What a year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (yes, I’m shouting, even though I may be harbouring a slight hangover).

When will I learn 😉

What a year

My dress: Split Front Maxi $129.95 Witchery  |   Beckie: Bahia Maxi Dress $150.00 Diish  |  Jonny: Linen shirt (sold out online) Urban Twill Short $89.95

2014 has been amazing year for me, in more ways than one.

I moved from Witchery to Country Road – which instantly made my life so much better. I re-claimed 1.5 hours a day in travel time.

Oh yeah.  That time has made such a difference to our lives.

I cut off my very long hair – and LOVED it!

Now, I can not imagine ever having it long again…never say never though!

I started blogging…well, officially I pressed the launch button at the beginning of November 2013, but didn’t really throw myself in fully until 2014 – so that counts, right?

Well Hello…why did I not start this blogging malarkey sooner?


I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable doing anything, as much as I have this.

In the beginning, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say…well, enough that would interest people that is.

You know what I mean, enough to make you gorgeous lot come back and read my ramblings – just because you wanted to.

If I’m honest though, it’s not like I’m ever really stuck for anything to say. I sit down with a single outfit or thought in my mind and just start typing.

I’m not much of a planner really – more of an off-the-cuff impulsive writer.

But it just seems to happen and the words flow, all at the right time – just when I need them.

Blogging feels right for ME.

I clear my mind – I kinda empty all the rubbish about fashion and the general crap I think about on a daily basis onto a page and pray to the bloggy gods that it sounds good enough to read.

Magically, luck seems to be on my side thus far.

So much so, that when I hit Publish button, it feels pleasingly cathartic at the same time as totally exciting.

Also, let’s not forget how many beautiful and inspiring like-minded women I have also met (meeting people virtually counts, right?). Some with blogs, some who just enjoy hanging out on social media – all incredible women that I adore and respect immensely.

Women that I have connected with and look forward to chatting with on a daily basis.

Lets hope 2015 brings us all together at some point. Because I would truly love that.

So, thanks darlings for your endless support and encouragement – it is greatly appreciated  – in fact, my heart melts from your loyalty.

But, what’s an Iris May post without a slide show eh? Here’s some of the outfits that you loved either here on the blog or on IG and Facey.

For 2015: I pledge:

To blog more often:

3 times a week…it’s do-able –  I just need to be more organised.

I’m also pledging to share more of myself with you guys…the honest stuff, that I sometimes find hard to say.

But there has been something even better than the thrill I get from blogging this year – it’s being a Mumma.

2014 has given me endless pleasure with my girl.

I have squealed with delight on far too many occasions to count.

I’ve had so many proud moments…

I love that I am the first person she calls when anything happens in her life. Good, bad or ugly – it’s me.

I love that we are friends. She is my worst critic – as I am her’s. But we love each other fiercely and unconditionally.

I love that she sends me selfies before she buys anything new to wear. Thank goodness she trusts my fashion sense.

I love that we can sit and share a wine (or three) together.

I love that we belly-laugh at any given opportunity.

I love that she is her Mother’s Daughter.

But, her getting offered clerkships with 3 top Australian/International Law firms earlier this year, really did blow my mind,

The day the offers came out was incredible (read about my panic here). Law firms call their preferred choices to offer the limited positions, this process starts at 9am – Beckie’s first call came in at 8:40 – she was still in bed. This moment will stay with me forever.

It was magical. And I got to share that with her

To top the lot though, the highlight has to be hearing how well she was received at the end of her first Law Clerkship (it’s a four-week interview with a Law firm to get a Grad job) which she finished on 19th December.

This first firm has challenged her, nurtured and supported her. They have also given her the confirmation that she was searching for, to know she is on the right path for her future. To know she has chosen the right career path.

But best of all? I could tell from the feedback she received that they loved her. They got her.

They saw the true Beckie.

And that makes me the proudest Mumma.

They acknowledged that she has a special something. Which in turn made me feel even more love and utter devotion for my now, very grown up girl.

This is Beckie’s birth story here. She was born at 28 weeks, 22 years ago – her prognosis at birth wasn’t brilliant.

So I’m sure you can imagine that NOTHING ever comes close to the feeling of  jubilation I feel when she achieves something, things that in the beginning we never ever dreamed were possible.

What a Year

My girl is focused and extremely determined when it comes to her future.

She is picturing what her life could be like and it excites the hell out of her.

Basically, she knows what she wants and she is doing everything in her power to achieve it.

And that fact alone, makes me super proud and very teary when I think back on how it all began.

These words sum up exactly how I feel about my girl.

Beckie doesn’t have this much self-belief or self-love yet but I watch everyone notice her when she walks in a room – she is charismatic with an incredible magnetism.

What a Year


Golly, being a Mumma is just the best job in the world.

It’s at times like these that I also sit and take a moment to remember my gorgeous Mum. I know she would have been so proud of Beckie.

Does the start of a new year make you reflective?








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