Me and My Girl: The Hair Edition.

Gosh, I love my girl.

Me and My Girl: The Hair Edition

But I don’t think I’ve ever told you, how much we  sometimes clash.

Yes. We. Do.

We can go weeks without a cross word.  Just happily loving each other.

Enjoying nattering about the trivia of everyday life – bare minimum is twice a day.

We share each others highs and lows.

I know I’ve already told you before, how blessed I feel, to be the first person she calls when anything happens in her life.

Yes, we discuss most things.

She is 22 and of course it goes without saying, there are some things she needs to keep to herself.  She needs her privacy.

We are best mates and our love for one another, holds no boundaries.

I would lie down and die for her, within a heartbeat.

BUT, sometimes we clash.

We clashed the last weekend she came home

The weekend of the haircut.

When she left last Sunday to return to Brisbane, I felt deflated and sad.

Sad that we had bickered.

But when I sat down and thought about it, I realised there is a lot going on in Beckie’s life at the moment.

Of course the haircut made her anxious – she is her mothers daughter after all – we both love our hair!

Also, she is still struggling from the toe incident.

Did I tell you about the iron dropping on her foot from the top of the washing machine?

OUCH – doesn’t even come close. She lost a lot of blood.

Not as bad as Texas Chainsaw Massacre..but you get the picture 😉

The iron shattered her toenail and nail bed. And the poor thing was in Brisbane on her own.

Panic doesn’t come close to how I felt, when Jonny called me at work.Within minutes, my ass was in the car to Brisbane.

Bless her, she called the doctor, and even managed to drive herself to the other side of Brisbane to get help.

She just knew it was nasty and we were too far away to do anything, so she stepped-up, put on her big girl pants and dealt with it.

I was equal amounts of shocked and proud – not sure I would have remained so calm if it was me.

Of course, I wouldn’t dream of showing you the pics, but lets just say she is still changing the dressings daily (it happened 3 weeks ago).

To add insult to injury (pun intended 😉 ) She was just about to start her second Law Clerkship the Monday after.

IN THONGS WITH A BIG BANDAGE ON HER TOE – not a good look for a 22 yr old short arse (Sorry darling but you are!)

Next, was the decision to cut off her hair. Yes, that’s  the perfect recipe for a Mumma / Daughter bicker!

You see, when it comes to me getting my hair cut…you could say  (on occasion) I’m a tad impulsive.

Not always, just sometimes.

This impulsiveness can drive Beckie to distraction.

She has to think….think again…..and then think some more.

But, I just knew she would love her hair shorter, once it was cut.

Me and My Girl: The Hair Edition

So, in order for these changes to happen, I had to plant seeds.

This process can take months, to come to fruition.

I adore this part of my job as a Mumma. I thrive on nurturing her confidence enough that she feels content to make big changes – i.e cutting 6/8 inches off her hair!

I start by saying “would you ever consider having your hair shorter?”

That’s all it takes to start her thinking.

The biggest thing is, I know she trusts me, because I always want her to look and feel a million dollars.

Also, her life is changing rapidly at the moment. She is thinking about her future. She is picturing what her life will be like.

Hair plays a huge part in the way she see’s herself.

Do you consider your hair to be part of your outfit too?

Both Beckie and I do.

It’s part of the confidence armour for us.

Let me explain…

New situations, new jobs, social events – for us both, these things need confidence.

Planning what to wear, painting my nails, fresh blow-dry and the right make-up are all part of the confidence.

If my hair isn’t right – it can spoil my day.

Trivial? Maybe. Honest? Hell Yeah.

So I totally understood Beckie’s hesitation when it came to getting the chop.

Want to know what the clash was over?

A few niggly little things that sound oh so trivial now.

  • Beckie: over-reacting to a fringe on a picture.
  • Me: I sometimes don’t think through the consequences, before I speak.

When she arrived before the appointment, I showed her a picture of how I thought she should have her hair (the picture had a fringe – it’s not a good idea to use the words fringe and Beckie in the same sentence) When will I learn?

She loved the rest of the pic though, but the fringe slightly wound her up. Made her a touch more anxious.

Me and My girl: The Hair Edition

As soon as she we arrived home from the salon and because I loved her ‘new-do’ hair so much, I said she should get the back shorter – on reflection maybe I should have waited – let her enjoy the moment.

And then to add insult to injury, the following morning I asked it she was going to wash her hair (she was going out in the evening) as it looked flat (her hair is really fine).

In my defence last Sunday the humidity here was hellish…so she did have a bad case of ‘bed-hair’ BUT because of said humidity, the last thing she needed was to wash her hair without a aircon blasting in her face.

The moral of the story?…Sometimes I need to think before I speak. And, Beckie needs to not snap at me, when she is anxious.

Good job we adore each other eh?

What do you think of the cut? Do you think it would suit her even shorter? 


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  • AJay

    She’s a stunning girl and with a beautiful smile such as hers she could drape a mop over her head and she’d look just fab xoxo

    • Awww Ajay thank-you…I know she is mine, but I totally agree – she could make a mop look good! xx

  • toddlers plus teens

    Being a Mum is the toughest but most rewarding gig I’ve ever done. My girl 16 clash bigtime some days over trivial things. I often put my foot on my mouth and wish I had said nothing. We are both passionate about clothing. I remember this stage with my eldest girl and now we just laugh it off. Fringes are hard work

    • I just adore everything about my Mumma job – but sometimes it can be such a challenge. Only yesterday (Beckie came home to have her hair cut even shorter) when she arrived home, we got off on the wrong foot…it was me just being honest about how i thought she should have her hair cut and her not being able to digest my honesty as quick as I would like. Thankfully within 15 mins, she said ‘you’re right Mumma – I’m just nervous about getting my hair cut shorter, even though I want to’.
      The rest of the day was like a dream. xx Glad you like the cut!

