My Work Wardrobe: The Ripped Jeans Edit

I have coveted a pair of skinny ripped (flesh showing rips) jeans for a while now.

Yes me. Who am I?

Mind you, I was a little specific in what I wanted.

I didn’t want them slashed all over – definitely not Edward Scissor Hands style.

I’ll leave that look to the pretty young things, who rock this look so darn well.

No, I was coveting a delicate rip in the right place – if you know what I mean, around or below the knee area, will do fine, thank you very much!

Modest but wearable.

Also, most of you know by now, my thighs are a bone of contention to this pear-shaped girl. It’s the area that I always focus on.

So the last place I could afford  want any flesh showing is around them or indeed my butt.

No Siree – not on your Nelly. Never in a million years.

This is one time I can say NEVER and mean it…unless of course I shed a shite load of weight and take a pill to turn back time, making me look 20 years younger 😉

Until this miracle happens – my thighs and butt do not need to be flashed unnecessarily.

So imagine my surprise when good old Country Road answered my prayers on the ripped jeans front.

They have produced the exact jeans I was searching for – who would have thought?…And no, just in-case you were wondering, I don’t have a hot line to the CR designers!

If only eh?…Now that would be heaps of fun.

My Work Wardrobe: The Ripped Jeans Edit

High-waisted Ripped Jean $129.00 Country Road | Boots: Last season CR but similar in store. | Tee CR outlet | Cape: Wrap Rib Poncho $99.95 Witchery

Seriously though, I truly didn’t believe CR would ever produce full-on rips.

Yes, they have done a tame version of the rip before – but it has been very tame.

Not at all edgy and far too conservative – even for my liking.

So far 2 different versions have arrived in store.

One denim jegging and one black jean.

I opted for the black jeans as I already have the jeggings but without the rip (which I LOVE).

Like I said in this post about horizontal stripes – I believe anyone can pull off the latest trends.

You just have to make sure you do it in the right way.

Make it your own.

I’m not trying to dress like my gorgeous 22 year-old daughter – she already has that look nailed to perfection…yes there are times that we end up buying the same outfit BUT we wear it differently. We each have our own personal style.

Instead, I want to look age appropriate, on trend with a classic twist.

Righto, now the jeans are out-of-the-way, can we stop and focus on my cape for just a second?

My Work Wardrobe: The Ripped Jeans Edit

Apologies for the crap quality of the pics today – both taken in 0 seconds on my phone whilst rushing to work!

I know.

Found this little treasure at Witchery whilst shopping in Byron Bay and fell instantly in love.

Its grey and classic – which is the most delightful combo, and works like a dream with any dark denim.

And I thought the price was pretty spectacular too.

It’s the perfect weight for a Queensland Autumn, easy to layer and discard when the midday heat kicks-in.

Or if you need a little more warmth, add a cami, long-sleeved tee and a scarf.

The possibilities are endless with this stylish cape – it is so versatile and the perfect throw-on over almost anything.

Adding a belt would look spectacular too.

It’s such a winner.

Are you a fan of ripped jeans? Added a cape to your A/W look?




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