My Work Wardrobe: Cool as Silk

My Work Wardrobe: Cool as Silk

The humidity has well and truly set in around these parts lovelies.

I’m no longer lusting after my jeans when I’m getting dressed in the mornings – in fact, the mere thought of reaching for my skinnies makes me break out into a sweat and feel all ‘hot and bothered’.

Give me a few weeks though, and I’ll probably be lusting after them that much that I’ll be brave enough to attempt wearing them  – even if it means melting into a puddle 😉

For now though, all I can think about is making sure I stay as cool as possible.

Fabrics play a huge part in this for me.

In fact, I would happily call myself obsessive when it comes to what fabric I wear…if you missed this post you’ll realise I’m only half-joking when it comes to my obsessions!

Synthetic fabrics have never been a favourite of mine, but when the humidity hits – I just want run a mile. With the exception of viscose and rayon – they are both good to go in my eyes.

But there are certain fabrics that make me down-right cranky.

POLYESTER and NYLON are the cranky culprits…unless of course, this comes in the form of fabulous shapewear, swimwear or exercise gear that sucks me in enough to look like a stick insect. Just call me fickle!

No matter how good the polyester may be – I just can’t bring myself to wear it in the form of a dress, pants or top though.

Of course, I’ve had plenty of those ‘god I must buy this now’ moments. Only to get home and realise I’ve ended up buying a polyester, because I been blown away by design/colour.

It actually happened to me this week. Yes, I was caught-up in the moment and ended up grabbing my size in a new dress that arrived at CR.

The design was utterly fabulous – it was a real me dress, but it couldn’t stay.

Oh no Siree.

The label read: 100% Polyester.

Thank goodness I have educated myself to be fixated by care labels…it’s a failsafe for me, my sort of get out of jail card, if you like. My back-up for when I have a lustful moment.

If lust takes over and stops me checking the care label in store, my in-built fabric obsession jumps to attention as soon as I get home.

If it say’s polyester – it goes back. Stat.

Simple as that.

If you pop by here often, by now, you will all have heard me go on  wax lyrical about my favourite threads though.

In particular I adore silk and linen – mix these two together and I’m in fabric heaven!

Spending 3 and a half years in the UK Bridal Industry, taught me so much about fabric. It made me realise that fabric is equally as important as design.

Yep, honestly it is.

You can have the most stunning dress, but if its in the wrong fabric you will never wear it – especially through an Aussie summer. Think clingy, staticy, sweaty.

The fabric back-story:

My fabric obsession really kicked in when I started designing my range of bridal gowns. Sketching ideas and playing around with quality silks became the norm.

I had always loved silk but during this time I began to really appreciate its beauty.

I was also shocked to the core at how many brides simply coveted a dresses that looked good in a mag. I’m not talking designer bespoke artistry gowns when I say this, I’m talking humongous poorly made frocks in heavy synthetics that brides did not hesitate paying BIG bucks for…

Can you imagine how many  brides get  fixated caught up with a picture in a mag?  Without even considering the weight of the dress, fabric or coping with a dress in stinking hot temps for 8-10 hours.

Loads, I tell ya. Loads.

I could write a book…How does Confessions of a Bridal Boutique sound eh?

Anyway, as per, I digress…

So, imagine my delight when I saw this silk dress arrive at CR.

My favourite fabric, a great length and easy to wear.

IMG_3862-650 My Work Wardrobe: Cool as Silk IMG_3870-650

Strappy Sundress $249.00 Country Road (I’m wearing a 12) Wide Link Belt $79.95 Country Road  |  Shoes: Witchery from a year ago  | Sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarer

Only problem was the colour. I’ve never really worn green before.

My biggest question: Could I pull if off?

After studying it for all of 30 minutes I decided to give it a go.

I tried it on and instantly loved it…Maybe I need to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to colour.

The dress has elastic around the waistline, making it a dream in the comfort stakes and perfect for this time of year.

It’s also the type of dress that would be perfect for any occasion from a Christmas party (festive green) to a day at the races/polo/ or even a wedding.

Super-flexible a good shape, and perfect if you’re a curvy pear like moi!

This dress would look AH-mazing with black heels and accessories, or even gold. But for something more on the casual side, I thought a touch of my favourite tan might just work…

The rest, as they say, is history!

