What a year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (yes, I’m shouting, even though I may be harbouring a slight hangover).

When will I learn 😉

What a year

My dress: Split Front Maxi $129.95 Witchery  |   Beckie: Bahia Maxi Dress $150.00 Diish  |  Jonny: Linen shirt (sold out online) Urban Twill Short $89.95

2014 has been amazing year for me, in more ways than one.

I moved from Witchery to Country Road – which instantly made my life so much better. I re-claimed 1.5 hours a day in travel time.

Oh yeah.  That time has made such a difference to our lives.

I cut off my very long hair – and LOVED it!

Now, I can not imagine ever having it long again…never say never though!

I started blogging…well, officially I pressed the launch button at the beginning of November 2013, but didn’t really throw myself in fully until 2014 – so that counts, right?

Well Hello…why did I not start this blogging malarkey sooner?


I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable doing anything, as much as I have this.

In the beginning, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say…well, enough that would interest people that is.

You know what I mean, enough to make you gorgeous lot come back and read my ramblings – just because you wanted to.

If I’m honest though, it’s not like I’m ever really stuck for anything to say. I sit down with a single outfit or thought in my mind and just start typing.

I’m not much of a planner really – more of an off-the-cuff impulsive writer.

But it just seems to happen and the words flow, all at the right time – just when I need them.

Blogging feels right for ME.

I clear my mind – I kinda empty all the rubbish about fashion and the general crap I think about on a daily basis onto a page and pray to the bloggy gods that it sounds good enough to read.

Magically, luck seems to be on my side thus far.

So much so, that when I hit Publish button, it feels pleasingly cathartic at the same time as totally exciting.

Also, let’s not forget how many beautiful and inspiring like-minded women I have also met (meeting people virtually counts, right?). Some with blogs, some who just enjoy hanging out on social media – all incredible women that I adore and respect immensely.

Women that I have connected with and look forward to chatting with on a daily basis.

Lets hope 2015 brings us all together at some point. Because I would truly love that.

So, thanks darlings for your endless support and encouragement – it is greatly appreciated  – in fact, my heart melts from your loyalty.

But, what’s an Iris May post without a slide show eh? Here’s some of the outfits that you loved either here on the blog or on IG and Facey.

For 2015: I pledge:

To blog more often:

3 times a week…it’s do-able –  I just need to be more organised.

I’m also pledging to share more of myself with you guys…the honest stuff, that I sometimes find hard to say.

But there has been something even better than the thrill I get from blogging this year – it’s being a Mumma.

2014 has given me endless pleasure with my girl.

I have squealed with delight on far too many occasions to count.

I’ve had so many proud moments…

I love that I am the first person she calls when anything happens in her life. Good, bad or ugly – it’s me.

I love that we are friends. She is my worst critic – as I am her’s. But we love each other fiercely and unconditionally.

I love that she sends me selfies before she buys anything new to wear. Thank goodness she trusts my fashion sense.

I love that we can sit and share a wine (or three) together.

I love that we belly-laugh at any given opportunity.

I love that she is her Mother’s Daughter.

But, her getting offered clerkships with 3 top Australian/International Law firms earlier this year, really did blow my mind,

The day the offers came out was incredible (read about my panic here). Law firms call their preferred choices to offer the limited positions, this process starts at 9am – Beckie’s first call came in at 8:40 – she was still in bed. This moment will stay with me forever.

It was magical. And I got to share that with her

To top the lot though, the highlight has to be hearing how well she was received at the end of her first Law Clerkship (it’s a four-week interview with a Law firm to get a Grad job) which she finished on 19th December.

This first firm has challenged her, nurtured and supported her. They have also given her the confirmation that she was searching for, to know she is on the right path for her future. To know she has chosen the right career path.

But best of all? I could tell from the feedback she received that they loved her. They got her.

They saw the true Beckie.

And that makes me the proudest Mumma.

They acknowledged that she has a special something. Which in turn made me feel even more love and utter devotion for my now, very grown up girl.

This is Beckie’s birth story here. She was born at 28 weeks, 22 years ago – her prognosis at birth wasn’t brilliant.

So I’m sure you can imagine that NOTHING ever comes close to the feeling of  jubilation I feel when she achieves something, things that in the beginning we never ever dreamed were possible.

What a Year

My girl is focused and extremely determined when it comes to her future.

She is picturing what her life could be like and it excites the hell out of her.

Basically, she knows what she wants and she is doing everything in her power to achieve it.

And that fact alone, makes me super proud and very teary when I think back on how it all began.

These words sum up exactly how I feel about my girl.

Beckie doesn’t have this much self-belief or self-love yet but I watch everyone notice her when she walks in a room – she is charismatic with an incredible magnetism.

