Bohemian Linen

For those of you that caught last weeks post, I found myself hyperventilating at being brave enough to top-up my Autumnal CR wardrobe.

Why? Because, I’m just not ready. I’m not ready to admit that summer will turn into Autumn.

Summer is afterall, my favourite time of year.

It’s the time when families unite and celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Endless hours are spent at the beach and by the pool – wearing as little as possible.

The smell of barbecued food fills the air

So as far as I’m concerned, summer is still well and truly here and I’m in no rush to say ‘Adios – it’s still positively boiling most of the time here in SE QLD and I’m just not ready to give it up just yet…

You see lovelies, I don’t have a choice but to wear current season stock at work (Country Road if you’re new around these parts) – it comes with the territory. Yes we do get a few weeks grace, while the  new capsules are arriving in store but to be honest, I get so fed up of seeing the same clothes on the rail, day in day out (especially sale stock) that when anything new arrives, I embrace it with reckless abandon – even if that means perspiring profusely on my mad dash(es) to and from the car!

But how will I cope?

I made a decision, for now I’m more than happy to section off my wardrobe:

  • Autumnal work wardrobe – reserved for CR only on the proviso that the air con set to a constant chilly 16 degrees.
  • Summer bright  – linen/silk/cotton or viscose all the way – to cope with the heat and humidity for my down-time.

So with summer still planted firmly in most of our minds, lets talk about these gorgeous Bohemian Traders pants.

Bohemian Linen

Striped Masquerade Trouser in Sand *(on sale $89.00) I’m wearing Medium  |  V-Neck Linen Tee Country Road (sale item no longer online – check DFO)

Shoes old Witchery.

Because they are the epitome of balmy summer days and fun-filled summer nights.

Emily (from Bohemian Traders) has incredible taste when it comes to selecting the right items for her website.

I’m yet to find one thing, that I don’t like.

Yes, of course there are things that don’t sit as well with my classic style personality, but I can see the beauty in every single piece.

I totally understand her choices. They just work.

She has well and truly converted me to a Bohemian Traders #fangirl.

Which is something I never thought I would say.

Righto, #fangirl moment over – let’s get back to it!

As with any fashion item, its how you style it that counts.

Do you know what? (I know I’m flying off on a tangent again – just bear with me) that’s what I love most about instagram – it’s seeing how two people style the same item, their way.

Totally inspirational and totally inspiring. BAM!


Now “Can someone please get me a gag?”…I need to get on with this post, before it turns into an epic.

So…..When I first saw these trousers I was unsure.

Unsure if they were me. Unsure, if I could add my twist to them.

It was the stripe that had me baffled.

Would the stripe work on my thighs? Especially in a lighter colour…I do try to wear darker shades on my bottom half, for a more streamline silhouette.

But just like their Grey Linen Sister, they are a dream to style.

Bohemian Linen

Everything same as above except Basic Line Tank in Mustard * (on Sale $49.00) Bohemian Traders. Below in the slide show, Linen Jacket from Sussan (sold out online).

If comfort and fabric play a huge part in your everyday fashion armour – these might just hit the spot for you too.

They’re elasticated at the back of the waist with a flat front. I prefer to wear them slightly lower than my natural waistline, as I find that more flattering on me – but they work either way.

I adore that the fabric is lightweight enough for summer days, but still smart enough to dress up for an evening out.

Add a singlet or sloppy white shirt for total relaxedness – the addition of a heel to this look, is so me. But if flats are more your thing, then a brogue would look amazing.

Tie a chambray shirt around the waist or add a jacket.

Pattern clash or accessorize to the max – the possibilities are truly endless.

Me? – I always try to twist a touch of classic into my everydaystyle…just because!


Do you run like the wind from stripes on your bottom-half? It is summer all the way for you still, or are you craving the change of season?


Wednesday drill applies, I’m heading over to Kimba Likes place to link  up for Wardrobe Wednesday

*items gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy


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