Drop Crotch Pants – Bohemian Traders Style

Can I just take a moment to gush.

Best drop crotch pants ever.

Drop Crutch Pants - Bohemian Traders Style

Drop Crotch Pant in Black $129.00 Bohemian Traders (I’m wearing a S/10) Sheer Sleeve Blouse $129.00 Witchery (I’m wearing a 12)

The moment I saw these beauties on the Bohemian Traders website it was instant LOVE –  from then on, I just knew they had to be in my life.

Talking of Bohemian Traders –  have you had chance to look through all the treasures on the swanky new website?


I’ll take one of everything please 😉

Now, I must confess, I have never been one to shy away from a new trend – it’s not in my nature.

I brought my first pair of drop crotch pants form Country Road a couple of months ago and fell, hook, line and sinker.

Yes lovelies, I fell hard.

They didn’t frighten me. Instead they excited me.

Instantly, I could see lots of ways for me to style them.

The are effortless in their shape, as comfy as any pants I’ve ever worn and I believe, drop (pun intended) dead gorgeous to boot.

But before I go any further, lets just address the elephant in the imaginary room shall we?…Drop Crotch.

I know, I hear you, but please don’t let the name put you off though.

It’s just a name after all.

But they are a dream to wear.

I have heard them described as ‘nappy-ish’ – if I let my mind wander then yes, I can see how you might get there,

But they are also super stylish, when worn correctly.

Yes, that’s the key.

When I wear mine, I’m not trying to mimic how a 20-year-old would wear theirs.

Instead, I want them to be an extension of my style personality.

To be something that I’m excited to wear, without looking like a fashion try hard.

My style is classic.

So just by adding an understated nude blouse in a softer fabric, it lets the pants do their own thing.

The pant becomes the hero.

And that works perfectly for me.

Yes, it might take some time to adjust to wearing these pants and it goes without saying, they of course, won’t be for everyone.

Do you remember when jazzy elasticated pants came out?

Most people thought they could never wear them.

The same with skinny jeans.

Who would have thought nearly every woman the world over would love them, no matter what their shape or size?

They have become everyone’s go-to jean.

When a new style is released, its easy to just ignore it because it’s not something you could ever see yourself wearing.

But just remember, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that counts.

For me, this means the addition of a heel to balance out the bagginess of the pant.

Heels always work for me. They give me direction.

I always picture every outfit I’m lusting after with heels first – this is always my starting point.

Given the choice, I would always opt to dress up and not dress down anyday!

When you know your style well enough, it becomes easy to slip on the latest trend without having to change who you are.

But just because I’m showing these pants with heels, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a heel to pull them off.

Quite the contrary.

Many of the lovely CR girls carry theirs off with a flat sneaker and look the bees bloody knees.

I can’t though, it’s just not me.

The extra heel height is for me, my twist.

So add this piece (or similar) to your wardrobes girls, without fear of ridicule…or at the very least, don’t dismiss them until you’ve tried them.

I feel sure you won’t regret it.

Pssst before I go, if you still unsure if drop crotch pants are your thing, a look at the lovely Rachel Redcliffe Style or Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes rocking theirs – both different, both equally gorgeous.


Righto, over to you…Have you jumped on board the drop crotch train yet? Are you a fan? If so, tell where I can find my next pair from…well that’s the pair AFTER, I bagged the green ones from Bohemian Traders! 


So it’s that day of the week again – yep, you’ve guessed, head over Wardrobe Wednesday at Kimba Likes place to share the love with the girls.


Drop Crotch Pants – not gifted. Just loved x


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