 Do you run a mile from Polyester? Favourite fabric?

Is green your colour?


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  • allyson

    interesting I am now looking at my wardrobe in more detail. How about lyocell? With a silk dress, is is hand wash only? Might go try it on 🙂

    • Lyocell derives from wood pulp making it far more wearable than polyester in my book Allyson. I always handwash my silk pieces in cold water. I also turn them inside out and use a delicate washing powder/liquid. xx

  • Kathryn

    You look beautiful in green Bev., and I love the dress too. I noticed this on Nikki’s Friday wrap up post. I’m a natural fabric lover, but I do have a few polyester dresses. Menopause and poly do not mix. Kathryn 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kathryn xx You’re so right about the menopause thing…I’m hot enough with this humidity, so I don’t need to add polyester into the mix! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    That is a stunning dress on you Bev I don’t do green very often (thanks to my school uniform) I love the colour on you though it’s beautiful.I am the same when it comes to fabric only,silk rayon and viscose are allowed in my wardrobe I don’t like looking like a sweaty mess,I do have one polyester dress but that is reserved for cool days which we don’t seem to be having any of……I love your style gorgeous woman Xxx

    • You’re so gorgeous – thanks for the love my friend. xx
      I never thought I’d ever wear green to be honest – but I love it! The dress has gone to the top of my list of favourites…although, I’m pretty fickle at the moment – I seem to have a new favourite every single day! I totally agree with your choice of fabrics too – anything that stops me looking like a deep-fired beetroot gets my vote – not a good look on anyone! Mwah

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh my goodness, such a lovely dress…perfect for Christmas Day! A big fat ‘Yes’ to the colour on you too. I have a few polyester items in my wardrobe and as Vanessa said, it does wash up well and is hardwearing but it’s so hot, so I tend to reserve it for cooler weather. I’m a big cotton, linen and bamboo fan but silk is strictly reserved for evenings out around these parts with grubby toddler hands around. Love to see your CR purchases Bev! x

    • Thanks so much for the love gorgeous girl. I truly have fallen head over heels for this frock and the colour. It feels so light and wearable in this crazy humidity…I seriously forgot how sticky summer gets here. Phew it’s boiling at the moment!
      I’m with you on the cotton/linen and bamboo too – anything that helps us stop looking like a wet mess by the end of the day always gets my vote!!!! xx

  • Petra

    Write the book! Write the book! 🙂 My fave colour is green – and you look really lovely in that dress – it’s romantic and happy looking!

    • Ha ha ha ha – I’m always threatening to do it..let me tell you Petra, it would be a corker of a read – I have so many stories!
      Thanks so much lovely, the floaty nature of the fabric makes it a dream to wear. xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I love it Bev, that green…one of the most flattering colours universally. I love silk too, so floaty and feminine and just quietly very sexy! I wish CR would do bigger sizing. X

    • Thanks darling Jenni…I’m so happy CR brought out this dress because I truly wouldn’t have tried the colour at any other store. I desperately needed to ‘top-up’ my uniform so this little number came out just at the right time…Not sure why green and I have never been friends – that’s all changed now though!
      Ps. Agree with you totally on sizing, in the UK the sizing range tends to be more extensive so I was shocked to see how limited it was here xx

  • Such a beautiful dress on you Bev! I think green looks fab on you too. I don’t love polyester but when CR/Trenery use polyester it is usually the best quality on offer, as I found out on a recent VIP night. Anything that washes and wears well also gets a big tick in my book. So yes, I’m loving your new uniform! x

    • Thanks so much beautiful…the dress has grown on my very quickly – it’s also a dream to wear in the humidity that’s hit around these parts with a big old punch.
      My wish is for fashion labels to use more viscose/rayon instead of poly. All of my jazzy pants are in viscose, most from Witchery and totally wearable in the sticky humidity…the price point is also much cheaper than the CR poly! We’ve also noticed in our store, that most customers steer clear of anything that is poly, which is such a shame when the design and colour are spot

  • Love love this dress and colour on you Bev. I have a green dress in my closet that I just love to wear, which is not silk. You look amazing!. Go the colour. V x

    • Thanks so much lovely girl. This one is a keeper for sure…it surprising just how much I love the colour too – so good to step out of our comfort-zones once it a while! Have a great day xx