Opaque Tights & Shirt Dress Edit

I may just be a touch delighted that SE QLD temps have dropped.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the heat.

I’m so not complaining that its been too hot…Not at all – Come on, I’m from England, show me the sun and I’ll show you a smile 😉

But as I’ve said lots of times before, I love to mix up my wardrobe.

Change is good.

A nip in the air makes you long for cosy and snugly.

What I’m most excited about with the return of cooler temps though, is the fact that my ‘other love’ can come back out to play.

Opaque tights.

Are you a fan?

They are bloody brilliant in my humble opinion.

No time to shave/wax your legs? Opaque tights to the rescue.

Got a summer/lightweight frock you still adore? Opaque tights to the rescue.

They add variety to any wardrobe...good quality tights also offer smoothness to any silhoutte – VPL (visible panty-line) be gone!

They were also part of my English armour and something that I just can’t let go of.

My favourite ones are these from Country Road $24.95 – they come in a Tall option which is just perfecto for me and my pins. 

Opaque Tights & Shirt Dress Edit

The ones I’m wearing are speckled with grey $29.95

But mostly, I adore opaque tights because they allow my love of dresses (and the occasional skirt) to work for me during the winter months without flashing any flesh.

After all, winter skin is dry and flaky and doesn’t need to be on show.

Hibernation is the kindest option…unless of course, you can be bothered to de-scale on a daily basis.

Me? Too lazy.

Rather than go to all the extra bother – I just cover them up!

But the most important things that opaque tights give to me is, confidence.

You see, I’ve never been in love with my pins.

Me and my legs – we have issues.

Deep rooted issues.

Opaque tights actually make me like me legs. Not full-blown love, just like.

But I’ll take that.

In the spring/summer months, I’m more than happy to show a touch of leg – only if they are sun-kissed of course.

Wearing opaque tights in the winter –  just feels right.

More appropriate somehow.

The only thing I can’t bear to see though, is opaque tights with ballet flats.

Heels yes. Flats no.

If you wear this look and rock it – good on ya…but personally for me, a pair of ankle boots looks a lot better with tights!

So, I’m showing my new tights some love and pairing it with a fabulous shirt dress from Bohemian Traders.

IMG_5209 650


Longline Linen Button Down in Grey $179.00 Bohemian Traders (wearing a 12/M)  |  Boots: Aubrey ankle Boot in Barley $199.00 Country Road

It’s a dress that can be worn any number of ways – even as a jacket…

The first time I laid eyes on this shirt dress though, I knew it was for me.

You just can’t go wrong with elongating the classic shirt – it’s always a win-win in my book.

Add to the mix linen, in the most sumptuous grey and the magic start to happen.

This dress really is the perfect piece to cover all occasions.

It also happens to be the ideal weight for Autumn dressing in my humble opinion too.

The linen brings a softness to the shape – the shirt dress moves easily without the feeling of being restricted at all.

It’s not at all clingy and glides over lumps and bumps like a dream.

The decision to make this shirt dress in linen was pure genius.

Opaque Tights & Shirt Linen Dress Edit


I’ve tried to capture a close-up of the fabric – because the linen is a truly gorgeous quality.

It can be layered easily by adding a slip underneath for a bit of extra warmth.

Or throw a huge oversized knit over the top for a true statement.

Maybe a jacket and heels is more your thing?

Just think flexibility.

Oh, did you know I’m also a big lover of grey with camel? – dream combination for me BUT this dress would work equally well with black tights and boots if that appeals to you more.


Would I find any shirt dresses hanging in your wardrobe? Do you share my obsession for Opaques?


This dress was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy


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