My Work Wardrobe: The Jeggings Edit

Let me just say…

Work is not on ma’ mind. No Siree. Not one bit.

Last Thursday night at 9pm, I ran from the store with reckless abandon – you guessed right, I don’t partake in running, but I like the visual picture that running and reckless abandon create 😉

I’m loving being time rich for a change.

Reconnecting my devotion to my bed and dreaming of being away next week…all without a care in the world.

Pure guilt-free bliss.

Yesterday, I even popped (yes, popped – I even have time to be spontaneous) to the city to see Beckie, for some pre-interview shopping for her.

We didn’t end up getting anything in the end (her wardrobe is bursting at the seams) for her Clerkship interview today. But it was so wonderful having the time to catch-up and touch base with my baby-girl.

If you live in Brisbane, I’m sure you will have already tried the Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe.

The place has such a laid-back, rustic vibe with totally delicious grub available – you can even do a touch of shopping while you’re there.

She knows all the best places!

Anyway, even though I’m positively giddy with the excitement of not working, I’m also desperate to give you the heads-up about the new CR jeggings I grabbed before I left for my hols last week.

The gorgeous Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans had already tipped me off about these babies, in this post. They hadn’t even arrived in my store when Vanessa blogged about them (she is a fabulous ambassador for the CR jegging). So I set about diligently monitoring every single box that arrived on delivery, as if my life depended on it!

I can’t bear missing out 😉

My Work Wardrobe: CR Jeggings

Mid rise Jegging wearing a 12 in Vintage Wash $99.95  |  Silk Spliced Tunic Wearing M $149.00 (both Country Road)  |  Necklace Angel and Minx  | Shoes  Witchery a few seasons ago.

“But why the panic I hear you say”

These jeggings are simply divine. And they always disappear off the shelves quicker than beer from a free-bar.

So I just knew, I had to nab a pair before I left.

Sizing: I brought at 12 and they fit well (usually you can size-down in these mid-rise jeggings – not sure if CR have used a slightly different fabric this time, but I don’t think it’s as stretchy – or maybe its just my fat ass).

All I can say for sure is, there is no way I could go any smaller.

What I love most about these babies though (besides the comfort) is the colour.

Antique wash. The perfect shade of blue to wear now, without looking too wintry.

Now, lets just take a moment to talk about this top, shall we?

Merino wool at the front and silk at the back.

Side note: I struggle wearing wool next to my skin.  This however is soft and completely non-itchy. I promise!

It’s spliced at the sides which adds an edgy point of difference. It also turns this tunic into a top that is bursting with opportunities to be worn.

Great with jeans but also amazing with a wide leg pant.

Casual or Smart – this top is a winner.

Pair it back with white, grey, blue and camel for understated elegance and classic chic.

Insider Info…this top completely sold out in store within 2 days of arriving.

Always as good sign!

Right girls, over to you…are you a fan of the jegging? Have you tried the CR ones? Or fly the flag on where you brought you favourites from

I’m linking up with the gorgeous Kimba Likes for Wardrobe Wednesday




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  • I love jeggings. I’m up for anything comfortable and still slightly sexy so this combination is so up my alley. You look great!

    • Oh thank you so much May – you’re so right, comfortable can be sexy too! xx

  • My thighs usually shudder at the thought of jeggings… but your pins look FAB in these so I might just have to give these babies a whirl! x K

    • You have a fabulous figure Kate! You nail every single outfit – so I already know you would rock these jeggings xxx

  • You don’t have a fat ass. Those jeggings are amazing. You always look amazing!

    • It is pretty big Bec…I’m just know how to disguise it! Thank you so much for the lovely lovely comment xx

  • Lauren Roney

    you are so hot, nothing else to say xx

    • Awwww…and you’re so lovely! Thanks for making me smile from ear to ear! xx

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    I love wearing jeggings with long tops in A/W. I might have to pay a visit to CR quick smart!

    • Jeggings are my go-to winter piece Ingrid. Like you, I love them with a long top or jumpers (although, the jumpers have tone lightweight here in SE QLD). The new drops at CR have been fabulous so far! xx

  • The jeggings look great on you. Maybe it’s because I have an apple shape (ie a bit of a tummy) but I find jeggings that fit me properly in the butt and legs are so firm on my tummy, I end up with a huge belly ache.

    • Thanks so much Janet…I can understand what you mean, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable around your tummy! xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    Might have to hunt these down- the jeggings I have in my wardrobe currently have elastic backs and they always make my tuncis pucker and gather at the back so that my tops hitch up.