  • Oh Bev, you are gorgeous! I love the relationship you and Bec have. And yes, adore her new do – she is such a spunk, just like her mumma! x

    • Oh thanks so much darling. She really is my ray of sunshine. I love her and her hair so much. I’m just the luckiest! xxx

  • Absolutely love her haircut! Is it a little shorter at the back? Looks amazing. And I agree with the other comments – I don’t think she needs a fringe if she has fine hair. I have gone shorter with my hair lately and I love it. I also have fine hair and the shorter cut gives it more volume. Another little secret weapon I discovered is volumising powder. You can buy it at the supermarket, sprinkle a little at the roots and voila – instant body. Very handy on those humid days. I must say, hearing all the lovely comments about daughters has made me pine for a daughter but alas the baby days are over so will have to be content with two beautiful boys xox

    • Oh thanks so much Wendy, yes it is a touch shorter at the back. She has already decided to go even shorter though. I’m so excited, because it really suits her and her lifestyle to perfection.
      We both love a bit of volumising poweder – it works a treat.
      Your boys are just the cutest. I know boys bring just as much pleasure as girls do – its just in a different way. I’m such a girly girl and so is Beckie. We love the same things and have the same passions. My best friend has a son and she adores having her time alone with Beckie. But I also cherish the moments I spend with her son Aaron too xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love Beckie’s hair it is stunning and I love it shorter,it is a chic cut and will suit her law job BUT if she has fine hair like me I wouldn’t go for a fringe especially in humidity I made that mistake last year and really regretted it and of course my daughter was right and said WtF did you get a fringe for? Insert a “sorry Mum but you know I’m right “from my honest baby girl.It works both ways though I am honest with her and she to me.
    I love that you have such a great relationship with your daughter Bev it makes life so much more enjoyable,Beckie is a stunning girl Xxx

    • Thanks so much darling girl. Aren’t we the luckiest to have such beautiful daughters that we can share girly experiences with? I feel truly blessed to have someone that is super interested if I call her to say I have found the perfect primer or a must have blusher.
      You’re so right about Beckie not getting a fringe with her fine hair Lisa. I just need to stop showing her pictures with fringes on – because it drives her crazy! xxx

  • Petra

    I am big on hair. So is my husband thankfully. Our son? Not at all to our dismay! The hair maketh the outfit! I love Beckie’s hair – the length is perfect. No shorter, and no fringe. Not yet anyway. I’ve pretty much kept the same bob since my late teens, sometimes with a fringe, sometimes without, it suits and I can style it really well. And make-up flowers always works a treat! xo

    • Petra my Mum always said something that has stuck with me – “Your hair should be your crowning glory” As a kid I don’t really think I truly understood what she meant. But its so true. Hair does maketh the outfit! Glad you love Beckie’s hair – at the moment she feels like she will never have it long again! xxx

  • Looks gorgeous. I’ve been struggling to get my three to agree to shorter hair. They all want it super long and then end up doing not much with it. Of course it wouldn’t matter what I suggest hair or clothes wise at the moment, they are intent on doing the complete opposite.

    • Ha ha ha – you poor thing…thank goodness we have passed that phase! To be honest it’s probably much harder for you because you have three. The girls will listen to each other, whereas Beckie only really had me to listen too! xxx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    I think it’s the perfect length, love it! Hope the toe is healing well, I get that sux

    • So glad you love her hair Jenni – she really isn’t one for change! The toe is thankfully getting there, much better than it was…it will still be a while before she can wear a closed in shoe (which is driving her crazy) as she had just picked up two stunning new pairs that she has never worn! xxx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    I think she looks stunning (like her mamma) and the length is perfect! Gorgeous post Bev! xx

    • Oh Andrea thank you. You’re so kind – she is all kinds of awesome.
      How darn lucky are we, to have such beautiful souls that light up our life on a daily basis? Mwah xxx

  • I love the haircut on her. It suits her so much! I’m sure she could go shorter, but I sympathise on her anxiety of it all. It has taken me about two years to go to the length I had envisaged. Just a tad shorter at each cut!

    • Sarah I got my hair cut last Thursday, I went shorter than I have before. As soon as Beckie saw a pic she called me and said I LOVE you hair – I want to go shorter! It’s like all she needed was time to adjust and now she is ready to go to the next level. The small steps approach is often the best! xxx Thanks for popping over!

  • Oh I hear you Bev. My girls and I clash of course everyone does at some point. We love our children to no end and want nothing but the best for them, but I guess we need them to figure it all out for themselves as well, don’t we? Love your honesty here and you have triggered an idea to post for me. Have a wonderful Monday gorgeous lady. V x

    • V, being a Mumma is the most joyfully rewarding role. Sometimes, I can acknowledged that I’m fantastic at it, other times (like when I speak before I engage my brain) not so good. But, no matter what, the love we have for one another NEVER subsides. It just deepens with time. Thanks for stopping by beautiful xxx Glad I’ve inspired you!