Work Wardrobe: Luxe Jogger

Oh My.

Last weekend saw the humidity shoot to melting point in our ‘neck of the woods’.

I truly forgot just how humid this place gets – think dripping wet, 2 minutes after you step out of the shower, and then some.

Stripping off and dunking yourself under a cold shower, heading to the ocean or lying in the pool were the only available options.

It was just too hot to think straight.

Too hot to muster the enthusiasm to do anything.

So when the mercury rises and the humidity kicks in, clothes are the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Even mine.

All I can think about, is what I can get away with NOT wearing.

Cozzies and ‘kini’s are my life’s blood at this time of year I tell ya.

BUT – it’s also that time of year when I HAVE to start introducing new season pieces into my work wardrobe.

Pieces that I can’t even bring myself to try on, let alone wear…unless I’m standing in near Arctic conditions – sans Air Con that is.

It’s still the height of summer for goodness sake!

But fashion waits for no man, the seasonal tides of change, will happen whether we like it or not.

Would you believe that lots of CR’s regular customers are chomping at the bit for the new season pieces to arrive – yes, even in this heat!

They are wanting something new to look at, something new to think about…

So as you can probably gather, I’ve already spent lots of time thinking about how I’m going to cope with introducing heavier pieces into my work wardrobe, without turning into a 51 yr old perspiring mess 😉

Anyway, I’ve made a pact with myself, its time for me to stop whining and just embrace the inevitable.

I could put it off not longer – I had to buy something…

So from now on, I will suck-it-up be brave, all in the name of the CR cause…

These pants sparked my interest  though, the moment I first laid eyes on them.

My work Wardrobe: Luxe Jogger

Woven Jogger $149.00  |  Wide Crop Layer Shirt $119.00   |  Iris Platform Shoes (on sale – non left online)  |  Sunnies: Witchery

Made from 96% Viscose and 4% Elastine – they are bang on in both the breathable and comfort stakes.

‘Hello Ms Soft Pant’ – I’ve missed ya’

Oh and before I forget…they have pockets – which means they are compulsory in my book.

  • Comfort
  • Black
  • Pockets

What’s not to love?

When it came to styling these babies though, I knew they would be a dream.

Easy on the eyes for most folks, they will transition from day through to-night with just the addition of a brighter lippy or a smokey eye.

The luxe jogger really does float my fashion boat.

They may not seem to be the most inspirational piece on first inspection, especially if they are hidden between lots of loud prints on the rail.

It would be true to say, they don’t really jump out at you, they kinda hide quietly.

It’s like they already know they’re cool, so have no reason to show-off…

I guess you could label them ‘quietly confident’ – we sold through the first drop within a week (expecting another delivery this week).

For a true ‘luxe’ feel the addition of a sneaker, would hit the spot perfectly.

Personally, sneakers make me want to run for the hills  – I’m just not that kind of girl. But that doesn’t mean to say I need to disregard them either.

I’m going to give them a try to practice what I preach, by never saying never.


If  sneakers are your thing though, wear them with pride – I will look on longingly. In fact, if you get the joggers, please tag me in your IG pics (@irismaystyle) I would love to see how you style yours.

Because I believe these pants will work a dream for most figure shapes.

Expect to see these beauties in my everydaystyle posts often *insert nervous cough* mostly with a heel and maybe with a sneaker 😉 

I know I can style them a hundred different ways and never tire of them – which makes them the perfect CR work wardrobe piece.

Before I get too carried away, let’s just talk about this fabulous shirt for a second – it just had to come home with me…but you already know I’m a sucker for a crisp white shirt that is slightly different to the norm, right?

Ok. so why should you buy the luxe jogger?

  • If you love a soft pant – these will truly hit the spot.
  • The fabric is king – luxe enough to forget they are a ‘jogger’.
  • Versatile – wear basically anywhere throughout Autumn/Winter.

The possibilities are endless…

Would you consider the luxe jogger? How about the luxe jogger with a sneaker? Do you think I could pull it off?


I’m hooking up with the gorgeous ladybug Kim-Marie over at her swanky place for Wardrobe Wednesday…if you’ve got a second pop over and say Hi to the gang.




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