a 12) $49.95  | Booties by Rockport a few seasons ago. Both of our bags are Mulberry.

We had lunch at River Bar Eagle Street Pier and it was delightful. Beckie came back to life once there was food in her tummy (she couldn’t face alcohol though…I wonder why) – then we were ready to shop!

David Jones was our first and only port of call – Beckie knew exactly what she was after.

It was a big purchase. She wanted confirmation that she was spending Grandad and Vonnie’s (my sister) money wisely

Did I ever tell you that Beckie is the only Grandchild in our family? She means the world both to my Dad and my sister.

They simply adore her and are both constantly rewarding her hard work and achievements.

Armed with her Grandad/Vonnie money she set off to buy a special work bag to celebrate getting her grad job.

This is the one she had lusted after for a while.

Sentimental Me: Three of Us

Selma Bag Michael Kors $529

It’s a bag she will use everyday for work.

One of the things I love the most about Beckie is that she takes her time to think about what she is buying.

Because this was money from her Grandad, she wanted to make sure she spent it wisely on something she would keep.

The decision to go with the blue is what took the time…

Sentimental Me: Three of Us

Sentimental Me: Three of Us

See those heels Beckie is wearing?

Straight after this pic was taken, we went upstairs to Seed and she brought the cutest leopard print ballet flats.

Sore feet and a hangover were just too much for her to bear!


Sentimental Me: Three of Us

I consider myself to be extremely blessed.

Beckie is healthy and happy, she lives in a nice part of town.

She knows her way around…she is comfortable and has everything she needs, right on her doorstep.

This makes me extremely happy.

Just before I go…

You already know I couldn’t come home empty-handed, right?

I brought a new MAC lippy and a cute wordy tee from Seed!

Whats your weekend pleasure? Do you always try to plan something?



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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    A man who loves shopping is the best! I am lucky that I’ve got one at home too. And he sometimes does the ioning .. and loves to cook on the weekend. You are such a gorgueos family. Your happiness shines through the photos! Simply beautiful .. xx

    • Andrea we are both so darn lucky.
      I adore that Jonny shows as much interest in how he looks, as I do for me. Its works a treat…and the ironing is a massive bonus! He hates cooking though – thankfully I love it!
      Thank you for the wonderful comments – you’re a gem xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I love that you enjoy time spent with your daughter. Our weekends are full of sports- I do a run with my training group, my husband mountain bikes and my eldest son does Highland dancing so we are very busy in the mornings being active! however, we always have a special Sunday breakfast together as a family.

    • I love that you always have your special Sunday time together. It’s so important – especially because your weekends sound so super-busy! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    You all are just the cutest bunch…ever! Love Beckie’s gorgeous new handbag…she’s a lucky lady! I would love to visit the city more often too, Brisbane is just a beautiful and buzzing place and I love it every time we pass through (don’t often get chance to stop in the city though). You just work so hard, it’s really good for you to make lovely plans for your days off…good for the soul! x

    • Oh Nat you’re so gorgeous. Thank-you.
      We all LOVE Brisbane. There is something so wonderful about the city being based around the river. We could easily live there…Not sure Beckie would want us there the whole time though 🙂 She especially loves coming home to the coast to relax and get away.
      Her bag is delightful – she really did take her time when choosing it – she’s such a good kid. xx

  • Sharon

    Such beautiful memories you’re creating Bev. It warms my heart to see so much love and connection within families, location doesn’t matter, your heart can be full of someone wherever they are. Keep putting yourself and your beautiful family first Bev, you’ve got your priorities right lovely. Xx

    • Oh Sharon, thank-you! You’re so right, it doesn’t matter where we are, we are always together. I just adore them both – they are my world. I soak up family time like a sponge, I never want it to end but it allows me to start looking forward to our next memory xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Love looking at the photos of you and your family! Always full of smiles! 🙂 My weekends are well…filled with sports for the kids! Nooo!!! Good thing they only do ONE sport each that both Mr. C and I split duties for.