    • These ones sit beautifully under everything Lauren. They would look amazing on your fabulous figure! xx

  • I may have to take a look at both pieces Bev. You are looking fabulous. V x

    • Oh thanks V. These jeggings really are a staple for A/W – And the jumper, well it was a love at first sight moment for me xx

  • Can’t wait for the season to turn and start wearing cool weather clothes again. You look beyond fabulous xx

    • You are just too gorgeous. Thanks darling.
      Like you I’m more than ready to mix it up a little bit now! xx

  • Glamour on the Go

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I just love your style and your look xxx

    • Thank you so so much! This one was a bit of a no brainer for me and my classic style personality xx

  • Michelle

    I’ve always been too nervous to try a jegging but these look amazing on you! Think I might be visiting my CR store ASAP. Love the top too…gees, wasn’t going to buy clothes this month!!

    • EVERYONE can wear these jeggings Michelle. Just a hint…when you first try them on, you may think they are too small. Don’t give up just keep going. They really are the most comfortable piece and look great layered with a long top or shirt as well. Let me know how you get on! xx

      • Michelle

        Tried them on today…I’m in love and want a pair in each colour! The store I was in didn’t have the vintage wash in my size so I’m off to my second local tomorrow to get them. The black is next on my list. I love the top too…poor credit card! Thanks Bev x

  • Jegging perfection Bev. I bought those in black last winter and could not believe the comfort factor. Then last weekend I headed to CR with my mum for some bday purchases and of course I bought the vintage wash!!! I also got the most beautiful classic white shirt and grey short sleeved jumper. Bring on winter!! Thank you for the inspiration xo

    • Oh I’m so delighted you got them! There are so many classic pieces in store at the moment. I’m loving the new collection. How cool will your new shirt look layered with the jumper and jeggings – DIVINE! Mwah xx

  • Oh these pants are divine! The perfect dark denim colour and such a flattering gorgeous shape!
    Enjoy your much deserved holidays Lovely.

    • They so are Claire. Such a great autumnal piece that can still work with cuffed with a tee and brogues/slides on a late summers evening xx Ps.I’m loving doing absolutely nothing! xx

  • Gabrielle

    Thighs? What thighs? You look positively lean of leg and just lovely. Jeggings have gone on my to buy list. Don’t suppose they make them in midget sizes, for those of us not blessed with your long legs? Enjoy your down time and resist the temptation to “get stuff done.” Rest. Relax. Breathe. Great to see you’re taking your commitment to work life balance seriously! Xx

    • I thought you would be proud of me! I am seriously loving doing nothing or in fact just doing the things I feel like doing. No make-up days are also blissful (I didn’t wear any make-up for the images on this post).Thank-you so much for caring enough to make me stand up and listen xx
      On a lighter note, lets talk about the jeggings and how truly gorgeous your figure is – yes, all in the same sentence! Seriously love this pic of you.Cuff the jeggings (so wish I could do this with these ones) – they will look amazing on you and your perfectly balanced figure! xx

  • I love this outfit – head to toe. Perfection! x

  • Love, love, love this look. Adore the colour as well.

    • Thanks sweetness! Blue is by far my favourite colour – especially if warm with camel or brown xx

  • Petra

    Lovely “jeggings” on you – you suit them. Lovely shade of blue. I find myself wearing tights/leggings in winter with tunics or nice long jumpers (now that I’m in Melbourne!). I prefer the thin stretchiness of tights. Happy holidays Bev! xo

    • Petra

      Oh, forgot to say, that necklace looks AWESOME with the top!

      • Thanks so much darling xx
        I adore my leggings and tights too – anything that offers me coverage and comfort always gets my vote! I’ve probably already told you but I was lucky enough to win the necklace on a Instagram giveaway – I was chuffed to bits! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning in this outfit you gorgeous woman and that’s a big yes from me about a jegging or any pant that is comfy,these days I’m built for comfort not speed

    • Thank so much beautiful – you are so lovely to me.
      Jeggings really are the best invention…look like jeans without the discomfort – winner!
      These CR ones don’t feel the same as the one they released last year – I prefer these ones for me, but the others were a huge success and adored by everyone that tried them on.
      How darn humid is it still? (although here we’re having lots of much needed rain at the moment) but its still far to warm to sweat like a proverbial pig, all in the name of fashion!
      I’m also with you on cashmere darling- such a beautiful yarn…i always look for a cashmere mix, which is a lot more budget friendly! xxx Mwah