Autumn: Katies Style.

Not sure what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods, but here in SE QLD nearly everyone is itching for some cooler temps.

Autumn is not really showing its face much around these parts of late.

Most days, temps are still nudging 30 degrees and unless you seek shelter in some Icelandic aircon, its almost impossible to get excited about Autumn/Winter clothes.

But think on beauties, don’t let the sunshine lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to getting your key A/W pieces sorted.

Because happen it will, and when it does, you need to be ready.

I know my southern friends are already having a  taste of what A/W is really like…I may be a touch jealous!

Anyhoo, if you’re new around here. You need to know this:

I’m the kinda girl who hyper-ventilates when it comes to making sure all her bases are covered for my wardrobe staples.

Yes, I’ll admit, I can get a tad over-excited when something new sparks interest on my fashion-radar.

Especially so, if I believe I can incorporate/translate the latest trend without compromising my style personality.

Yes, style personality. We all have one. It’s what makes us unique.

Sometimes, I may run with a trend and fall head-over-heels – Hello drop crotch pants. YOU ARE MINE.

Or maybe if I’m a bit unsure, I’ll just offer a nod in that direction.

Either way, I either full on embrace or find a way to have fun.

One thing is for sure, my wardrobe holds no room for regret.

So in my quest to get myself A/W ready a few key pieces have mysteriously found their way into my robe…

Jeans | Window Pane Trench | Biker Jacket

The gorgeous Sonia Styling first brought Katies jeans to my attention last year –  it goes without saying, I brought them, right? 

I fell in love with just how versatile and comfortable they were.

So I was super-excited to try the new Super Shaper Jeggings.

Anything that says super and shaper in the same sentence deserves my attention – don’t you agree?

Did I mention the price? $49.95

Hell Yeah. I know!

Autumn: Katies Style

Super Shaper Jeans in Dark Denim* (I’m wearing a 12) $49.95  |  3/4 sleeve Hi Lo Pullover* $39.95  | Iris Heels from Country Road (Last Season)

They feel super supportive in all the right places, besides being thick enough to disguise any lumps and bumps that well, quite frankly, need disguising 😉

So here’s a couple of way’s I’ll be wearing mine:

Anything monochrome ALWAYS gets my vote on the style stakes….you can take the girl out of England, but you can’t take England out of the girl – blame the weather!

Add some window pane check and BAM the jeggings are still there doing their thing, but the trench now becomes the hero.

Autumn: Katies Style

Window Pane Check Trench* $89.95 | Jeans and shoes as above

This outfit would take me almost anywhere.

Perfect for travelling due to the comfort factor of the jeggings, but still smart enough for a city lunch or a date with your girlfriends.

Add a great bag and your favourite sunnies and you’re good-to-go.

The soft trench is one of my key recommendations for the season.

Throw it over mucky jeans and a tee for a touch of school-Mum glam…no one will ever know what’s lurking underneath – I promise you will still look tres-chic!.

Or simply belt it for a more slimline silhouette.

Another A/W trend that refuses to go away is Biker Style.

Autumn: Katies Style

Front Zip PU Jacket* $89.95 | Graphic Print Shirt*$49.95 | Jeans as above | Tatiana Pumps from Nine West $139.95

To be honest, I can’t ever remember a time when my wardrobe didn’t have at least one leather jacket hanging on the rail.

I love the added texture it offers to soft fabrics and denim.

But, unless you have a shed load of cash to part with, I suggest considering pleather.

You get all the benefits without lying awake at night worrying about your poor old bank balance.

Just so you know, everyone that has seen this jacket, actually thought it was leather.

I could easily have opted for traditional black, but instead, I wanted the lift that cream offers denim.

You probably already know I’m more than a tad obsessed with anything winter white anyway – so I just couldn’t pass this beauty by…in fact, if you look close enough I think it has my name plastered all over it 😉

The most important thing about the latest trends is to realise they are just that.

Enjoy them, have some fun, but don’t lose who you are in the process.

Instead make the look your own

Is there an A/W trend that you can’t pass by? What’s the last item you’ve brought and tell me why it just had to be yours?


*These items have been gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Its Wednesday so I’ll be over at Kimba Likes place for Wardrobe Wednesday.








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  • as always, so polished. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces at Katies at the moment – the grey vest/jacket is at the top of my list!

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl. To be honest I’ve been overwhelmed at some of the pieces.
      You should get the grey vest, it will look sensational on you xx

  • I love the bike Jacket Bev. It will be a must have I think. I saw the Window Pane trench in store today and on the hanger I wasn’t into it, but it looks fab on you. A try on piece I guess. I will definitely be trying the jeans as well. Anything that helps with the lumps and bumps is a winner in my book.

    • Oh Sarah I hear you…lumps and bumps be gone! The jeans are really fabulous and such a wonderful price too. The biker jacket is a big favourite of mine. So easy to just throw on over jeans and a tee for touch of rock chic xx

  • Flat bum mum

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that coat. I really love it!!! Great shoes too Bev. x

    • Oh thanks so much Bron. The trench is divine and so wearable layered for daytime or poshed-up for evening xx

  • Bev, I am LOVING you in these Katies pieces. In fact, I don’t think you’ve every posted anything that i don’t LOVE!
    How amazing is that check trench? And such amazing prices.