    • Thanks so much Norlin – its the time when we are all at our happiest 😉
      I remember the Saturday running around days…can’t say I miss it, but its fabulous for the kids! xx

  • Kathryn

    What lovely photos! Beccy is truly a beautiful girl, and I love the bag she chose. So special to use Grandad’s money gift on. My kids are both close to their Grandad (my Dad) and my son is the only grandson – he rings Dad at least once a week. Just heartwarming isn’t it… I love seeing your family photos, makes me a bit teary though! xx

    • Kathryn

      PS I am taking my granddaughter shopping on Sunday – she reminded me that ‘we haven’t gone shopping together lately Grandma, you know girl shopping, like clothes AND makeup’ haha! She’s 8!

      • Awwww thanks so much Kathryn – we had such a great day together.
        It sounds like you’re going to have the best day on Sunday too. What a little cutiepie. Your Granddaughter must make your heart swell with pride. Have a wonderful day darling xxx

  • Deb

    So thrilled you got the weekend with your man & baby girl. It just have been hard for your Dad & sister when all 3 of you moved out here (mind you Im glad you moved here!) . Shows what a sweet & caring girl you raised that she spent considerable time & thought )not to mention discomfort being the “worse for wear” poor pet) on choosing a present that she will truly cherish & think of her Pop & Aunty each time she grabs her bag! Xxx

    • Oh Deb moving here was such a big decision. My Dad was devastated but also realised that it was a wonderful opportunity for us all, especially Beckie. She just loves her life – which is all I need to hear as a Mum.
      My Dad and Sister are so delighted that she has spent the money on a ‘work bag’. They both love spoiling her – it gives them so much pleasure 😉 Saturday nights are Skype nights so we all sit and catch-up as a family which we all treasure. xxx

  • Petra

    Great post and gorgeous photos Bev. I think it’s a great idea to pop down to Brissie to see your daughter on your day off. I know you’re not really that far away but it would feel like forever! Love bag shopping – really, really love bag shopping. Stuff for the home is next, or possibly ties with bag shopping. I spent the last couple of days “home” shopping with mum as we needed to clarify the colour scheme for winter (only the English would get this!), you know, rugs, curtains, cushions, throws etc. LOVED it. Gave me some oomph! xo

    • Oh my goodnes – I get it! Definitely a summer and winter colour scheme girl! We ALWAYS did this in the UK…Homeware shopping is fabulous. I especially love buying cushions – they just turn a house into a home.
      Bag and shoe shopping is probably our favourite thing though. We both adore it…and yes, even though Beckie is not far away it feels like forever xx

  • What a beautiful family you have – inside and out. x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I loved this post Bev ,your Johhny is definitely a keeper a man who loves shopping and ironing that a big win win.Beckie is a beautiful girl and she is her mothers daughter that’s for sure,I admire her taste in handbags and shoes especially at her young age,I’m so glad she goes for quality over quantity.
    I love spending time with my family as well and enjoy alone time with my husband ,he also is a keeper,good on you for planning more weekends together…make some beautiful memories sweets Xx

    • Lisa we both sound like the luckiest girls in the world, don’t you think? Family is everything.
      Spending quality tume with my guys is by far my favourite pastime without a doubt. I just feel so blessed. When we are all together we just giggle and enjoy each others company.
      I feel sure you would love her too Lisa xxx

  • Just simply wonderful. I like you love time with my girls. I am lucky to still have them both at home. Not looking forward to the day they move out though. V x

    • I may have hyperventilated when I left Beckie here in Australia aged 18 to start Uni Vicki. I headed back to England to pack up our life – it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done…BUT she coped (way better than me, I might add) 10 months later we arrived back in Oz to start our new life and be reunited with her – BEST moment ever! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    You guys are adorable…doing more of what makes you happy is a fantastic way to live x

    • Thanks gorgeous Jenni – any spare moment I spend with my loves makes me the happiest xx