Truthbomb: A Healthier Me

I’m committing to a healthier lifestyle…

I have thrown caution to the wind over the past couple of months.

Let me tell you, there have been extra glasses of wine and more nibbles than a girl needs in her life.

No excuses, just plain ole’ honesty…but, I if I had to analysis why I’ve been feeling like this, I guess it had something to do with feeling cheated out of Christmas.

Retail and Christmas are not a marriage made in heaven!

I’ve also kinda known that my holidays were coming. So instead of going on a crash diet to drop a couple of kilo’s in preparation – I’ve done the opposite.

A relaxed smugness took hold and my holiday wind down came in the form of enjoying myself – maybe just a tad too much!

Don’t worry, I’m not being too harsh on myself, I’m just being real and telling it like it is.

Looking back, I think I was trying to extend that holiday feeling…

Yes, I could blame work.

After all, my job is all-consuming.

Or should I say, I’ve been allowing my job to be all-consuming.

I hear you – Yes I know, it is only a frock shop.

But for some strange reason – retail is so bloody full on, its unbelievable.

Everyone who works retail feels the immense, all consuming pressure that comes with a retail management role.

Back in England I have had two business.

I(we) pushed very hard to be successful. I worked the hours and the rewards followed.

I can honestly say though, that my job now, is more stressful.

Working retail is bloody hard work.

So I’m cutting myself some slack.

I can’t change what’s been. But I am in control of tomorrow.

The last two and a bit weeks holiday, have given me lots of  thinking time. I realised just what is important to me.

What I want out of life.

I need to pull-back and re-focus.

Do you ever push too hard knowing it’s going to be darn difficult to walk the straight and narrow path again?

I know I can do it though.

Why? Because I want to.

Truthbomb: The Edge of Reason

A few weeks ago, one of my lovely readers sent me a beautiful email.

She gave me a much-needed talking too…it was after she read this post

She shared her life with me. She detailed how hard she had pushed, just because she was afraid to let anyone down.

That email alone changed my thought process completely.

Honestly. It was my wake up call.

Thank-you for caring enough to tell me your story gorgeous girl.

The email made me realise just how important I am.

It also made me realise just how much my family need me.

During my 2.5 weeks of refection time, I’ve also admitted to myself that it’s in my nature to give all of me.

I can’t help it. It’s just who I am.

So I’ve decided to put all that focus and commitment into making changes that will benefit my life.

A few years ago, when I was struggling with the death of my gorgeous Mum, I was lucky (yes lucky, no shame here) enough to be put under the care of a remarkable therapist.

Her name was Tracey and over a two-year period ( I saw her once or twice every single week) she helped me deal with my hidden demons.

She helped me deal with the loss of my babies – which I truly believed I had already dealt with.

The loss of my Mum and lots of other crap and health traumas that I had decided to bury deep down inside.

And of course my OCD.

One of the biggest things she taught me though, was that to survive I needed to learn to be selfish.

I had placed myself at the bottom of a very big pile.

Everyone’s needs came before mine.

I truly thought I was invisible.

Truthbomb: The Edge of Reason

So this is the first step for me to become healthier.

Don’t get me wrong, on the whole, I’m not in too bad a shape.

I’ve had a full check-up at the doctors and besides still recovering from the effects of my head injury, she recons I’m in pretty good condition.

I don’t have high blood pressure. My cholesterol is good.

Except for horrendous migraines, which are driving me crazy. I’m all good.

Because I work retail, there was no way I could start my New Years Resolution on January 1 – I was far too busy consuming copious amounts of alcohol, dreading the moment when my boss went on 3.5 weeks annual leave and I would be left holding the CR baby.

So instead I’m starting now. It’s not a resolution, it just a commitment to a healthier me.

First step:

  • Cutting out the nibbles.
  • Limiting wine to Friday Saturday and Sunday.
  • Joining a Yoga class.
  • Making sure I walk at least 10000 steps a day.

Guess what? I feel ready!

Did you over-indulge at Christmas time? Is a healthier you something you are focusing on? Are you kind to yourself?







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  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I am so pleased you are looking after yourself, it is definitely hard to get some me time and I always feel a bit selfish when I do so- however with my own Christmas indulgence and surgery I have put on 3kg and need to get it off again! Taking the time to recuperate was necessary though. However, now I am back in business and looking for foods that will sustain me throughout the day, as well as trying to limit my coffee. I only have wine on special occasions but I am guilty of the biscuit tin visit at 3pm!

    • Lauren you have such a fabulous figure but I understand that you would have noticed the 3 kgs being so petite. I’m glad to hear you have made a full recovery. Sneaking to the biscuit tin at 3pm sounds just fine as long as you limit yourself to just one or two…thanks for stopping by xx

  • allyson

    I wrote a long post then lost it… But yes can relate and I am also trying to be healthier. I don’t work retail so I find 10,000 steps, very hard to achieve, I need to improve this. Yoga I discovered a year ago and I love it. Yesterday I discovered, and I downloaded a class so I can do yoga at home

    • Allyson I’m so with you on the wine with pasta – Its criminal not to!
      Most people start their healthy lifestyles at the beginning of January, but I just wasn’t ready. I wanted my holiday. I needed time to kick back and relax – but now just feels right somehow.
      I will have a look at the website recommendation thank you so much – watch this space! xx

