Hysteria and the Khaki Drop Crotch

Yay! They’ve arrived. I can hardly contain my excitement.

What I hear you say?

You know… the one item I can’t stop gushing about on Instagram.

Hysteria and the drop crotch

Yassou Key Hole Top in Cream and Cream $159.01 (wearing a M/12) | Drop Crotch Pant in Khaki $129.00 wearing a small

Let’s just rewind to last Monday, so you can try to get the visual picture of my utter madness…

I had made up my mind on the Sunday evening, that my life would not be complete without the addition Bohemian Traders Khaki Drop Crotch pant in it… Okay, so I like exaggerating, just bear with me, I trying to build the drama 😉

When Monday morning came, I was on a mission.

I had to have them…but if my observations were correct – BT had sold out of the small.

Nooooooo. WHAT?

But I NEED them!

Of course, I didn’t let this minor detail deter me. Naah, – I’m built of stronger stuff than that.

I was always taught to ask politely for what you need would like.

It always pays to ask, right?

Anyway, to solve my dilema, I crossed everything I could think of crossing, whilst typing a quick pleading email to the lovely Em over at BT.

I was praying that she had just ONE pair left in my size – Sorry girls, at this point I was only thinking of myself 😉

She said YES!

In fact, she had just listed the last two pairs in small.

Spooky eh?

This was all the confirmation I needed –  those babies had to be mine.

My panic wasn’t over though – I still needed to secure them…You see, because I’m a greedy guts, I was also talking to Em about these wide leg jeans, that I also needed in my life, more about them in a minute.

Thank goodness she is a gem by responding at the speed of light to my requests.

Because remember, my mission was still not complete – I still had to place my order.

Let’s just confirm for the record. My adrenalin was pumping through my veins and I may just have done a victory fist-pump when the words ‘thank you for your order’ appeared on my screen.

From the moment on, I kept checking my emails to see if I’d been sent a tracking number.

I know. Outrageous. Give them a bloody chance Bev.

Truly, I’m not normally like this…I’m more of a laid back shopper.

My normal shopping motto is Que Sera, Sera – If I’m meant to have something, it will be there in my size.  No drama.

But not last Monday. No Siree, I was a bloody loony. My hysteria was even driving me crazy.

Obsessed sounds more like the proper way to describe my behaviour.

Tell me I’m not alone. Do you ever get an attack of the crazies when you want something so badly?

You know, when you just can’t focus on anything other than what it is you’re lusting over?

Anyway, as soon as I received the email with my tracking number in a very timely fashion I might add (pun-intended) I found myself trying to track a parcel that I knew in my heart, had not even been collected.

What was wrong with me?

Full-on EXCITEMENT that’s what.

You know why? I had visualised myself wearing them for weeks.

I grab the black all the time. They have become my go-to item.

Why oh why had I waited so long to order the khaki drop crotch pair – I will never know.

Afterall,  when you find something you adore that much, you NEED to have it in both available colours right?

Lesson learnt.

Just if you can’t see the exquisite detail on the top here’s a close-up. Its stunning.

IMG_5138 top close-up

But before I dash off, just indulge me for a second while I was lyrical over the wide leg jeans I mentioned above.

Can one of you gorgeous creatures PLEASE buy them, so I can admire them from afar?

They are bloody amazing I tell you.

I LOVE them so much.

Only issue is, I have an abnormally long inside leg measurement, add to that my heel obsession and it makes the jeans just a touch too short on me.

It actually broke my heart to have to send them back…but I can’t stand my pants looking like they have had a row with my shoes.

So please let them go to a loving home…tag me on Instagram when you are wearing them and I promise to gush profusely!

Any suggestions on what I should get to replace them?

What have you bought or are you lusting over anything I should know about from Bohemian Traders collection?


It’s Wednesday again…I’m heading over to link-up with the gorgeous ladybug Kimbalikes


Drop crotch pants – not gifted – just loved.

Yassou Key Hole Top – gifted in accordance with my disclosure policy




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  • Bev, you’ve done it again! Another great outift which you are rocking like nobody’s biz. The detail on that top is divine too. x

    • Thanks so much Vanessa – I’ve fallen so hard for drop crotch pants and this top just softens them enough for me to carry them off!
      Have I told you how excited I am to meet you at PB? xx

  • Style Tread babe. Found a pair last week when I was searching for my Tuesday Shoesday wellies xx

    (excuse me, Bev. Just can’t help myself!)

    • Lisa Mckenzie

      Thank you Kimba what a shopping star you are Xx

    • Never apologise darling…I love this little community xx

  • I can’t quite make up my mind about the wide leg jeans. I need them – but I think I need to see more photos of them first. Love the khaki pants. I’m in love with my black pair.

    • To say I’m gutted about the jeans is truly an understatement. They are so soft on (I normally take a 12 but Em suggested I size down to a 10 – the fit was fabulous, but I couldn’t get past the length). I also find wide leg very slimming on my pear shaped ass and thighs.
      Drop crotch are to die for – just love them…you convinced me a needed the black pair in the first place! xx

  • Thanks so much Jo – I love to soften the toughness of the pant with a blouse (it also makes them more me)…Oh and Jo – yes, you do NEED the jeans 😉 xx

  • Thanks for the love darling! I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only person that goes into a blind panic when it comes to getting what I want – what are we like?
    Lisa I just adore those wide leg jeans – I’m totally gutted that I had to send them back xx
    Of course I’ll keep my eye out for the gumboots for you sweetness!

  • I can totally understand why you became a loony lady to get your hands on those pants – utter perfection. And that top you’re wearing them with. I need it in my semi boho dreamy life 🙂 I am totally lusting over the BT dreamer dress in the new light blue. Swoooooooon

    • Wendy that is the perfect description – semi-boho. That is so me, too!
      Seriously love these drop crotch pants…I can’t seem to get enough pairs in my wardrobe. The comfort factor helps as well though. I also love that you can dress them lots of different ways to suit your individual style personality.
      LOVE the dreamer dress in any colour – but blue is so you! xx

  • Sharon

    I love this outfit, you look gorgeous Bev. I like the material, I have dropped crotch pants in a softer fabric and I wear them at home only as I look like my nappy is at half mast! I may get a this pair after seeing them on you. Loving xx

    • Thanks so much Sharon. These are by far my favourite ones. I have three pairs in total (2 from CR which I still love)The fabric needs to be tougher to hold the shape though…I’m loving that no matter what your individual style is you can make drop crotch work by just adding your own personal twist to them xx

  • Do I need a pair? Hmm I am thinking maybe. What colour? I love them on you gorgeous lady, not convinced though they will look good on me though. V x

    • I think you should try a pair Vicki. Go for the black though.

      I’ll also be wearing mine with a tee and fitted jacket, now the weather has cooled down around these parts! xx

  • Cindy F

    Not really feeling the love for this style in a rather stiff looking fabric Bev. But I do know the feeling of the thrill of the chase though!
    Cindy F

    • The thrill of the chase is everything Cindy – nothing beats it!
      Drop crotch won’t be for everyone, they are definitely my new best friend though xx

  • Stunning as always Bev! I know the feeling you experienced. I have felt physically ill at the thought of not being able to obtain a certain item at times, lol.

    • What are we like? We I NEED something, all sense of reason seems to disappear out of the window!
      Thanks for the love gorgeous girl xx