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This blog post has been a long time coming.

I thought, re-thought and then thought some more about whether I should do a swimsuit post at the ripe old age of 51.

In the end, after reading these words the lovely Jenni from Styling Curvy, posted on her Instagram account – I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

The Swimsuit Edit

The words resonated with me, like never before.

Because when I sat down and thought about it, I have so much to thank my body for.

My body has produced my baby girl.

To get there, my body had to overcome some very tough times.

Some extreme lows. You can read Beckie’s birth story here.

Long story short, many abdominal operations in my late teens and early twenties, meant my chances of carrying a baby full-term, were very slim.

But I never gave up hope.

I always believed I would be a Mumma.

Which for me, is a love so strong – it takes my breath away.

I never stopped believing my body was capable though. I knew deep down in my heart that it was possible. I just had to learn to accept and acknowledge that I was on a different journey to most, to achieve my dream job, as a Mumma.

Yes there was pain and heartache along the way. But ultimately in the end my body came through against all the odds and gave me the gift of life and sunshine.  

So this post is about celebrating the happiness my body has afforded me, rather than focusing on the insecurities I pay far too much attention to, on a daily basis.

Righto, I’m taking a deep breath, putting on my big girl pants and talking about me and swimwear…

I was sent a lovely parcel from the girls over at Capriosca Swimwear.

Inside were lots of treasures.

I know, I am a lucky duck.

This gorgeous cossie was in the package.

The Swimwear Edit

I’m wearing the Halter One-Piece in Hawaiian Punch *$139.00 Mesh Wrap Skirt* $29.00

Whenever I think I swimwear, it’s all about pattern and colour for me – I know right, who would have thoughtthe complete opposite of my everyday wardrobe!

I find it more flattering.

What I loved most when I was browsing the Capriosca swimsuits online, was the multiple style options in the same pattern/fabric – which makes perfect sense. Instead of leaving you feeling downhearted by offering only one style choice – which lets face the facts, might not work for you.

I love this principle, because fundamentally its always the patterns and colours that I am most attracted to first anyway. I’ve had so many disappointing experiences in swimwear shops. After the initial excitement of homing in on a gorgeous fabric, my euphoria is often short-lived, when I find out the one swimsuit I’m lusting after, doesn’t come in my cup size.


The Swimsuit Edit


The Swimwear Edit

Now depending on your figure, you may favour a certain neckline that fits and flatters you best…buying great swimwear is akin to bra shopping, with a little patience and good advice, you will reap the rewards.

I found out many years ago that halter-neck is my shape.

It emphasises my shoulders and slims down my top half, at the same time as giving me the feeling of support.

The deep-v also offers the optical illusion on a more streamline me – and who doesn’t want that?

Lastly, the halter also balances out fuller hips – think hourglass, rather than pear – BAM!

The Capriosca’s is designed with the real woman in mind.

There is power-netting for extra tummy support, wider straps and cup sizes up to F for fuller busts.

All in sizes 10-26 – they truly have it all covered.

Thw Swimwear Edit The Swimsuit Edit

Besides resizing the pic’s I have not edited them in any way. Images were taken first thing in the morning, with gorgeous light and shade.

In summary:

Are any of us ever truly body confident? Er…I think not.

Most of us have body hang-ups about different parts of our bodies, depending on the stage of life we are in.

I’ve mentioned many times, about how I wish I had fabulous legs.

But when I look back over old pic’s I’ve realised, I did have the most amazing legs.

In my late teens and early twenties my legs were fabulous – I just never allowed myself to see them.

I got caught up wanting to look like someone else, rather than myself.

So, if age has taught me one thing, its to start loving what I have.

Yes, I could do with dropping a few kilo’s.

But will that stop me from enjoying my life?

No Siree,  it will not.


So tell me girls, are you a ‘kini or cossie kind of girl?…Psssst, just secretly, I’m refusing to give up my bikini’s for the foreseeable future.


It Wednesday folks, so that means I heading over to the gorgeous Kimba Likes place to meet up with the Glam Squad.


* These items were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy








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  • Suzie

    Gorgeous pics and beautiful swimsuit. Love swimsuits but am still looking for the perfect pair of black bikinis that I will feel comfortable in at age 53. And I know it’s out there somewhere!

    • Suzie you will find it! Just be relentless in your approach, knowing that you will look and feel a million dollars when you eventually get your hands on it! xx

  • Karen – IG Styleloving2

    Look gorgeous – posting pictures in a swimsuit is definitely stepping out of the comfort zone but you look fabulous xxx

    • Thanks so much Karen, I feel like I sky-dived out of my comfort zone to be honest!!!
      If you would have asked me at 30 or even 40 to post swimsuit pics, I would have said no way. So not sure why I feel so brave at 50 – I’m still in shock! Mwah xx

  • Bravo Bev fabulous post – you and your bod rock lady!!! x K

    • Thanks so much Kate…I didn’t feel very brave when it came to pressing publish, but I’m glad I did it now! xx

  • Love this post. Love your attitude. Love the cossies. Love the prints. Love my bikinis. Love this community xox

    • Thanks darling. Keep rocking your bikini’s Wendy, you have an amazing figure!
      You’re so right, this community is down-right bloody brilliant xx

  • Scrumdiddlyumptious! I hope any trace of self consciousness has been chased away by the string of positive comments on your post xxx You look beyond gorgeous!

