Am I a bit boho?

The older I’ve got, the more I’m beginning to realise that you NEVER say never when it comes to fashion.

Oh no you don’t.

I guarantee you will be bitten on the bum.

Things change. YOU change.

What you like one day, will change the next.

That’s more than ok in my book.

Just go with the flow.

Explore, try new things.

Don’t limit yourself.

I’ve changed so much since moving to Australia.

Classic black structured frocks and heels was my everyday Monday to Friday style, when I lived in England.

Weekends or evenings saw jeans, tee’s and jackets come out to play.

When the sun shone, linen was my preference.

Always trousers for casual – not sure why, but it was.

These days, I’m more open-minded than ever.

The weather here on the Sunny Coast allows me to be more flexible in my choices – sunshine has a habit of doing that to you.

You definitely have a different outlook on what you can wear, when the mercury spikes and the sun is shining.

For at least six months of the year, its guaranteed warm enough to show some flesh here…really this could be extended, it’s only the evening and early morning temperatures that mix it up a bit and require a touch of layering.

Put it this way, the Sunny very rarely requires a coat.

Although, whatever the weather, I do like to mix my wardrobe up a bit.

Seasonal dressing is so much more fun.

The most important thing to me these days though, is not matter what, I’m not afraid to try things that I would have passed by in my former life.

Do you think that’s an age thing?


Hello Prairie Lace Dress from Bohemian Traders.

Am I a little bit Boho?

Prairie Lace Dress in White * $149.00 Bohemian Traders (I’m wearing a 14/L) Denim shirt last season Country Road  | Aubrey Ankle Boot $199.00

On paper it not me – in reality?

I LOVE it!

It’s not what you wear, but always how you wear it that counts to me.

All you have to do is just make it your own.

Now back in the UK Boho and Bev did not go together one iota.

It just wasn’t me. I would have dismissed it in a heartbeat.

But with my new approach to fashion and life..


Who would have known eh?…maybe I’m a bit boho after all.


I’m not wearing a slip under the dress in the pic’s but most of the time, I know I will add one underneath for extra modesty, or a bit of extra warmth on a cooler day.

You on the other-hand, might not need it.

The fabric is soft, lightweight and so easy to wear.

My favourite bit? The sleeve.

I just adore sleeves on dresses – they offer all kinds of magic in my book.

Winter white is incredible, don’t you agree?

It always works.

Add some grey or caramel and BINGO – the fireworks start to explode.

This Prairie dress will work beautifully with flat strappy sandals or heels. If you’re more of a winter boot lover, why not add your favourite ankle boot.

Dress it up or down.

The lovely Nikki over at Styling You is wearing the same dress, but in black at a recent South East Queensland Instagram get-together. Nikki glammed up her frock with a nude heel and a touch of leopard on her clutch. The result was lovely/

She looked the bees-knees, I tell ya.

Which just underlines how flexible this little frock is.

Oh and before I love you and leave you…Guess what pretties? Bohemian Traders have a spend and save on at the moment too – you’re welcome!


Is this your kind of dress?

Tell me, what have you got your eye on from Bohemian Traders? 

Me? 4 thingsWide Leg Jean in Denim  |  Plaid Button Down Shirt | Drop Crotch Pants in Khaki and Longline Linen Button Down in Black don’t want much do I? 😉


This dress * was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Today you’ll also find me hanging out with the girls for Wardrobe Wednesday over a Kimba Likes place!










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  • You could rock any style I reckon but those Bohemian Traders dresses just seem to float on you beautifully. Unfortunately the lace panels would annoy me. I just don’t like anything see through. It’s kind of why I don’t wear my dreamer dress as often because it is way short on me and I have to wear it with leggings. Beautiful clothes but not always practical for a tall gal like me who is in the nitty gritty of looking after toddlers and babies.

    • Thanks so much for the love Bec – you’re a gem! I thought the lace panels would be too much for me too Bec. I was surprised when I tried it on. I know I’ll probably wear a slip underneath it as well though depending on the temperature. Out of the two, the dreamer shows more flesh on me, so I completely understand what you mean xx

  • You look amazing in this dress! I’m so not boho, but every now and again a little bit sneaks into my wardrobe. And that is a good thing. It changes the way you see yourself sometimes, to try a new look. Love it x

    • Kirralee you could have knocked me down with a feather over this dress. The second I put it on – I fell in love…so glad my new motto is ‘never say never’ Thanks for the love xx

  • You’re rocking the boho look Bev and I can definitely see me dressing this down with strappy sandals! Is the second pic actually a video (if it is I couldn’t watch it for some reason 🙁 and if it’s not, it must be bedtime!!) xx

    • Awwww thanks so much Lily…strappy sandals would look fabulous with this frock too xx
      Ps. its a slideshow – which can be a touch temperamental from a mobile!

