The Anniversary Leopard Maxi Edition

It’s a bit of a special day in the IM household today lovelies…

10 years ago today, I said ‘I do’ to the love of my life Jonny.

The man of my dreams.

He is the one man who just get’s me.

The man who always seems to know what I need, and when I need it.

He is my super-man, hero and lover all rolled into one.

Gosh, so much has happened in our lives over the last ten years. Too many wonderful milestones to list. But one thing is for sure, we both know, that as long as we are together and have Beckie close by, then anything is possible.

So it really does go without saying that Beckie and I, feel like the luckiest girls in the world, having Jonny in our lives.

I also feel sure that if you met him, you would love him too.

The 3 of us all enjoy marking the big moments in our life, moments that no matter what life is throwing at us (a Christmas working in retail is slinging some poo our way at the moment, I tell ya – resulting in not enough family time) we simply refuse to let these special occasions pass by without recognition.

These moments deserve celebrating…and what’s a celebration without champers and new frock eh? (perfect combo in my book, don’t you agree?).

I’m not too sure what we will end up doing tonight yet as I’m working today, but one thing is for sure, we will still make the time to celebrate our love for one another by at least cracking open a bottle of bubbles.

This new season frock from Bohemian Traders fits our celebration to perfection.

The Anniversary Leopard Edition

It also fits the humidity around these parts too – cool, lightweight and elegant.

To say I’m happy with this dress is probably an understatement. Fabulous clothes get my blood pumping and my mind racing with endless styling possibilities.

‘Cos you all already know I love Maxi’s right? Especially a floor-dragger. Not sure why I have this obsession but I do – just call it a Bev thing!

AND if that floor-dragger also comes in a beautiful leopard print, then BINGO!

The Anniversary Leopard Maxi Edition

Animal Print Maxi Dress* $139.00 Bohemian Traders  |  see below for accessory details.

Now, until recently, leopard print was not really my thing. But lately I have started to lust after it just that bit more. I blame Sonia Styling 😉 this cutie rocks leopard like no other!

I’m not at the stage of wanting a full leopard two-piece suit by any means, instead let’s just say, I’m in the first stages of my leopard love affair.

Until now, a touch of leopard here and there, satisfied my needs. It was enough of a statement for me.

But this maxi, with its lovely floatiness, just grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go.

Apologies for the change of image size in the slideshow. We shot these pics first thing in the morning and had light issues on the grey wall!

This is my idea of maxi-dress heaven.

I just knew, from the moment I laid eyes on this beauty, that it was a ME dress, and it needed to be in my life

It’s a dress I would grab from my wardrobe in a heart beat.

It’s also a dress that can take you from dinner to the beach and everywhere in between.

That makes it  a cost per wear winner in my books.

For me to pull this off though, I needed to keep it simple.

Because as you can see, the dress truly speaks for itself.

It really doesn’t need too much else going on.

I’m also extremely classic in my approach when it comes to mixing it up.

Yes, I will wear double denim, I will pattern clash at any opportunity. But I always try to remain faithful to my classic style personality.

So I’ve added my new favourite Iris heels from Country Road – (25% off for the next 4 days) I’m so delighted to now have a maxi that is long enough for a heel!

My favourite Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Watch (a 50th birthday gift from my bestie) and a few bangles.

I will also add a belt depending on my mood – this one from CR is getting quite a work-out at the moment.

So what do you think gorgeous girls? Is there room in your ‘robe for this leopard beauty?

Pssstttt… Bohemian Traders have 25% off all stripes at the moment.


* this dress was gifted to me for editorial consideration.






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