My Skin: The Basics.

This is the part-two edit of My Skin posts…I kinda did them back to front – for some strange reason I started with primers 😉

My Skin: The Basics

Now, I get asked all the time about what I’m using on my 50+yr-old skin?

This shocks me.

Because, all I see when I look in the mirror, is dry skin and wrinkles.

I do however appreciate that other people will see me differently – we are after all, our own worst critics.

These days I mostly have my beauty routine down pat.

I like that I now know my skin well – it means I can still trial new products without causing too much damage to the balance.

Before I go any further though, you need to know my skin is extremely dry.

You know what dryness equals don’t you? Even more bloody wrinkles.

More than a 50-year-old should have to deal with, if you ask me!

To add insult to injury, in times of stress my skin is also tormented by psoriasis which makes my skin sensitive, sore to touch and not very attractive to look at.

So what works on my skin, might not necessarily work on yours.

Finding the right products can be costly and very much a trail and error process.

My belief is simple, if a skin care company believes their product is good, they will happily give you a sample.

Buying skin care means building a relationship between you and the company you are investing in – this step is through the consultant.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask to try before you buy. Because it you’re happy with the product/service you’re more than likely to return and share your positive thoughts about the brand.

But, before I go any further, its important that we are all on the same page when it comes to topical products.

No matter how loud skin care companies shout, we all know that topical products can only do so much.

In saying that, I am a product whore – seriously I am.

My skin takes some looking after and the right skin care is a top priority for me. I’m also a realist though and I don’t expect a topical product to work a miracle.

If my products offer me a high level of (non-greasy) moisture and supple skin without any reaction – I’m a happy bunny.

After that, Botox does the rest. I top up my Botox on a regular basis.

I do it Just. For. Me.

You can read about my Botox journey here.

When I have my Botox injections, I only ever ask for a natural look.

If you are considering Botox, at the very least do your research.

Go to someone with a good reputation – after all, you’re far too precious to have inferiour products injected into your system.

The other culprit along with dry skin for causing wrinkles is sun damage.

At this point you probably want to curl over giggling as dear old Blighty doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to summer and sunshine. They’re often words not used in the same sentence.

Although, as a child of the sixties I can remember glorious day of continual sun – without a bottle of sun protection in sight.

Yes, we all got burnt. Damage was done.

Then Bergasol, Ambre Solaire and Piz Buin came to the rescue…well not sure you could really call factor 2 the rescue, but it was way better than nothing.

Even after everything I have put my skin through, I have been told it’s in pretty good nick – I’m happy with that.

So here’s what I get up to on a daily basis in the skin dept.

My Skin: The Basics

Cleansing Routine:

I’m obsessed by clean skin. Stat.

Cleansing your skin of the days make-up and general grime, is super important to me. I love the feeling of squeaky clean skin.

It’s also a step that I used to ignore – because I’m a lazy-ass, especially when it comes to my daily-date with the other love in my life – my bed.

Grumpy Mumma Bear has nothing on me 😉

Every night I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (link to Priceline) – I love this stuff  (oops forgot to photograph this).

Every morning in the shower, I either use my Clarisonic Mia (link to Adore Beauty) with my Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Lotion (link to Adore) or I will use the cleanser on its own. I also use a scrub every couple of days to remove the dead skin, for a brighter complexion.


How did I ever cope without serum?

At the moment I’m using Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (Adore Beauty) or Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

I have also just trialled Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum which I loved (will probably buy this one next time) and Medik8 Hydr8 Skin Rehydration Serum – this was also fabulous.


My daily moisturiser can change depending on the season. This summer I have tried Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance for the first time – this has worked well, but I think I prefer Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair which I used before.

Both offer a hit of moisture, but I feel the Super Rich Repair kept my skin supple for the whole day.

Night Cream:

Some nights I use Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (link to Priceline) just on its own.

I always replace this when I run out.

My skin likes it…I only tend to use it on the evening before a hair wash day though, because I don’t like what the oily-ness does to my fringe!

One other thing I am totally committed to, is water.

I don’t drink tea or coffee – I know, how can I possible live in Australia without loving Coffee eh?

So,water is naturally a big part of my life.

Skin loves water – so I’m guessing this helps heaps too!

What’s your skin care routine like? Are you a stickler or a lazy-ass?