What a Year


Golly, being a Mumma is just the best job in the world.

It’s at times like these that I also sit and take a moment to remember my gorgeous Mum. I know she would have been so proud of Beckie.

Does the start of a new year make you reflective?








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  • This post is testament to your heart of gold. I’m so glad our paths have crossed online and I truly hope they cross in real life this year. Keep shining, my love. x

    • Spooky I know, but I was just thinking about you…I would love nothing more than for us to share a catch-up, over a glass (or two) of something special darling – It will happen this year, I can just feel it!
      Thanks for loving my post too, my little girl is making me a very proud Mumma at the moment xx

  • Kirsty

    What an incredible post! I cant wait to watch your journey in 2015. I really enjoy reading your blog and I am excited that I found you on instagram. Like you said hopefully the amazing community meets one day!! xx

    • Oh Kirsty thank-you so much – it means the world to mean that you love the blog and IG. Most days I’m not even sure what I’m going to write about but then it just happens…so I’m super excited for 2015! Thanks so much for your continued support xx Mwah

  • I’m like you Bev, a bit of an off-the-cuff blog writer … not big on the planning bit! You have a lovely daughter, no wonder you are so proud x

    • Thanks so much Janet. My writing would feel forced if I tried to plan it, instead I just let it flow and hope for the best!
      Happiest of New Year’s to you and your gorgeous family – I know you’re just as proud as I am of them all xxx

  • Kathryn

    Hi Bev., what a lovely post. Motherhood is the best thing ever, I can’t imagine not having my kids (and the grandies). The bond you share with Beccie is easy to see, and so heartwarming. She is a beautiful girl isn’t she! Love reading you blog, and seeing your pics on IG. Kathryn xx

    • Yes, she is a beautiful soul Kathryn, I pinch myself daily at just how lucky I am to have her in my life. I can also see from your pics just how much love is in your family too – laughter and happiness shines through every image – which truly melts my heart.
      Thanks so much for your continued support, i feel blessed to have met so many gorgeous women through social media. Happy 2015 lovely! xx

  • Oh Bev, can you be my surrogate mum! Although you would be more like a big sister since we’re not that far apart in age! I loved this post so much, heartfelt musings as only a mum can. My own kids astound me with the things they achieve and I’ve said before my love for them is infinite and endless just as yours is for Beckie. You are such a gorgeous soul and I really do wish much happiness for you and your family this year xxx PS I love reading your blog!

    • Malinda I’m all yours! I’m such a Mumma to everyone – I can’t help myself.
      Thank-you for reading my ramblings too and for the wonderful compliment, writing from the heart and sharing more of me is slowly feeling ok. I’m a very private person, so I still shock myself when I read back what I have written. But it feels right.
      Those pics of your and your family are truly stunning, the love your all share was evident for everyone to see – simply divine pics. Happy 2015 darling xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    There are quite a few awesome ladies on this social media malarkey and I do hope we all get to meet at some point! You’ve had a fabulous year and may 2015 be even better for you and your gorgeous family. xx p.s Beautiful, from the heart post. Loved it!!

    • Awwww thanks gorgeous, I had already decided that I would write from the heart a little bit more in 2015 xx How wonderful is it that social media has introduced so many gorgeous women to one another…a meet up is a must this year!
      Happy 2015 beautiful xx

  • Bev you are a beautiful mumma and your daughter is stunning. She has a good name too. 😉 I love your blog and it’s such a beautiful space on the internet to come and visit. Being a mum is wonderful and I have three little girls to nurture and mother and I hope that when they are older they can find me just as fun and are willing to get my opinion on fashion or anything that they need wisdom on. 2015 is going to be awesome for you on your blog. I can feel it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bec for the lovely, lovely compliments. My girl truly is my world. I pop with pride on a daily basis at just how gorgeous she is on the inside and out. You’re so right, being a mum is just wonderful. I have honestly loved and embraced every single second, Your girls will be exactly the same as Beckie is with me – I can see from your pics just how much you love them.
      Happy 2015 darling! xxx

  • I remember when you were just an avid commenter! Look at you now!! Happy 2015 x

    • Oh Nikki thank-you for the encouragement you gave me to start the blog. Also, for the wonderful hints and tips you share so openly with your folllowers – it really does mean the world! Happy 2015 to you too xxx

  • Mon

    This is just beautiful Bev. I use to work in law firms as a PA for a long time and I know how hard it is for the babies to get that Grad position especially in the big ones. So a massive congratulations to Beckie this is a wonderful achievement. Bev thanks for your posts on facey and insta they instantly brighten my day. Thanks for keeping it real. Look forward to what you share in 2015

