St. Frock

If you know me well, you’ll already know I’m not the type of girl to turn down the opportunity of buying a new frock.

Na. Not. Me.


I adore frocks, I adore the easiness of the one-piece/whole-outfit scenario.

It fits this lazy-ass’d girl to perfection.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my classic skinnies and blazer combo, BUT at this time of year when the QLD humidity has us all running for cover, a frock is 9 times out of 10, my first choice.

So when the lovely ladybug that is Kimba (I’ve so stolen the term ladybug totally from her) of Kimba Likes fame (if you were wondering, Kimba’s blog has been poorly for a few weeks, but I’m sure it will be back very soon) brought this frock to my attention a couple of weeks before Christmas – my eyes, well they nearly popped out of my head.

It had to be mine.

Yes. I know. Calm down Bev.

As soon as I laid eyes on it though – I just knew it was a ‘me’ dress. Pray tell me, you have these moments too?

  • Colour
  • Maxi
  • Pockets

Well Hello…who is strong enough to turn down that magical combination?

Not. Me. I tell ya.

And that’s without me even knowing the price.

Guess how much?

Go on….look at the pic, then close your eyes (no peeping now) and make a guess…yes, you have permission to talk to the screen at this point 😉

St Frock

To be honest, I couldn’t believe the price.

$59 – yes.  Fifty-nine bucks!

Who would have thought it possible.

A throw on maxi WITH POCKETS for a snip.

It’s the most versatile dress too:

  • Wear it nipped in with a belt.
  • Add a heel and a statement necklace for extra glam.
  • Wear it over your ‘kini to the beach.
  • Wear your hands in the pockets constantly, because pockets are just the BEST.

Perfect dress for a summer’s day, light, cool and stunning.

So, like you would expect from any good fashion loving bird – I did no more than jump online and place my order.

Blame Kimba – it was all her fault 😉

I had to pre-order as St. Frock were still waiting for the dress to arrive in stock.

Pre-order is fine by me. In fact, I find it more than a bit exciting. It also makes me feel special…like I know something everyone else doesn’t!

Although, when I pressed ‘buy’ in my head this was my Christmas Day frock…I pictured myself guzzling sipping on an ice cold champers with my loves on Christmas morning wearing this stunner – but what if it didn’t arrive in time for the big day?

The website said it was arriving online 15 December – with the Christmas post that was cutting it mighty fine.

Stress and clothes don’t go together in my book.

So, of course I did the only other sensible thing possible in the situation, and buy another frock!

Which I actually ended up wearing on Christmas Day instead, purely because I couldn’t choose between the two on the morning. Yes, the dress arrived on the 22nd December.

I loved them both!

The Dress:  Sound of Silence Maxi dress $59.00 from St. Frock (the cobalt blue is not showing online anyore same dress in tiger print)

You can also see the lovely Jasmine of Pretty Chuffed rocking some gorgeous St Frock numbers on her blog.

Do you have a stand out colour when it comes to buy a frock, a colour that makes you stop in your tracks?

Did you wear a frock on Christmas Day? 


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  • Bev you look so amazing in this dress! I now have this on the wish list (among many other St Frock things… :)) Thank you for mentioning me too, you are too kind xx

    • Jasmine, not really sure how I missed replying to you – I’m very sorry its so late though! Thanks so much for the love…I would never have found out about the wonders of St. Frock, if it wasn’t for you looking so gorgeous! xx

  • that is such a beautiful dress! I know what you mean when you see a piece that’s just perfect..sometimes you have to have it! 🙂

    I’m always a bit of a sucker for a maxi dress though, ha! can’t resist maxi lengths lately. I always wear a dress on Christmas too, with the heat and a lot of food and often a dip in the pool…nothing else works quite as well as a pretty dress 🙂

    • I didn’t hesitate to order this Mica – my only concern was the length (I love my maxi to sweep the floor) but this one was perfecto (I’m 5ft 8″) Delighted doesn’t even come close to how happy I was when it arrived!.
      Maxi dresses are just the best – super easy, and always look like you’ve tried really hard xx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Just love love love this dress on you! You look stunning! Great find! And where’s this awesome necklace from? xx

    • This is one for you Andrea – you would rock this frock to perfection. The necklace is from Angel and Minx (I entered an IG comp and won) delighted doesn’t come close!) xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    This dress is stunning on you Bev ,you really suit blue………

    • Thanks gorgeous ladybug. I have always loved cobalt blue…I remember having a jacket in the same colour back in the day. Yes, do have a look at their website. Great dresses to add to your already enviable collection. Jasmine always looks amazing don’t you think? Mwah xx

  • Sexy Factor set to STUN! x

    • Ha ha – you know how to make me feel good beautiful girl – thanks for the love xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Crikey (did I just write that?!) the slide show is stunning!!! I think you need a modelling agent!

    • Ha ha ha – you Jenni are just the loveliest…good camera (you know all about good camera’s now) a great colour and a lucky light situation helped big time. Mwah xx
      ps. I shoot all of my pics mid-late afternoon – I find the light more flattering xx

  • I just love this dress on you gorgeous lady. I have just purchased the tiger print. I just love a maxi especially with pockets. V x

    • Me too V! Such a fabulous price too – can’t wait to see you in yours gorgeous girl! xx

  • Petra

    Well it goes without saying that it’s a gorgeous colour – and the whole outfit is very “you” – you look stunning in it! It would make a good “holiday” dress wouldn’t it – you know, a balmy evening in a resort by the pool, drinking cocktails, a slight breeze wafting through the palm trees – am I painting a good picture here?! xo

    • Petra that description was so good I can here the chilled out music in the distance and taste the ice cold G & T in my hand! I adore cobalt blue and if that comes with the maxi and pockets – paradise! 😉 xx

  • Ooh it’s gorgeous and I totally share your lazy girl love of the dress. I’m so happy someone else gets pockets too 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks so much Aniess – dresses are just the easiest – and if said dress has pockets…it just blow’s my mind! xxx