What I Wore: Wide Leg Trousers

My new favourite trousers came out to play recently, for a lunch in Brisbane with a gorgeous bunch of women.

Women that only met each other because of the everdaystyle hashtag on Instagram created by Nikki from Styling You.

 If you’re not already part of the #everydaystyle community – jump on board.

With a little effort on your part, you will reap the rewards ten fold. I promise.

Beautiful woman who empower each other through kindness, positivity and a love of all things style, fashion and life on a daily basis.

We share each-others high and lows.

If someone goes missing in action for a few days – we check-up on them to make sure they’re ok.

Like the virtual equivalent of caring about your neighbour.

The everydaystyle community has a far reach. Woman from all over the world (not just Australia) stop by for a daily fashion fix of inspiration.

It’s truly amazing.

Here’s the girls in all their glory:

What I Wore: Wide Leg Pants

L-R @styleloving2 | @sophisticatedmumma | @shergb  | @rebeccakatemua  | @mumonthego  |  @redcliffestyle  | @lovefacebeauty  |  @stylingyou  | @istyl  |  @stylescouting  |  ME – why am I pulling such a stupid face?  |  @sisterinstyle  |  @thesundaystylist Image: StylingYou

Now, let’s get down to business – what I wore…

What I Wore: Wide Leg Trouser

Utility Pant $179.00 Country Road (I’m wearing a 12) | Sheer Sleeve Blouse in Nude (I’m wearing a 12) $129.00 Witchery

I can’t even remember a time when there wasn’t a pair of wide leg pants of some sort, in my wardrobe.

They’ve always offered the perfect balance to my thigh and butt issues.

Being a pear-shaped girl means there are a few things that are harder to wear for me – unless of course I add the extra height.

Hopefully it makes perfect sense why I am so obsessed by my heels!

The thing that really goes in this curvy girls favour though, is I have long legs…thanks Dad x

Add my long legs to my heels and I’m able to obtain the perfect illusion.

Because that’s exactly what it is.


When I take off my heels and strip myself bare (not a pretty sight) my pear-shape is full-on out there, for all to see.

These days though, because I know my shape so well,  I can disguise it most of the time.

Yes, it’s all about having style confidence.

Years ago I opted to cover up my legs as much as possible. I worried continually about what people thought.

These days my attitude is very different.

I believe we should all embrace who we are, and what we have been given.

We also need to acknowledge that we all go through different phases in our life, at different times.

There are no hard and fast rules.

Our priorities change. Life happens.

Weight comes and goes – it’s no big deal.

Just be the best version of YOU, today.

The version that makes you the happiest.

Keep in mind there will always be people who won’t agree with your style choices.

But who cares?

Just have confidence in YOU.

Let your style creativity flow OR take start by taking some baby steps to unleashing your inner goddess!

Because I for one have decided that I’m not listening to my inner demons any-more.

I adore wide leg pants so much, that I didn’t think twice when it came to ordering them in cream.

Yes. Cream.

The very opposite to the colour you should wear on chunky thighs, if you’re playing by the rules of course.

Whoever set that rule, didn’t realise how determined I can be, when I find something I LOVE.

Happy Thursday Everyone…

Are you a jump straight in risk taker or a hold back kinda girl when it comes to style and fashion?







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