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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    It’s so good that you’ve found a routine that works for you, I must say your skin looks fab from what I can see. It’s obvious you make such a good effort to look after it. I totally understand what you say about the sun issue…it is the worst ageing factor. As the sun in the UK is so intermittent, many of us baked when it was out making up for lost time. It really is so unhealthy! I change my skincare frequently as I find seasons affect my skin in different ways. Rosehip is amazing as is Bio Oil although many hate that due to the petrochemicals, but it does aid skin repair. Great post! x

    • You’re so right Nat with regards to us Brits refusing to move if the sun popped out for a second.
      I’m so careful with sun on my face now. I always wear SPF 50 and make sure I’m wearing a hat too. I really do look after my skin, but the damage was done years ago. So now I try my best to keep up a routine that works and keeps the dryness at bay. But like you, I’m also forever changing my products. Being such a beauty junkie I can’t resist trying new that promises my eternal youth!
      You’re skin is divine…can’t wait to meet you soon xx

  • Cheryl

    I love your thoughts about samples. I’ve just given away about $100+ worth of Dermalogica because it brought me out in a rash – I can only imagine the money I’ve wasted over the years on stuff I couldn’t use! Sadly, I still use the same moisturiser that I started using at 18. Clinique. I move away … and go back. It is literally the only one I’ve found that NEVER upsets my skin. Unfortunately, my skin is no longer 18 … and I don’t think it does the job it used to! But samples? Yes I really like that idea. Thanks Bev!

    • Cheryl I’m with you on the money side of things. I’ve wasted so much money over the years, dashing out to buy a product that has just been launched. Thinking I must have it, because its promising me eternal youth…only to find it brings me out in a severe case of hives! Stick with the Clinique, but if you do stray, any company worth their salt will give you samples. If not walk away, knowing they don’t believe you’ll return once you have tried it! xx

  • Petra

    Your routine sounds good Bev. I’ve used nearly everything re skin care – Ella Bache, Clarins, and all the gorgeous “natural” ones too – but the one I stick to most is plain old Oil of Olay (Ulan), and that’s possibly because my mum (who is 84 with beautiful English skin) has always used it. I like the smell (reminds me of my childhood watching mum put the cream on), and the creamy texture and how it feels on my skin – I liberally put it on every morning, then a BB cream. And that’s it. Nothing at night. Now that’s lazy!!!!!

    • Petra I adore that you use Oil of Olay. My Mum always loved this too. I also love that you can see the benefit of how beautiful your Mum’s skin is a result. Stick with it I say! Unfortunately it makes my skin burn and break out in a rash…Like you I remember watching my Mum putting it on. When she wasn’t looking I would sneak a bit for me. she always found out though when my face red and itchy!
      I’m also totally envious that you don’t need anything on your skin at night…I have to start getting ready for bed about 30 minutes before I lie down, applying all of my lotions and potions! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I use Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser and Garnier Micellar cleansing water ,once a week I use Dermalogica micro exfoliant and I also use a serum by Sukin it’s a tad watery I’m finding ,I must try the Dermalogica one,rose hip oil not everyday as my skin is super sensitive and fine and my favourite barrier repair by Dermalogica and an under eye cream.I’m not sure the eye cream does a lot Bev but I can’t go without it ,I have been using an eye cream for about 20years now.I’m a tad lazy but can’t use wipes as I get a rash but I love my skin cleansed and moisturised.Your skin always looks lovely gorgeous girl and I did the sun baking thing as well

    • Like you, I’m loving Dermalogica – the products do the job without any nasty reactions, which is especially important for sensitive skin. Eye creams don’t really float my boat any more (especially since I’ve had Botox). So I just lather whatever moisuriser I’m using on my face, straight across my eyes. It’s funny but even when I’m given an eye cream to try, I always forget to use it!
      Thanks for the love gorgeous girl, you’re a star! xx

  • I really need a new routine because what was working for me, isn’t at the moment. I’ve used Dermalogica previously with good results, I might need to revisit this brand. I also have three teen daughters all with different skin, which has our makeup/skincare bathroom cupboard bursting with products at the moment.

    • Raychael, your cabinets must be fit to burst with 4 lots of skincare!
      When I did my 5 day juice cleanse, my skin had a mini-meltdown for the first three days. After that I was left with a fabulous glow. I’m loving Dermalogica at the moment – if you do go back to it, get some advice and try some samples because our skin is forever changing. xx

  • Yes I am lazy but committed to my skins regime. I have just started using Go-To Skincare and I just love it. I will have a review on my blog soon. I have used Dermaologica and I just love their products. Thank you for sharing. V x

    • V, I’ve not used the Go-To range yet, so I can’t wait to read your review…it will be one more range to add to my already, very long wish-list! xx