  • Yes retail can be so full on. I wish you well on your journey to a healthy lifestyle you need and want. I try to eat healthy most of the time and encourage my daughters to do so as well. Take care of you. V x

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl. I really appreciate you kindness and support – I’ll keep you posted on my journey xxx

  • Oh beautiful one, you’re not alone in your indulgences and wanting to get back on a (healthier) track. I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule (eat well 80% of the time and enjoy your 20% indulgent time), as well as doing regular exercise that you enjoy, drinking plenty of water, yoga and most importantly being kind to yourself. You have a support network here ready to be your cheerleaders. I’d shake my pom poms for you any day…! x

    • You have made me smile so much darling, thank you for agreeing to shake your pom poms for me…best thing ever!
      I agree with the 80/20 rule – if I’m honest though, over the past few months, I think I had been naughty 80% of the time. So now I’m ready to shift the balance back to something more acceptable and healthier. Really looking forward to starting yoga – I’m just trying to find a class that compliments my work schedule! Mwah xx

  • Petra

    What an honest post Bev. It’s all about timing tho’ isn’t it? The right time in your life to put the right things in place. One needs to be ready, armed with good advice, loving support and a strong will to make a change for the better. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress. xo P.S. Sorry to hear you’re still having those dreadful headaches – I assume they’ll pass in time?

    • Oh Petra thank you so much. Sometimes I’m not even sure where the words come from. I’m such a private person but for some reason I feel comfortable to share my most personal thoughts, when my fingers hit the keys. I’ve been on a roller coaster over the last few months of pushing two hard at life. I promise to keep you posted on my progress.
      With regards to the migraines, I’m unfortunately stuck with them for the moment. I now have special medication that I carry around with me at all times. At the first sign of a migraine (flashing lights in my eyes) I pop a wafer under my tongue and go straight to bed. Fingers crossed they will eventually become more manageable. xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Retail is such hard work babes I know ,I’ve done it and it’s not kind on your body at all.
    I am glad you are putting yourself first Bev it is your time ,and I understand what you mean about losing your Mum ,I think after the anniversary has passed I will talk to someone as I’m keeping all the feelings inside except when they leak out if you know what I mean,I tend to retreat into myself when something is wrong.
    Though I do eat healthily and don’t drink very often I have to learn to eat breakfast ,I know you should but I just have never been a breakfast person I will try harder.I wish you all the luck in the world on your new journey Bev and we must listen to our bodies Xxx

    • Lisa, I’m so happy to hear that you are considering talking to someone that can help you process your loss. When I was told (yes, I was made to see my therapist) by my GP in the UK that I either agreed to see a therapist or I would be hospitalised, I panicked. My first thought was ‘what would people think about me’. I can honestly tell you that Tracey saved my life. I was not in a good place at all. But after two solid years of hard work on her part, she supplied me with coping mechanisms to deal with my losses. Ways that are unique to me. Now when I think of my Mum I smile. I believe she truly is the wind beneath my wings and is never far away. xxx
      Ps. do try and eat some breaky, even something really small will kick-start your metabolism for the rest of the day. xx

  • Sandra

    Bec, I lost my dear Mum in July 2013, within three months I’d put on 14kg which I still carry…I’m also lucky enough to have a wonderful therapist and have discovered Yoga…
    I am finally clear headed enough to decide that I need to do something differently to get healthy again…I’ve just registered to do a 60km walk in October (the weekend to end women’s cancer)
    Thanks for sharing so openly. x

    • Oh Sandra I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum – please don’t even think about those extra kilo’s, because they will fall off as soon as the time is right for you. It’s still very early days. The most important thing for you now, is allowing yourself the time to grieve. It sounds like you have found a fabulous support person to help you through the process. It took well over a year of therapy for me to even consider talking about my Mum – these days I just smile when I think of her, because I feel she is never far away – I just can’t see her.
      P.s. I’m sure your Mum would be so proud to know you have registered for the walk in October -You go girl! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Retail can suck the life out of you, I did it for over 20 years but no more. I too had a burnout and saw a doctor and one of the first things she said to me was “why did you let them do it”…meaning allowing my national managers to keep loading me up. I was a bit gobsmacked at first but then she said ‘you, you gave your power away by not saying no”. It’s always stuck with me and I now know we create our own reality by not setting boundaries and not valuing ourselves enough. Good on you Bev for recognising that and taking small achievable steps towards change. Oh and Yoga is awesome, the biggest game changer in health for me x

    • Thanks Jenni – you’re so right, retail really does suck the life out of you…I’ve really woken up to putting me first from now on. I do enjoy my job, but my health is way more important than a frock shop. Small steps I know, but they are steps in the right direction to making bigger changes in my (our) future.
      I hear many people talk so positively about yoga that I think its time I gave it a go – I keep you posted! xx

  • Gabrielle

    What a wonderful post! Go you, yay Bev! It’s a bit like that airplane analogy… have to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help anyone else. Something we women always seem to feel guilty about, which is just crazy. I predict you’ll love the yoga. My husband has come to understand that supporting my need for regular yoga directly affects the chances of him waking up whole, rather than with an axe buried in his forehead. Namaste.

    • One day can I sit down and share a glass or two with you?…I have just spat (I know, not at all lady-like but very honest) my orange juice all over my keyboard – you truly make me smile!
      Please write a book – you’re hilarious, super gorgeous and always offer your fabulous pearls of wisdom at the exact time I need them xxx