The Soft Trench

There is an abundance of fashion must-haves this season.

Key pieces that put together a smorgasbord of fashion choice for you in A/W 2015.


I adore choice.

I’m not a slave to the latest trend…I will be holding on to my skinnies for as long possible to avoid the ‘flare’.

Instead I’m selective.

Classic pieces that offer a hint of a trend is my preferred route.

This season the colour palettes are warm and rich.

Caramel, burgandy, grey and black sit nicely alongside muted pastels and earthy greens.

Winter whites and fluid fabrics offer you a subtle softness, that truly pleases me.

So when this trench arrived in store, my little ole heart, might have just skipped a beat.

It was a trend, I just knew I would embrace…

Soft Trench

Waterfall Soft Trench $229.00 | Pique Tank $59.95  |  Ripped Jeans Katies (last season) | Tatiana from Nine West $139.95

Oh yes, I was giddy with excitement.

I may have even squealed and thanked the CR gods for bringing this must-have 2015 A/W trend into my life.

The over-excitable woman who was parading round the store in this trench a couple of weeks ago on the Sunny Coast? Well, that would be me!

Please tell me I’m not the only one in love with the soft trench?

Besides Country Road, lots of other stores have also jumped on this trend. So finding the perfect trench to suit you and your budget, should be a walk in the park.

Take a look at Seed and Sussan too – the trenches I have seen in both stores are delightful. I would be more than happy, to buy either.

Side note: The A/W collection at Seed is simply divine – bang on brilliant.

They have also nailed the ‘drop-crutch’ pant to perfection.

Anyhoo, I digress…

My mind started picturing all the ways I could style this piece.

So many outfit opportunities were flashing through my brain.

This lightweight, yet fluid beauty is exactly what my wardrobe had been waiting for.

As you all know, the weather around these parts packs a mighty punch at this time of year.

Even now, as we ease into Autumn the mercury is still pushing 30+ degrees on a daily basis.

With no let-up in sight, my work wardrobe still needs to offer more than a nod to the new A/W trends that are arriving in store. But at the same time as embracing the new, I still need be able to do my job without melting into a messy puddle of perspiration on the floor – not a good look for anyone.

Finding that balance can sometimes be a nightmare.

Everywhere I look, there is wool shouting to get my attention.

I don’t have the kind of skin that can tolerate wool next to it, at the best of times – imagine a blotchy hives like rash and me scratching like a dog with flees.

So to find a piece that offers me an Autumnal look and feel, that I can also layer when the temp drops is my idea of heaven.

Yes, I am gushing with pleasure.

The colour is also bang on perfect. I’ll take anything caramel coloured.

Its rich and ever so slightly extravagant.

Perfect with denim and white. Stunning with black. A match made in heaven with any shade of blue.

So why should you splurge your cash on the soft trench trend?

Any trench is timeless.

But softness and lightweight fabric make it such a wearable indoor piece too…BAM – light the wick on a style flare!

Trust me, the possibilities are endless.

  • A dream with your favourite skinnies.
  • Wide leg pants dream to be enveloped in the soft folds of the trench.
  • Team with a frock or a skirt.
  • Drop-crutch pants with a pair of brogues or sneakers.

The soft trench truly is the perfect and super stylish transeasonal piece.

Have you jumped on board the soft trench? Is this a piece that you could see yourself wearing?

Its Wednesday girls, so I’ll also be hanging out a Kimba’s place for Wardrobe Wednesday.



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  • Kirsty

    I love this Bev! Such a classic look but you look amazing! Love!!

    • Oh Kirsty I gasped when it landed in store – I was delighted…I just need the SE QLD weather to cool down a touch so I can wear it! xx

  • You can NEVER go wrong with a classic outfit like the one you are rocking – ever so gorgeously, I might add. x

    • Thanks Beauty xx I just knew this one would be coming home with me, the moment I laid eyes on it xx

  • Be still my heart… I’m a trench gal from way back, double it for the soft trench. I’m eyeing off a powder blue one at ASOS right now. But I might need this one too! You look uh-mayzing K x

    • Thanks so much beautiful, it really was a no-brainer purchase for me. It suits the classic side to my personality at the same time as exciting the hell out of me. Love the sound of powder blue trench too…I think the blue and caramel would happily sit side by side demanding to be worn at every opportunity! xx

  • I can totally see why you’re in love with that trench – DIVINE. Love the colour and how it will go with denim, black, white everything! I bought a Saba soft trench in the post xmas sales and am rather looking forward to the cooler weather. xox

    • How clever were you Wendy! I bet yours is stunning…I keep finding myself lusting after every one I see – even though I know I really don’t need another one! Thanks for the love darling xx

  • I have a grey jersey Josh Goot for Target soft trench which comes out every year. I love it! x

    You look gorgeous in this one and may just sway me to make another purchase! x

    • Ooooo, I love the sound of the grey – can’t wait to see you rocking yours!
      Trenches are so darn tempting at the moment – they also hide a multitude of sins on a lazy-ass day – which pleases me greatly xx Mwah

  • Samantha Keogh

    Aah yes, I have succumbed to the attraction of the soft trench. Bought the Sussan version. Hadn’t seen the CR one then. You look lovely in it. Great colour. Like V at SnS I admired the Sportscraft one too. So many soft trenches and so little time. le sigh! Have yet to wear it, what the extended Summer weather we are experiencing her in Qld. 36 degrees tomorrow! But thanks for the chic styling ideas. Heading interstate for a couple of weekends so I’m sure I can put it to good use then.

    • It’s a pleasure treasure. I was only talking about the Sussan one this morning, when one of their team popped in to do a touch of CR 25% off shopping in store. It’s delightful and I know you will really get your wear out of it…once the weather allows! xx

  • This looks absolutely stunning on you. Sportscraft have a gorgeous version available in navy and cream too which I’ve been eyeing off. I must try the CR on too now I’ve seen you in yours. Wish you worked at my local CR Bev! xxx

    • Oh V – I do too! I would love nothing more…hopefully one day soon we will shop up a storm together! I’ve not seen the Sportscraft Trench, but it sounds D I V I N E…decisions, decisions – can’t wait to see which one you go for xx

  • Gorgeous!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love this Bev so chic and I do love anything in a caramel hue,though I’m feeling for you having to wear new seasons fashions when it’s still sooo hot!I also am in agreement about the new styles of jeans,been there done that I will be sticking to my skinnies and my one pair of boyfriends.Thank you for sharing the A/W trends with us I must take my sweaty bod out and have a look Xx

    • Oh Lisa you have made me giggle. It’s still so boiling hot here too at the moment and some days all I want to wear is a lightweight sundress instead of jeans, boots and a sweater! I couldn’t resist this trench though – I will happily sweat my way through the day – all in the name of fashion of course! Mwah beautiful girl xx

  • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait

    LOVE this on you Bev!! Have been seeing them around, and wasn’t sure, but now you’ve convinced me to get one!! xx

    • Awww thanks so much darling. I was more than a little smitten when it arrived, so I just had to buy it! Mwah xx

  • I am partial to a soft trench, now which one will I choose. I just love the country road one on you Bev. Simply divine gorgeous lady. V x

    • Thanks so much beautiful. It was a trend I wasn’t prepared to pass by, I’ve always loved a trench coat – so couldn’t resist this one…Oh and don’t forget there is 25% off at CR until Sunday for all cardholders! xx

  • I’m sweating just thinking of sleeves – but it IS gorgeous on you, with that casual denim and neutral heel outfit, it’s perfect!

    • Thank the gods for aircon darling…although it’s definitely a piece worth sweating for! Mwah xx