Frockets (Frock with Pockets)

Firstly, anyone that follows me on Instagram already knows I’m more than a bit obsessed in love with pockets.

One of my lovely readers even created me my own # hashtag.


Maybe its time for me to seek help…

On second thoughts, Na – I’ve confessed the obsessive side to my personality before 😉

I just LOVE pockets.

Yes, I do.

If I try on a dress and it has pockets – Full. On. Game. Changer.

I have to buy it.

How pathetic does that sound?

But I’m serious.

It really is becoming an addiction.

Say Hello to the newest member of the frocket family (for the uninitiated, that’s a frock with pockets 😉 )

Frockets (Frock with Pockets)

Apologies for the big old grin – no wonder I have so many bloody wrinkles!

Shirt Dress $149.00 wearing a L (M tight pulled on the hip and thigh) | Aubrey Ankle Boot $199.00  both Country Road (CR have 25% off for cardholders starting today for 4 days).

When this dress arrived on the shop floor, I actually thought it was just another chambray shirt.

Nothing wrong with a chambray shirt lovelies – but CR is not shy in knocking them out, on a regular basis!

In the end, one just blends in to the other and they stop exciting me.

But then sometimes they go and pull a lovely surprise, by sending me something I just wasn’t expecting.

One of the girls said ‘this is a YOU dress Bev’ within a millisecond, she had my full attention.

‘Did you say dress?’

I dashed over to the rail and immediately melted, first words out of my mouth ‘it has pockets’.

BAM…I committed myself at that moment. Without even trying it on.

How could I not?

As I have said many times before, the lazy-ass in my personality adores dresses. Especially ones that skim and flatter my lumpy bits.

I also adore any shade of blue.

And Pockets – did I mention the pockets?

Seriously though, everything about this shirt dress is a winning combo for me.

I’m also working hard on developing my casual side for work just that bit more.

My casual comfort zone is jeans a tee, a jacket and heels or wedges. It’s been my go-to for as long as I can remember.

CR rarely do a casual jackets though, so most days I feel like I’m more dressed-up than I want to be.

This dress hits the spot though.

How to wear:

  • Chambray and tan are a match made in heaven. Flats, ankle boots and wedges would look bang-on.
  • Sneakers – perfect for that sports-luxe off duty look.
  • Leopard – does this need any further explanation?
  • Or how about wearing the dress kimono style as a layering piece? Just a thought.

Lets just briefly touch on the belt for a second.

Belted will work like a dream for lots of you.

It’s not for me though.

I did want to show it with and without the belt though. Even I can admit, that in the pics above the belt doesn’t look that bad but the minute I raised my arms the belt moved and made me look like a sack of spuds.

Rather than giving me shape, it cuts me off in the wrong places and emphasises my ample boobs!

Maybe a heavier belt would work better? Although without belt loops, it would probably just annoy the life out of me anyway 😉

So the big question of today is:

Do you share my love of pockets?

The frocket conversation started in earnest when I brought this Country Road Leopard Print number.

It seemed at the time, that more than a few of are with me on this one.

And I am full on delighted.

Pockets are yet another trend that we fashion obsessive loving types, can’t seem to get enough of.

When I think back, I realised this trend has been coming for a while…would you believe, that I even had wedding dresses with pockets in my boutique in England?

And that was over 5 years ago!

Jeez, pockets are amazing – agree or disagree? Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram pics #irismaylovespockets




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  • Anna

    You look beautiful in this dress, so stylish. Can I ask a personal question. How tall are you? I want to get this dress online and want to be sure about length. Thanks

    • Thank you so much Anna for the lovely compliment. I’m 5ft 8in which I think works out at 172cm – these dresses have sold so well. A great A/W go-to xx

  • angie

    oh they need you to model on the CR website Bev- they’ve styled this dress so badly, it looks great on you and terrible on the model! and why don’t CR models ever stand up straight! love the chambray dress!

    • Oh Angie thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face.
      I truly believe that in order to know if something is going to suit us, we need to see someone ‘real’ wearing it. Let’s be honest about this, woman 30+ are more likely to shop at CR, than a someone in their early twenties. I know this for a fact as my 22 year old wouldn’t dream of shopping at CR, if it wasn’t for me working there. So why not use a slightly older model that isn’t so tiny? Ok, rant over 😉 xx

  • You know I’m a sucker for pockets too, and chambray. Winner combination. You look gorgeous. Rachel x

    • Thanks lovely…I’m so with you on the pocket front – it can be make or break for me! xx Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday xx

  • I haven’t found my perfect match in a chambray shirt (yet), but I did find a fabulous chambray shirt dress at Target (by Dannii Minogue). Love it! And love this one too. x

    • You are just too lovely x
      I adore everything about the Dannii for Target range. Its about time the petite ranges started to gather momentum. There is a huge marketplace for short, regular and tall ranges, I continually struggle with getting pants and jeans long enough for my legs
      Can’t wait to see you in your dress beautiful xx

  • So with you on the Frockets Bev – its my new style rule to buy outfits with pockets. Because LEGO. You look fab as always. K x

    • Kate I adore your new style rule…especially if it kills two birds with one stone on the lego front – practical yet gorgeous mama style, Hoorah! xx Thanks for the love xx

  • That chambray colour is gorgeous on you!

    • Thanks gorgeous! I adore any shade of blue Kirralee – its always been a favourite xx

  • Lauren Roney

    you look fabulous (whats new), I love my chambray dress!! Totally a wardrobe must have

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Agree pockets just add something special to a dress I think,you look amazing in this dress Bev and your boots are gorgeous.I like the belt with the dress but I don’t do belts either as I have no waist and prefer the dress to be comfy,this will be a great piece for winter with tights too…..stunnning

    • To say I’m pocket obsessed at the moment Lisa is probably a total understatement. I’m drawn to them. And if said pockets, comes in the form of a dress – well Hello Heaven!
      This dress really is a keeper darling, I already know I will wear it to death for the next few months.
      Glad you love the boots too – Mwah xx

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    Pockets are amazing! Totally agree!

  • Love it! Obsessed with CR at the moment. Everything you wear is fabulous! Xx

    • How good is the new collection Dee? So many perfect pieces at the moment!
      Thanks so much for the love darling – you’re very kind xx

  • Love love love V x