My Work Wardrobe: The Jeggings Edit

Let me just say…

Work is not on ma’ mind. No Siree. Not one bit.

Last Thursday night at 9pm, I ran from the store with reckless abandon – you guessed right, I don’t partake in running, but I like the visual picture that running and reckless abandon create 😉

I’m loving being time rich for a change.

Reconnecting my devotion to my bed and dreaming of being away next week…all without a care in the world.

Pure guilt-free bliss.

Yesterday, I even popped (yes, popped – I even have time to be spontaneous) to the city to see Beckie, for some pre-interview shopping for her.

We didn’t end up getting anything in the end (her wardrobe is bursting at the seams) for her Clerkship interview today. But it was so wonderful having the time to catch-up and touch base with my baby-girl.

If you live in Brisbane, I’m sure you will have already tried the Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe.

The place has such a laid-back, rustic vibe with totally delicious grub available – you can even do a touch of shopping while you’re there.

She knows all the best places!

Anyway, even though I’m positively giddy with the excitement of not working, I’m also desperate to give you the heads-up about the new CR jeggings I grabbed before I left for my hols last week.

The gorgeous Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans had already tipped me off about these babies, in this post. They hadn’t even arrived in my store when Vanessa blogged about them (she is a fabulous ambassador for the CR jegging). So I set about diligently monitoring every single box that arrived on delivery, as if my life depended on it!

I can’t bear missing out 😉

My Work Wardrobe: CR Jeggings

Mid rise Jegging wearing a 12 in Vintage Wash $99.95  |  Silk Spliced Tunic Wearing M $149.00 (both Country Road)  |  Necklace Angel and Minx  | Shoes  Witchery a few seasons ago.

“But why the panic I hear you say”

These jeggings are simply divine. And they always disappear off the shelves quicker than beer from a free-bar.

So I just knew, I had to nab a pair before I left.

Sizing: I brought at 12 and they fit well (usually you can size-down in these mid-rise jeggings – not sure if CR have used a slightly different fabric this time, but I don’t think it’s as stretchy – or maybe its just my fat ass).

All I can say for sure is, there is no way I could go any smaller.

What I love most about these babies though (besides the comfort) is the colour.

Antique wash. The perfect shade of blue to wear now, without looking too wintry.

Now, lets just take a moment to talk about this top, shall we?

Merino wool at the front and silk at the back.

Side note: I struggle wearing wool next to my skin.  This however is soft and completely non-itchy. I promise!

It’s spliced at the sides which adds an edgy point of difference. It also turns this tunic into a top that is bursting with opportunities to be worn.

Great with jeans but also amazing with a wide leg pant.

Casual or Smart – this top is a winner.

Pair it back with white, grey, blue and camel for understated elegance and classic chic.

Insider Info…this top completely sold out in store within 2 days of arriving.

Always as good sign!

Right girls, over to you…are you a fan of the jegging? Have you tried the CR ones? Or fly the flag on where you brought you favourites from

I’m linking up with the gorgeous Kimba Likes for Wardrobe Wednesday




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