My Skin: Primer Time

I have decided to start a two-part edit about my skin and what I use on a daily basis.  For some strange reason though, I have started back to front if you like…I was just researching primers online as mine is about to run out.

So would you mind bearing with me gorgeous gals? Primers first, skin care routine second! Fingers crossed, it will all make sense in the end… 😉

Primers for the face; are as important to your foundation longevity, as supporting underwear is to a form-fitting frock.


They smooth, flatter and conceal, ensuring flawless foundation application.

It’s pretty darn pointless investing in the best outer-wear money can buy, if the products underneath are lacking or nonexistent.

Yes, my lovelies, unfortunately, its true.

So don’t be annoyed, if the fabulous new foundation you were talked into buying, slips off your face quicker than Usain Bolt out of the starting blocks.

Because foundation is just the top layer – what goes on underneath said foundation is equally (if not more) important.

Righto, its time I entered the confessional booth (no I’m not Catholic)…

I used to believe primers were a load of old tut.

Just another way for big brands to entice us to part with our hard-earned wonga.

But, in retrospect, I must confess I was wrong.

I was always the first to complain if my face looked too shiny on pics. Or by the end of a full day at work, I had little to no foundation left on my face.

Yes, like anyone in denial, I always blamed the foundation/brand.

As my skin began to age though, I had to start taking responsibility.

I began to realise the importance of every product in my beauty arsenal – If they are good enough to lust after and purchase, then they should be earning their keep – otherwise get rid of them.

Harsh? Yep. True? Of course!

When I am about to buy anything new. I always do my research.

Hence this post…my primer(s) are running low!

Did you notice I used primers in the plural sense?

Yes, depending on the job in hand, I choose the right product.

I have six, (yes, I know – it’s excessive – blame my OCD) but only three of those I would recommend and rotate on a daily basis.

I reach for the one that will cover what me skin needs that day.

My favourites: 

My Skin: Primer Time

Dermalogica Age Smart skinperfect primer $67.00 (but shop around, there are always good deals to be found)

Why is this in my top three?

  • spf 30 in a primer? yes please.
  • slight tint means it can be worn alone.
  • enhances luminosity.
  • contains peptides.
  • make-up stays put all day long – no need to touch up, even in SE QLD!
  • perfect for older skin.

Nikki Styling You included this as one of her top beauty products for 2014, make-up review. That was enough to spark my interest.

My Skin: Primer Time

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer $69.00 (Mecca Cosmetica).


  • feels like velvet on the skin.
  • spf 15.
  • restores moisture.
  • oil-free and make-up stays in place all day.
  • diminishes the appearance of fine lines.
  • suitable for all skin types.

Barbe Fashionista in Suburbia  really knows her stuff about beauty. She talked about how much she loved this product on her blog.

So guess what? I had to buy it.

Well, I trust the girl!

My skin: Primer Time

Porefessional by Benefit $53.00 (Adore Beauty)


  • minimises pores.
  • blurs imperfections.
  • fabulous staying power.
  • oil free.
  • glides on.

Basically, I would buy all three again. No questions. I love them all.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no guru, I will never stop making mistakes when it comes to purchasing beauty products.

Yes, sense still slips out of the window when a new product promising me the earth is launched – instant panic sets in, and I feel compelled to buy it.

My name is Bev and I am a beauty whore  😉

I am getting better though.

Here’s the thing.

You truly don’t need to rush out and buy every new product that promises you eternal youth.

Just wait for a blogger to do a review I say.

The bloggers I know and love, are all very honest with their readers.

Most are sent new release products for free.

Be rest assured. If they like the product, they’ll be sure to tell you, if its worth buying or not.

So come on, hit me with your primer suggestions. Do you wear primer? If so, what’s your favourite brand and why?

All products were purchased by me. 



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  • Jan Wild

    Currently visiting Queensland from Victoria and just knew I would need a primer for this climate. I am using the Revlon Photoready Primer and find it certainly makes sure humidity does not cause my face to ‘fall off’. I am finding a bit drying however.

