Dream on Dreamer

As I type this post I am lying in my bed (yes, its 9am on a Monday – today is my only day off and I’m making the most of it!) recovering from 5 migraines in the last 7 days! Yep, 5. Thank-goodness a friend has put me on to Mersyndol.

Holy cow, I’m over these migraines. I’ve had problems with my vision and my hearing – migraines really are the pitts.

Oh how I need a holiday…. the Maldives would be my dream destination. Just for the record, appointment booked with my doctor for Wednesday to investigate said migraines!

Anyhow, I was flicking through the pics on my phone…did I tell you I had swapped to the iPhone 6 plus last week?  Bloody AH.mazing. Truly I kid you not. It’s not too big at all. I LOVE it. Camera is fabulous too! I also brought this fancy-schmancy cover from Mimco for it.

Anyhow (again), *ahem* back to flicking through the pics on my phone…when I came across a pic of me wearing the fabulous Dreamer dress from Bohemian Traders. I instantly realised that with everything I’ve had going on in the lead up to Christmas, I had completely forgotten to gush about this fabulousness on the blog.

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that I wore the gorgeous Dreamer dress for my 10th Wedding Anniversary celebrations with my man.

Dream on Dreamer Mr IM surprised me.

I was gob-smacked. I truly had no idea.

  • He secretly hashed a plan with my boss for me to leave work early.
  • When I got home, my Dreamer dress was hanging up (beautifully ironed I must add – such a #keeper) ready to wear.
  • I had no idea where we were going.
  • He called it was our Anniversary Mystery Tour.
  • He had booked at table at Peter Kuruvit’s restaurant at Noosa Beach House.

If you haven’t been and/or you ever find yourself in the Noosa area, GO.

The food is exceptional.

The atmosphere early evening on Hastings Street is mesmerising – it reminds me of being in back in Europe.

That in itself makes it the perfect combination for a fabulous evening.

I felt like the luckiest girl alive – the night was magical.

Dream on Dreamer

This was exactly what we had to eat…tuna with pork and crackling and for main the signature curry – both a taste sensation. **

Righto, back to fashion business…

This frock is already loved by many.

It is also now loved by me.

To be completely honest, when I first saw Rachel from Redcliffe Style wearing her dreamer dress I totally discarded it for me. I mean look at her endless legs?

She looks fantastic – she has enviable legs that are more than good enough to show-off.

I just wasn’t sure my 50-year-old pins were up to the challenge though.

But when the dress arrived, I instantly knew that by adding this Metalicus slip underneath (for extra length) I could easily make it work for me.

I’m 5ft 8 inches if it helps and mostly wear a heel.

Dream on Dreamer

Dreamer Dress in Black $139.00 *(I’m wearing a Medium)  |  Metalicus Slip Dress $49.95  |  Iris shoes (on sales – non left online)  Country Road

The lace detail on the arm is exquisitely flattering and hides the dreaded bingo wings!

I also love the flowy-ness too – gotta love a dress that hides your anniversary food baby dinner  😉

This dress really does cry out to be worn…

Add a belt if you prefer you dresses more figure hugging (expect to see me wearing mine every way possible).

Or ruche it up over you favourite pair of skinnies or leggings – just like the gorgeous Sonia Styling has here.

So darlings, if you love this frock half as much as I do, why not enter the latest Bohemian Traders Instagram giveaway – because there is one of these beauties up for grabs!

You never know, it might just be YOU that is the chosen one!


So tell me girls, do you have the dreamer dress? If so, how do you love to wear yours?

If not, please tell me you have already entered – you won’t regret it!


* Dreamer dress gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy

** My foodie pics were far too dark for editing. Images: Noosa Beach House.


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  • You look gorgeous and radiant and fabulous. What a man you have there! So glad you celebrated in style. x

  • Deb

    Oh get out snap! I bought this dress & wore it to our belated anniversary dinner! Love the dress on you. Hope Dr goes well Wed. Take care. Xxxx

    • Yay – great minds Deb! How gorgeous does it make you feel for such a delicate dress?
      Thanks so much for the love, I’ll let you all know how I get on at the Drs. xx

  • Petra

    That dress is right up my alley! It looks amazing on you and the slip is a brilliant idea! Btw your tan is looking great! xo

    • Petra it’s a really fabulous frock, soft light and delicate – but it still packs a punch on the style stakes!
      The sun, sea and water really help me to de-stress my overloaded retail brain…not minding a bit of colour on my skin either! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I do love this dress on you Bev ,actually everyone I’ve seen it on looks fantastic ,so that must be a very clever dress indeed ,I have entered the comp and I’m crossing my fingers cause it’s so pretty ,I love the lace sleeves and hem.
    I do hope you get answers from the DR about your migraines petal I used to suffer in my teens,not nice at all,especially when your vision and hearing are affected not good!
    Your anniversary dinner looked amazing and I’m glad you had a wonderful night,thank you for sharing with us your special day Xx

    • Oh Lisa I hope you win! This dress would sit perfectly in your already enviable dress collection.The lace sleeves are just gorgeous and make it stand out from the crowd.
      To be honest, I’m not good at going to see the Dr. but, these migraines have been flooring me. I’m praying it has nothing to do with the concussion I sustained at work a few months ago…so Jonny and Beckie are making me go! I let you know later, how I get on.
      Our anniversary dinner was truly divine darling – we both loved every second xx Mwah

  • Happy anni beautiful lady! You look beautiful. I really love you in black too and no need to worry about your pins either … they are perfect! x

    • Thanks for the lovely compliment darling – you’re a gem! I was really worried that it would show to much leg for me though, but wearing a slip underneath protects my modesty both at the hemline and the neckline! xx

  • you rock it. I need it to go on sale!

    • Thanks gorgeous – I think this one might just sell out before it has a chance to go into sale…You would look amazing in it though xx

  • Yvonne Duke

    I’ve seen this dress on several ladies and it looks beautiful on you all !! X

    • Oh thank you so much Yvonne – the slip underneath, really does make it wearable for me xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Yep I’ve got the same black dreamer dress and have worn it quite a few times now. Recently bought a black slip to wear underneath the dress. I’ve also worn it cinched at the waist with a wide belt. Love this dress!! Such a “dreamer” 😉

    • How fabulous is the dress Norlin? Its the type of frock you long to keep wearing…which makes it near on perfection in my book! xx