    • Mon thank-YOU so much. I am just the proudest! Although, had we have know the numerous hoops Beckie would have to jump through to get these Clerkship positions we may have thought twice about advising her towards Law. So many bright and extremely capable students didn’t even make the interview process, let alone receive an offer. So we’re just popping with delight at how well she has done!
      Chuffed to bits that you’re loving the blog – thanks so much for your support xxx Happy 2015!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love this post Bev ,yes motherhood is the BEST job in the whole world! I’m sure your,beautiful Mum would have been proud of Becky too,you must miss your mama so much I know I do,it is still so raw and I’m being kind to myself at the moment.
    I am very pleased I got to meet you too Bev you’re a beautiful woman inside and out and I love your blog, and your IG pics as well,be very proud of your beautiful girl sweetie,Have a wonderful 2015 my friend Xx

    • I was thinking about you on Christmas Day Lisa. My first Christmas without my Mum was so hard. My poor Dad didn’t know what to do with himself…I deal with my loss by never admitting that she has gone. Instead I believe she is always with me, I feel her presence – she really is the wind beneath my wings, but I just can’t see her.
      Darling, meeting you has been fabulous, thank you so much for your continued support, it really does mean the world to me. Here’s to a bright Happy 2015 gorgeous girl! xxx Mwah

  • Karen – IG Styleloving2

    What a beautiful post Bev it brought tears to my eyes when I read your fierce mother’s love and pride for your beautiful daughter. I think maybe because it reflects what I feel about my children, their day to day lives and accomplishments fill me to the brim with love. Just a little bit of pride my eldest and his wife are having their first child this year (they told me Christmas day – best present ever), my daughter just graduated teaching and starts her first job in a few weeks, no. 3 has just received another promotion and is in the process of building his first home and my youngest just graduated yr 9 passing all his subjects, after struggling earlier in the year. So proud I could burst.
    It has been such an unexpected pleasure to meet you through IG I always look forward to your posts and you brighten my day with your lovely comments.
    So in answer to your question yes starting 2015 does makes me reflective and it makes me release how thankful I am for all the lovely people that are in my life. xxxx

    • Sophisticated Mumma

      OMG Karen, you’re going to be a Nanna!!! How exciting! x

      • Karen – IG Styleloving2

        I know it’s so exciting, got to get my head around having a child old enough to be a Father and me being a Nanna lol.

    • Oh Karen what fabulously exciting news you received on Christmas Day – as you say BEST present ever! I cannot wait to be a Nanna so you must be bursting with pride and excitement. Congratulations to you all xx
      And wow for you daughter graduating and getting ready to start her first job and your son doing well after struggling – woo hoo! Its love and guidance that makes them forge forward, so well done to you too. What I love most about being a Mumma is the fact that we get to live vicariously through our kids lives. I think this fact alone keeps us young and focused don’t you?
      Here’s to 2015 Karen, fingers crossed this will be the year we get to meet in person xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    I don’t get reflective just excited! I bloody love this blog post, so much joy and pride and an insight into YOU. I’ve loved getting to know you and count you in my top 5 fave bloggers. Here’s to a sparkly n brilliant 2015! Xx

    • Awwww Jenni – you’ve just made my day. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment xx
      It might sound crazy, but you have been a big topic of conversation for me and my hubby this Christmas. You are such an inspirational force…I adore your zest for life, your smile and your amazing style. I also love that you are brimming with excitement for the future…Happy 2015 Gorgeous! xxx

  • Struth

    What beautiful dresses and smiles! Happy New Year. I was laughing that you should add: Thongs, by Haviana. The true Australian footwear. You must have a very special relationship with your daughter. I have a very close relationship to my Mum but there are 5 kids in the family so it can be a little more diluted.

    • Struth I am the luckiest Mumma. Life threw me quite a few curve balls when I was trying to get pregnant. Beckie is my only surviving child – which makes me thank my lucky stars every single day. I’m sure your relationship with your Mum is every bit as special as mine is with Beckie – mother and daughter bonds are the best. Happy New Year lovely! xx

      • Struth

        She must be extra special then! Maybe she was destined to have all the good qualities crammed into one package! 🙂 Mother/daughter bonds are very special as you say.

  • Petra

    What lovely family photos Bev – you look relaxed and happy. And a nice post too – very positive. My husband and I did a lot of reflecting on Dec 31st, we just lazed around, drank lots of cups of tea, and spent hours just talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of 2014 – it was a tumultuous year for us but thankfully ended well. Here’s to 2015 – may it be healthy and happy 🙂

    • Happy 2015 Petra! I love that the turn of a new year makes most of us look back and reflect. It makes us re-live the bits we loved, discuss the not so good and make plans for the future. It gives us focus. Which is such a positive way to move forward with enthusiasm. Thanks so much for your support this year, I have really appreciated you stopping by and reading my words. Mwah xx