Summer Loving

Summer Loving

Monday saw Summer officially arrive  for us all living ‘down-under'(well, it happily arrived here in SE QLD on the first day of Spring, but that’s another story) it’s the time when everyone generally thinks about getting their legs out.

Man Woman and Child.

The rising temps start to gently tease away our winter/spring layers.

Razors and fake-tan go to the top of every females shopping list.

I’m no exception to this rule 😉

Spring/Summer also see the arrival of shorts into stores…they have arrived by the bucket-load at Country Road.

Which if I’m truthful, causes me grief!

I think shorts are notoriously difficult to wear. Unless you are stick thin, they seem to cut you off in all the wrong places.

The Fashionable Mum (who positively loathes shorts too) was challenged by her mate Agent Mystery Case to find herself a pair of shorts that she wouldn’t mind being seen in public wearing…you can play along by tagging your favourite shorts pic on IG  and hashtag with #shareyourshorts. Just so you know, she rocked the shorts she found!

Any how, as you probably already know by now, my legs are not my favourite body part. Immediately after I spy a pair of shorts, my mind starts to seek out alternative choices for my summer wardrobe edit.

Yes, I love shorts but they are better on other people – One thing I must acknowledge though, is they are the perfect daytime piece when the mercury rises.

I would love nothing more than to feel carefree about throwing on a pair of shorts with a stripey tee. Or a singlet and a floral kimono cape – which is one of my favourite looks.

But if I’m honest with myself, I know that shorts always look so much better on other people, rather than on me.

Yes, I own a few pairs which I occasionally pop on – but I never feel that comfortable. I always find myself messing with them, never content to just ‘be’ when I’m wearing them.


My name is Bev and I’m a very curvy pear.

My biggest problem area on my body, is my thighs. I’m more than ok with having a sticky out bottom, but my thighs on the other hand are my nemesis.

Closely followed by my calves – but I’ll save that rant for another day.

The solution to my dilemma of course, could be to walk round all summer in a fashionable version of a black neoprene wetsuit (yes, always Black lovelies) – something that would hold everything in, at the same time as banishing my cellulite 😉

But it ain’t gonna happen.

Just so you know, my thighs and black will forever be eternal soul-mates – no matter what the season!

So, instead of looking like Morticia from the Addams Family all summer long (just the mention of the Addams Family makes me sound old, right?) I have found ways to feel cool and look summery at same time as making peace/calling a truce with my pins for at least 3-6months of the year.

  • Shift Dresses – just above the knee is my limit.
  • Maxi-Dresses – preferably floor-draggers.
  • Jazzy Pants  – think linen, cotton, silk or viscose.

If you hangout over at Instagram, by now you will know just how much I love my Jazzy Pants – when I worked at Witchery it was all I wore.

They make me feel summery and bright  (as long as the fabric is breathable – I obviously run a mile from polyester) and I’m more than happy to wear them all through summer.

So on my recent trip to Byron Bay I bagged myself another pair of Jazzy pants, but this time they are palazzo – and all kinds of lovely!

They are the perfect piece for skimming my thunderous thighs.

They are feminine and flowy.

And make me feel utterly fabulous!


Pants: Palm Print Palazzo Pant $129.95  (I’m wearing size 12|) –  Witchery

Top: V-neck Poplin shell top $79.95 (I’m wearing a medium) – Country Road

Sunnies: Wayfarers – RayBan

Wedges: Dune London from 2 years ago

Being high-waisted, they suit a shorter top. There is lots of fabric going on in the pants, which means streamlining the top half of your body as much as possible, trying not to add too much bulk and lose definition.

How cool would a matching singlet look? A jumpsuit without the hassle.Yes?

Best bit though?

My thighs are summer ready with not a hint of cellulite in sight!

I just know these palazzo pants will be my summer saviour. I guarantee you they will be on high-rotation for anything from lunchtime drinks with the girls, to a dinner date in the city.

They are a true show-pony piece that I can’t wait to wear…CR Christmas party on the 12th maybe?

Are you a summer shorts wearer? Or do you run a mile to find an alternative like me?

If you’ve found the perfect pair, share the love…





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  • You look fab in this! Loving you in those crisp, fresh, summery colours, and adore the edgy, cool sunnies and watch. x

    • Thanks Gorgeous! Purchased these from Witchery in Byron…I think I had my ‘hippy’ on at the time – I just love them though! xx

  • This is a fabulous look on you!

  • Love you in the palazzo pants! They look divine and so perfect for hot weather. I hear you about the shorts issue. Tricky business. I can’t wear longer knee length shorts – short legs don’t like them 🙂

    • Thanks so much lovely! The palazzo pants are my idea of heaven especially for my thunder thighs.
      You on the other hand have fabulous legs and rock everything you wear xx

  • Yes, I was put in my place with my recent post about capris… realizing most women don’t like to wear shorts or capris…. but short dresses yes! I honestly think if you’re not comfortable wearing shorts, don’t wear them, but don’t give up on them and try and find a pair you do like and will wear. As for those pants… I love the pattern and they are definitely something I would wear. xx

    • Bec I think shorts really do divide the masses…good shorts take some finding for most people. Dresses seem to skim the upper thigh area to perfection allowing most people to feel summer-ready, at the same time as protecting their modesty (i.e. camel toe) xx 😉

  • Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life

    Shorts don’t agree with my legs either! I love your palazzo pants however. Aiming to go to Witchery this weekend to try them on.

    • Ingrid, shorts are difficult. Stat. Palazzo pants on the other hand are simply divine…Happy shopping lovely! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    They’re just perfect aren’t they? Beautiful colours and summery print are a big ‘Yes’ from me. I totally understand the thigh issue (not that I think you have any thigh problem whatsoever!) I’m never comfortable in shorts either. x

    • How gorgeous are they? I LOVE them! I also knew you would totally get me when it comes to thighs and shorts – I prefer to disguise my thighs in a frock! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Those pants look fantabulous on you Bev I love them!I am not sure my shorty body would suit them I think they would swamp me but on your tall self

    • Lisa these pants are soooooo long – you’re right, they would swamp you. I have my highest wedges on underneath and they still drag the floor (just how I like them).
      Thanks for the love gorgeous girl xxx…PS. you have the most stunning dress collection on the whole of IG and from what I can see, fabulous pins too! Mwah.

  • Oooh those pants!!!!!
    C x

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Bev you are rockin these pants! I never notice your thighs because you’ve got so much more going on. Winning smile, hot bod, great tan, fab hair…embrace yourself hun you’re worth it! Great post, have an awesome day x

    • Awwwww thanks so much Jen – you’re so lovely.
      I’m the master of disguise when it comes to my thighs, even when I was young and slim, my thighs were still front and centre when I looked in the mirror…I just didn’t realise at the time that I had nothing to worry about. I’m more comfortable with my body these days! xx

  • Petra

    Groovy pants Bev! I used to always wear shorts (but I was slimmer then!!!). I am an apple so to get them to fit around my waist meant they were way too big around my hips and legs! I’ve given up – and now I wear leggings to my knee if I’m in “short mode” with a flowy top. Have a great day Bev 🙂

    • Thanks so much lovely!
      Shorts are notoriously hard for most shapes Petra…although, it sounds to me like you’ve found the perfect solution! xx

  • Loving these pants on you Bev. Looking amazing stylish lady. V x

    • Thanks so much lovely…it was love at first sight – I just HAD to buy them! xx