  • That is a very cute dress! 🙂 I think fashion is all about having fun – and while you might pass up on a trend now there’s certainly no reason you wouldn’t try it again later! Although I have some ‘rules’ or styles I will definitely not try, there are some things I’m much less opinionated on that are sure to show up in my wardrobe in some form at some point! Never say never indeed.
    That is a very cute dress too, perfect styled with the shirt around your waist. IMHO the white version is best, but I can’t really get away with white with a baby hehe.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter.

    • Mica I totally agree with you – fashion should be fun!
      Years ago I was far to set in my ways and silly enough to say ‘I would never wear that’ These days age has taught me to throw caution to the wind by just enjoying what I like, and styling it up my way.
      I love the white in the dress too, its just more ‘me’ and something I know I will be happy to wear with boots right through A/W xx Hope you are having a beautiful day xx

  • I’m a little Boho too, but definitely more so in Summer. It’s made for our weather. Rachel x

  • Lauren Greenlees

    You look amazing…. I am a boho at heart and love the relaxed boho style and you totally rock this style

    • Awww Lauren – thank-YOU! This was quite a big ask for me, but I think this one dress has converted me! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I love this Bev…white is perfect on you x

  • Oh you look ab fab in the white Bev! Thanks for linking to my black prairie outing!! xx

    • Thanks so much for the love beautiful girl…adore how versatile this dress is! xx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    I am saying it again. Love it love it love it! This dress is made for you. You look stunning. A great piece also for winter! xx

    • This dress and you are a match made in heaven Andrea. I love your style!
      Thanks for the love darling xx

  • I love boho on you. As we get older we get more comfortable and settle in to our style. Hey, boho is almost like a year eraser on you. Bohemian Traders is cheaper that botox. xx

  • 4 words – I need that dress. And I totally agree that as you get older, you are more comfortable in trying new styles and being open minded to new trends. Winter white is the best. You look gorgeous. xox

    • YOU DO 😉 It’s one of those dress that fits every occasion – add it to you wishlist!
      Finding something positive about the ticking clock of time is such a positive too – thanks for the love gorgeous girl xx

  • Great dress on you Bev, I think I’d be tempted by the black!

    • Thanks Vicki – you would look amazing in this. I just love the versatility! xx

  • It looks gorgeous on you. I love the white with the tan boots.
    I think I need in black and white! The dreamer dress from Bohemian traders is my fave and I wear it a lot but i think this one could take first place. I’m also lusting after the khaki drop crotch pants! Xx

    • Oh Shannon thank you! The dreamer dress is still divine, I think you’ll love this one too though for different reasons. Super comfy and the sleeve adds a touch of magic!
      Those khaki drop crotch pants?…be still my beating heart! xx

  • Kathryn

    Ahhhh I lurve this dress! And in the black too. You look beautiful Bev…maybe I will go and have another look at the website ‘;) x

    • It’s a fabulous dress Kathryn – its such a wearable dress that looks great in both black and white – checki it out again! Thanks for the love darling xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Looking stunning in this dress Bev,I love that you chose the White it really suits you! I love the ankle boots with it too,so many gorgeous things on the bohemian traders website,so hard to choose,I’m so glad your embracing your boho side ,you rock it ,Great post Xxx

    • Awwww Lisa you’re such a gorgeous woman. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. This dress is way outside of my comfort zone – but I LOVE it!
      Especially because its white – which makes it the perfect transeasonal piece.
      Hope you’re feeling a touch better today Petal xxx

  • Katypotaty

    I definitely love that frock, have been eyeing it off over at the Bohemian Traders website for a while – and yes, I’d wear it as you do, with tan boots!

    • How cute is it? It’s so you…and they have a spend and save on!
      Great length and not a pesky waistband in sight! xx

  • Michelle

    Love it! Boho definitely suits you.

  • You’re like the new Bohemian Traders poster girl… Move over They All Hate Us! 😉

    • Bahahahahahaha – you’re just too kind! LOVE those girls…if only I was that cool xxx

  • Gabrielle

    As always, you look fabulous. Sadly, on me this would look like a nightie. Boho Bev indeed, Bohemian Rhapsody I think!

    • When this dress arrived I questioned whether I could pull if off – as soon as I tried it on I loved it!
      Thanks so much for the love beautiful girl – you’re very kind xx

  • Winter white is stunning on you Bev! Just gorgeous. x

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl…have to admit I’m loving everything Bohemian Traders at the moment xx

  • I just adore this stunning dress on you Bev. You look amazing gorgeous lady. V x

    • Thanks so much for the love V – never in a million years did I think it was a me dress! xx