    • You’re too kind, thank-you gorgeous girl, I’ll take scrumdiddlyumptious – purely because I’ve never been called it before!
      And yes it has! I feel blessed being surrounded by such positive and inspiringly beautiful woman – I talking about YOU xx

  • Philby

    You look fabulous! Tankini girl as I struggle to find bathers long enough in the body. Love your posts and always look forward to reading them

    • I think Tankini’s are perfect too. You can just roll the top up when you’re lying down anyway!
      Thanks so much for stopping by my little place on the web, to read my posts, it really does mean the world to me xx

  • You look a million bucks Bev. Hot stuff! Such a flattering swimsuit too. It looks fab on you. x

    • Oh V thank you so much. To be honest, I was dreading hitting the publish button, but in the end I thought ‘sod it’! So glad I did now xx

  • Where I’m from we call them togs! You, my dear, look fabulous. Just adorable!

    • Thanks so much for the love darling. I’ve been putting this post off for far too long! xx

  • Poppy

    You look fabulous! 51 is not old, not when I’m turning 60 this year. I still wear a bikini.

    • Go you Poppy!…my aim is still to be wearing my bikini for as long as possible. thanks so much for stopping by xx

  • Gorgeous – you & the cossie – in Perth we don’t call them cossies though, it’d be bathers!! I still haven’t figured out what works for me, I tend to avoid being seen in bathers at all costs – makes for a hot summer -haha! You may have inspired me to go & check these ones out though……..

    • Thanks so much Shannon! Honestly take the plunge and find the perfect bikini or bathers…I feel a bikini is more flattering than a cossie on my pear shape. But no matter what I go for, its always a halter-neck. You would love the Capriosca range, its so flattering! xx

  • Glamour on the Go

    What a gorgeous woman you are! I hope to look like you at 51!

  • caroline
  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look Ahmazing Bev in this cossie,what a babe you are and my eyes can’t see anything wrong with those legs,so brown and long and I think you have a gorgeous figure and yes that pattern is lovely.
    I’m a tankini girl cause most one pieces are too short in the body for me,but I own one bikini and wear it when I’m home alone ,great post gorgeous girl Xx

    • Oh thanks Lisa darling. I have been pretty nervous about this post for quite a while. I did one set of pics a couple of weeks ago and the lighting wasn’t right. So on Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed put the cossie on, added a quick bit of lippy and shook my hair (it desparetely needed washing) and dashed outside. Ten mins later we were done! Hoorah it was over.
      Why do we get ourselves so worked up eh? Thanks for the lovely words ladybug xx

  • Ouch! My eyes! Wayyyy too much hotness in one blog post! I do love me a Capriosca swimsuit. They sure know how to make swimwear for women. x

    • Darling you looked simply divine when you did your swimsuit post. You truly have a figure to die for…I on the other hand had the lucky morning light and a good lensman! Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • Sharon

    Miss Bev…I would walk over hot coals to look like you in that cossie. Simply stunning…no other words do you justice. 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much Sharon. Your lovely words really me the world to me. I can’t lie,
      I did have a mini panic when it came time to posting but then I decided to get over myself and do it anyway! xx

  • Gabrielle

    Right. It’s official. I have a big girlie crush on you Missie. Even tho we’re the same age, I want to be just like you when I grow up. You look amazing but your attitude is even more amazing. My family just had a lovely break at the beach and I thought what I always do when at the beach …..there is always someone fatter/thinner/older/younger/More wrinkly/less wrinkly who is also enjoying the water and the sand between their toes and NO ONE is looking at me and thinking “Dear God, get that woman a large robe.” Xx

    • You always make me smile! Thanks for the love darling, it truly means the world.
      I can’t lie, the self-doubt crept in when it was time to hit the publish button, but then I pulled myself into line. Everyone knows I’m 51, they don’t expect my body to look like a 21 yr old’s anyway – so I thought ‘sod it’. Glad I did it now…biggest plus point? I didn’t embarrass the life out of Beckie! Mwah xx

  • You look incredible! What a babe-alicious bod! And I’m loving those bathers too. The print is stunning.

    I continue to let it all hang out in bikinis as I dance through my 40s. Even with the extra kilos and all the flaws, I still feel gorgeous in them.

    • Delighted to hear you are still rocking a ‘kini Kirralee. With a fantastic bod like yours, it would be a crime not to! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Ummm…babetown!! You look stunning bev and I love that cozzie, beautiful print and colours x

    • Thanks darling. One for the love and two for posting such beautiful words on IG to inspire me xx

  • Bev, you are absolutely GORGEOUS! These swimmers are just divine!

  • Good work you. As I often say when I’m describing a particularly foxy person… ‘You’re in good nick!’

  • You look absolutely gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much for the love darling – this has been the hardest post to photograph, I was extremely self-conscious! xx