My Work Wardrobe: Leopard Print Dress

Last Friday night when I posted my very late IG pic, I was wearing this new frock and supporting a rather fancy Sauvy B, I might add – delightful little number it was!

My Work Wardrobe CR Leopard

Leopard Print Dress $179.00  |  Shoes: Tatiana from Nine West $139.95 (Christmas present from my girl)  |  Sunnies  Witchery (recent)

The Leopard Print dress was from Country Road.

I know, CR and leopard in the same sentence – well I’ll be damned!

It’s part of the new season arrival.

Quick side note: This new drop of clothes is exceptional. Really focused and bang on trend. There is a lot to love. All of the staff at Maroochydore are so impressed with the key pieces.

Yes, of course, it goes without saying that the staples are still there. The everyday wear that CR is well-known for, but the show-ponies? Darn brilliant.

Even though we are a beach store  (and the temps have been souring) – we have sold through on most of the main pieces, toot-suite!

How did we manage it? The staff all brought & wore the pieces – thank god for aircon eh?

Customers really do appreciate seeing the staff rocking the product.

Gorgeous new fabrics and prints, that truly get my vote.

Righto, back to this little number

On the hanger the leopard print frock is super-easy to pass by.

It’s content to just be. Which means it can easily be missed.

To be honest, I’m ok with that.

Our job in store is to be open-minded. To look at every piece that arrives on delivery, as an opportunity.

An opportunity to help someone find the perfect outfit to add to their wardrobe.

If we as staff, dismiss pieces because we don’t think they are us – it makes us blinked.

So I try to look at every single item with fresh eyes.

Even before this frock had been merchandised, I popped it on over another dress that I was wearing…front fastening poppers made this possible.


I also knew it was a winner.

It’s just the perfect transeasonal piece.

The fabric is lightweight enough to wear now, but it has that Autumal vibe that fits well in in the new collection.

If like me, you bow to St. Monochrome – prints might not be high on your fashion radar.

But even the classic monochrome wardrobe needs a splash of print and a touch of colour.

This shirt-style dress would be the perfect addition to a conservative wardrobe too.

It has a bit of everything, and not too much of one thing.

I will also wear this dress as a kimono style cape, worn open over jeans and a tee.

The print is gorgeous (what’s not to love about leopard?) but there is something way more important that rocks my world.


Please, please say you are with me on this?

I have always ADORED dresses – they are after all the one-piece lazy ass girl essential.

I see a new dress and I just know. I know that it’s just me.

But give me a dress with a  pocket and its love.

One of the first things I said when I put the dress on was ‘it’s got pockets – I have to get it’.

It came home with me that very night.

I was so excited to wear it, I didn’t even wait to post it on the blog.

I just couldn’t resist!

Before I go, let’s just mention one of the gorgeous girls that I’ve got to know and love on Instagram.

Her account name is @perthbargaingal – aka Lisa – she is funny and always makes me smile.

Anyway,  this beautiful soul has created a new #(hashtag) just for me!

Lisa I feel extremely lucky 😀


I would love to see every outfit you post that has pockets. Use the # everytime you post with pockets – shorts, dresses pants – anything you love with pockets!

My pledge: I promise to check the hashtag daily and my favourite outfits will be posted once a week.

I might even throw in the odd prize…watch this space beauties!

Does a dress with pockets float your fashion boat? Are you as obsessed with pockets as I am?

Happy Hump Day lovelies – I’m linking up with the effervescent Kimbalikes today for Wardrobe Wednesday




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