Mrs Rushmoore

Why oh why do we put so much pressure on ourselves at this time of year eh?

AND while we are at the ‘why oh why’ stage, can you also remind me why I work in retail?

My gorgeous man broke up from work nearly 2 weeks ago and now to add insult to injury, Ms. May is also home (*insert biggest smiley face ever*) after finishing her first Law Clerkship placement (which she LOVED, I might add) AND (yes, another and) she is off for the next 3 weeks, before starting her second Clerkship placement – Yes lovelies, all of this is happening ,while I WORK.

It makes me sad and a tad envious. I feel like I’m missing out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job.

I work with some fabulous people, people who I have really connected with BUT, yes there is always a BUT…

Can someone PLEASE instigate changing store opening hours to give retail peeps Boxing Day off as well as Christmas Day?

Just two days off together would be grand.

Please and Thank-You.

In reality, nobody needs to go shopping on Boxing Day right?

Surely, we should all be capable of buying enough food and clothes to last two days. Yes?.

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, to connect, catch-up and relax.

Pure family time.

Don’t you think it be nice if everything stopped – just for two days?

Just imagine…the silence. BLISS

Ok rant over, now let’s get down to business.

Mrs Rushmoore.

Have you heard of Mrs Rushmoore yet pretties? If not I’d love to introduce you to them…

‘Based in Melbourne, Mrs Rushmoore is a creative collaboration between two old friends, Anita Moore and Suzie Rush. 

We’re a small fashion label inspired by limited options in the market place for age appropriate garments, of high quality, contemporary detailing at prices you don’t have to shuffle your bank accounts for’.

Well, I was more than a little excited when I received a parcel from Mrs Rushmore – it was a total surprise it also came with a beautifully hand-written card…Gosh I’m a sucker for a card!

To say I was happy when I peeled back the cerise colour tissue, is a touch of an under-statement.

I beamed with glee.

This little beauty was smiling back at me.

What’s not to love, right?

Mrs Rushmore

Shirtmaker Denim Dress $165.00 I’m wearing a Medium  | My faithful Rockport Shooties – that just keep on giving!

Cute yes? And it has POCKETS.

Anything chambray always gets my vote to be honest, but pockets they just make me complete.

Chambray just goes with everything, and I’m yet to meet a person that it doesn’t suit…and this piece is no exception.

I love the softness of the fabric and the colour just makes my day.

In case you hadn’t noticed before, I adore blue.

This dress is like the Shirtmaker dress that I gushed about from Bohemian Traders. It’s a dress that you can grab and make look a million dollars with minimal effort.

You can wear it simply with a pair of slides to the supermarket or add a heal and pop to lunch with the girls.

It’s the type of dress that never lets you down.

Best bit besides the pockets of course –  it skims over all of my lumpy bits!

And to top it off, the sleeves make it a great trans-seasonal piece too.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s a keeper.

But above everything, it’s the quality and workmanship that made me look twice.

So much so, that immediately after tearing open the parcel I quickly emailed Anita one of the founders at Mrs Rushmore to ask her a few background questions.

First question was: “do you sew?”

Yes, of course, she sews. It was a dead giveaway.


I’m also not surprised to find out she was once in the bridal industry for a while. Somehow, it just makes sense to me, that she was.

The attention to detail is there – the extra bit of magic/love just popped out at me.

She also sounds like she really knows her stuff, which makes me love her work more.

It’s really obvious that Anita is passionate about quality, something I’m passionate about too.

Yes, when you can make frocks – you know what you expect from a product and if you buy from Mrs Rushmoore, I don’t think you’ll be in the slightest bit disappointed – because, I’m not.

So girls tell me, have you heard of Mrs Rushmore yet? Are you a fan of the chambray/denim dress?


 This dress was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.



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  • You lucky duck – it’s like this dress was made for you. LOVE IT although I fear it would be a little long on me

    • Awwww thanks darling – you’re very kind. Yes, I do think it would be a bit too long on you – why cover up those fabulous pins of yours eh? xx

  • Ah, I thought I recognized the name Rushmore and now I know where I saw it first! Here. Nikki is wearing her Mrs Rushmore dress today too. I love the style. And those leopard print ankle boots are gorgeous. 🙂

    • Nikki looks fabulous in her Mrs. Rushmore number…it’s the same frock just a different print – I love how different they look though! My leopard print boots are the bomb – glad you like them too Bec xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I haven’t heard of this brand Bev the dress is gorgeous on you and I love a denim or chambray dress .I used to work on retail too,so understand about the hours and why can’t people have the shops closed for a couple of days at least!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas my beautiful friend enjoy the time you do have with your daughter and be safe and happy ,much love from me to you Xoxo

    • Lisa thank-you xx I’m about to dash off to work in the next hour to face the crowds…why oh why, would anyone want to go shopping today, I will never know! I hope you’re having a gorgeously relaxing time with your family darling, enjoy every second. xx
      Glad you like the frock, I’d never heard of Mrs Rushmoore before I received the parcel either so it was a wonderful surprise! Mwah x

  • Petra

    Firstly, so sorry you have to work the Christmas break 🙁 and yes, Boxing Day should be a public holiday too. Also shops should close at lunch time on Christmas Eve. Because Christmas Eve is just as special as Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Secondly, LOVE the dress. I had a chambray dress years ago and loved it – reminds me of my love of denim, and that I must invest in another dress/skirt/shirt etc etc!!! Have a fabulous day with your family Bev xo

    • Petra you are so right, your 3 day plan is perfect – I could cope easily with Retail if the hours were more reasonable! We did have a wonderful day yesterday though, we crammed in all of the things we all love so thank-you xx
      PS glad you love the dress, its just what I needed in my collection xx.

  • nellie1964

    I feel your pain I really do!!! I work in hospitality though in the finance side, and we are working crazy hours too whilst watching companies having their xmas do’s !!!! My partner is also in hospitality and is working Xmas day , so yes can sympathize with you! Have a great Xmas and enjoy your time spent with the family!

    • Oh now I thought I had it bad, but having to work on Christmas Day is the pitts…I hope you have managed to schedule some special time together to just kick back and relax. Merry Christmas! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    You had me at pockets…chambray was the icing on the cake! 20 + years working in retail was enough for me, I’m so blessed to be able to blog, sometimes right on the beach! Sorry {not sorry} LOL. Merry Christmas Bev, enjoy your family time xxx

    • I know Jenni – pockets always make everything better!
      This will only be my second year working Boxing Day ever…I managed to avoid it like the plague in the UK – I do have three days off starting at 6pm tonight though- I can’t wait! xx
      PS love all of your new bloggy gadgets xx

  • I have as I too have been sent a lovely shirt-dress – will share it soon! And yes I feel for you at this time of year. I thought retail was bad but my eldest is working in hospitality and is working 12 hour days with a one-hour break AND he’s working Christmas Day 🙁

    • Can’t wait to see your Mrs Rushmoore piece Nikki!
      Your boy has certainly drawn the short straw in hospitality…he must be exhausted – know I am! xx