    • Jan, I’ve tried the Revlon Photoready and I had the same problem. The Hourglass one acts as a true moisture barrier which is why I love it so much. I also heard great things about the Smashbox primer too – which is said to work extremely well for dryer skin xx Hope you’re having a lovely time visiting tropical QLD xx

  • Ella Spurling

    Hi Bev, my beautiful friend Avin who is make up queen has recently switched primers from Napolean to Kiehls

    • You have such amazing skin darling, I’m sure it doesn’t need any help in the primer dept.
      Thanks for the intel – I’ve added Kiehl’s Micro Blur to the notes in my phone. Which means its a given! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I have been using primer for quite a good few years Bev and my favourites are the Dermalogica one and the NP set one,the cheaper one you can get from target.I honestly have tried a few and the Chanel one is not worth the money(I got it as a gift) thinking it would be a miracle cream but it wasn’t.
    My tip with primer is to apply after my Dermalogica moisturiser and make the bed while its drying and I put on a spritz of Austalis makeup finishing spritz after I’ve finished my makeup ,it helps with the sliding off babes but not on the really sticky days….great post we all need primer except for the young and flawless

    • I still need to try the NP Set primer (there are so many on the market that everyone loves). And because it suits your skin, I will definitely give it a try. I think our skin is quite similar by the sounds of it! The Hourglass one is like velvet. It feels the best by far when you apply it.
      Like you, I try to leave it for a couple of minutes to dry…but more often than not, I’m so late for work that I just slap my foundation straight on…oh to be young with flawless skin again darling! xxx

  • Oh my goodness yes, I just couldn’t live without a primer! I’ve been using Benefit’s The Porefessional of late and absolutely love it. It will definitely be a repeat purchase for me. x

    • I’ve just introduced Beckie to Porefessional and she was instantly hooked. She used to swear by Auto Pilot by Napoleon Perdis and the Arbonne primer too, but she has firmly moved over to the Benefit camp! xx

  • I know practically nothing about makeup – perhaps I should give a primer a go and will take the tip from @disqus_Awprvq70TX:disqus and try the cheap ass version first

    • Do try the Elf one. I’ve seen lots of fabulous reviews about the primer. I for one, will be giving it a whirl. xx

  • Kathryn

    Hi Bev….I have all these, also another Benefit one. I can’t remember the name of it but it has been around for ages. (I’m in Brisbane taking Dad for day surgery) It might be ‘Stay’ something or rather – another middle aged moment haha! x

    • Kathryn

      It’s Stay Matte haha I had to google it, I have tried That Gal too. I think the Hourglass is probably the best of the pricey ones, but I like Stay Matte. Will try the Elf one that Poppy mentioned too.

      • Saw your poor Dad on IG – hope he is not too sore today?
        The Hourglass primer is gorgeous, I love it too. It’s one that I will always keep around. It makes my skin feel soft and supple and it has great staying power. Like you I’ll also try the Elf one, Barbe (Fashionista in Suburbia) swears by Elf products – so its just the push I need to give it a try xxx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I just started using a Mary Kay one and have noticed a huge difference! Before that I was using an Avon one but was not a fan of the texture.

    • I’ve not tried either one of the ones you’ve mentioned Lauren. I know that Kimba loves Mary Kay too. We are so lucky to have such fabulous products at our disposal that really do earn their keep on the staying power stakes! xx

  • Poppy

    I have nine primers on the go at the moment. None of the ones that you have reviewed. My absolute favourite is the elf, cheap as chips from Kmart and full of dimethicone which gives it its ‘slip’. My best tip though is to mix it with the foundation. Nearly pore less appearance and saves a step in the make up routine. I reviewed them recently on my blog,

    • Wow, Poppy you have more on the go than me. I’ve heard some fabulous reports about the Elf primer – this will definitely be next on my hit list! I sometimes mix (often when I have forgotten to put on my primer and find myself with foundation that needs sorting on my face).
      Great tip though. I will head over to your place and check your out your post! xx