    • Oh than you so much for the love Claire – you’re very kind xx
      My eyes have been well and truly opened at Katies – I love that you can pick up the latest pieces without breaking the bank in the process!

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I’ve been so looking forward to your Katie’s collaboration, you truly have picked some beautiful clothing. I would never have picked the Mac in 100 years off the peg, but wow it looks so good on. I agree on the cream jacket too, so very classy looking although somehow I always reach for the black. Congrats on a fabulous, inspiring post! x

    • Oh Nat you are so lovely – thank you so much! I was super shocked how easy it was to find fabulous bang on trend pieces in Katies. Trends that you want to offer a nod to, without spending a fortune on. Also the jeans are amazingly comfortable – especially on my pear shaped butt! xx

      Just so you know, I did hover over the black jacket for a short while 😉

  • Kathryn

    It was lovely and cool this morning on the coast wasn’t it! Yahoo! Made me so happy. I love the pleather jacket, I need a new one, and will go and check it out. I want the black of course. Although the cream is lovely too. I have dunny stumps instead of legs, jeggings look terrible on me, and so do skinny jeans. You look gorgeous though, as always. Great post Bev xx

    • Thanks so much beautiful! Yes, this morning was delightful…just what we needed, a bit of relief.
      Seriously, I umm’d and arrr’d over whether to get the black or the cream in the jacket. I could have easily been swayed to my black comfort zone 😉 I always say go for the colour you will wear the most. The colour that best suits your style personality xx

  • Jayemess

    Fab, fab, fab! Love all the looks, must make a quick trip to Katies tomorrow. Once again I spy the gorgeous Tatiana Pump, one question though about them do you find that they cover the toe cleavage well and are comfortable across the toes (don’t cut in at the side of the big toe)? I need those shoes like I need those Katies outfits.

    • The Tatiana pump is fabulous to wear. I need quite a bit of width at the front (to compensate for my fat feet) so normally opt to go up one size if I’m wearing a closed in shoe or boot (I’m a 39 in a sandal but in these I had a 40). I find this really helps with the toe cleavage situation too.
      So its a yes to both the heels and the Katies haul – you’ll love them! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love these outfits in you Bev,as you know I’m a big fan of Katie’s so I will have to go and have a look and see what’s new! I like Katie’s jeans and jeggings,they are fomfy and stylish.
    I’m very pleased you got the cream jacket my gorgeous friend it looks beautiful on you,great post and yes I’m looking forward to wearing new season pieces Xxx

    • You are such a fabulous advocate for Katies darling. Some of your pieces are incredible. You definitely have a great eye when it comes to fashion and styling.
      The cream biker jacket really is fabulous, I know I will wear it to death over the coming weeks xx

  • You’re right about the jacket … It can cover a multitude of stains acquired through the day from grubby hands! I know this a bit too well lately. I do wish it would get a bit cooler so we can start layering our winter pieces! I’m loving all these looks on you Bev. Those jeans are awesome aren’t they?

    • You’re so right – the jeans are awesome Bec! Super comfy with the right amount of weight and coverage…and the price – full on amazing!
      It feels like there is a cool change on the horizon…wonder how long it will stay! xx

  • Absolutely rocking each and every outfit, gorgeous! Loving that check trench – what a totally chic take on this season’s trends. x

  • Sharon

    You look incredible in these outfits…as you do in everything 🙂 Its pouring and freezing here on the lower south coast of NSW so it gave me the perfect excuse to go online and buy the jeans, graphic shirt and pullover because I reallllly needed them! Thanks for the inspiration x

    • Oh Sharon you have made my day, thank-you. I’ve loved playing around with the new launch pieces…the jeans are the bees-knees though. I will definitely be getting the other colours too! xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    You look fabulous in all of these outfits- as I was scrolling through I would think, oh I like this one! then the next photo was even better! I am currently buying lots of drape and waterfall cardigans for Autumn to chuck on during the school run.

    • Thanks so much Lauren. I was very excited when I found all of these treasures.
      Longline cardigans are the perfect solution for looking stylish on the school run too! xx

  • I was looking at that beautiful soft trench yesterday, love it! I’m a huge Katies fan and they seem to be upping their game every season. Looking fab Bev!

    • Thank so much darling. Katies have so many great pieces at the moment…the trench and you are a match made in heaven xx

  • I’m was a huge fan of Katies jeans because up until recently most of their styles came in short length and it saved me having to pay to have the jeans taken up. I’m heading off to a Katies preview tonight, and really looking forward to casing that biker jacket.

    • This jacket would look fabulous on you! Hope you had fun at the preview xx

      • I’m just back and for a VIP event, it was rather low key and disappointing. We just don’t seem to do events over here like Sydney or Melbourne. I’m half tempted to suggest that I join forces with Vicki from The Fashionable Mum and we host their next event.

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I love the biker jacket…so hot and I would choose that colour over black every time.

    • Thanks so much Jenni – the biker jacket is my favourite piece. So versatile and looks full on leather too! xx

  • Looking hot hun! I saw that trench at their preview. Love it!

  • Lovely Bev. I love all the pieces, so many I may need to add to my closet. V x

    • So delighted you love them V. I was truly spoilt for choice. Let me know what you get xx