Cotton and Silk – Cool change.

Well you gorgeous lot, I might just have to eat my words from last week.

I mentioned in this post that I would be saying goodbye to my skinnies for the next couple of months, while the humidity spikes and makes dressing in anything other than your bra and knickers, nay on impossible.

Well, that was until the weather gods sent stormy, cooler weather our way last weekend – totally threw me it did!

Totally threw me.

I just wasn’t expecting it to get cooler. My jeans and I had said a sad ‘adios’ knowing that our separation would be at least the next three months!

But who am I to question the why’s and wherefore’s of said weather gods? Mine is not to question or reason why.

Because on this occasion, this change of temps has played right into my hands…I guess its true to say that every cloud (pun intended) has a silver lining right?

So just for a few days last week, the normally gorgeous hot and steamy Sunny Coast didn’t live up to its name. Cooler temps and rainy weather prevailed.

Basically, SE Qld was generally yuk…it’s also pouring down with rain today too!

So, I jumped on the opportunity to sling on my jeans without melting in a puddle of sweat  perspiration and photograph some bits and pieces I had been itching to wear.

I know, I do go on lots about fabric. But I especially love shouting about good quality pieces that don’t cost a fortune.

Truly, stay with me pretties – you’ll be blown away by the prices – I promise!

Cotton and silk can be worn at any time of year. Even in SE QLD. Oh yes they can.

You just have to make sure that you choose your pieces wisely.

The classic pieces that need to be in every girls wardrobe.

Everything I am wearing (except the jeans) is made from cotton and silk.

Making them totally wearable, even on a stinking hot day!

They are basics that every girl needs to rely on, basics that we pull out without a thought.

I’m not talking about show-pony pieces here, just basics that never let us down.

So when I opened my package from British company Wool Overs I was instantly delighted.

Firstly, the quality of the yarn really stood out. Because of this quality, all the items (including their wool ranges) can be machine washed. Bonus.

Secondly, the price is phenomenal for such quality. Cool Change  Extra Long V Neck Cardigan $48.00 * | Asymmetric Vest $22.00 *

The kimono top is gorgeous (be rest assured, I will be ordering this in other colours).

It’s a piece that will just keep on giving – I love it paired back with skinnies and a heel.

Cool Change

Kimono Sleeved Top $36.00 *

Here is a slideshow of all the gorgeous items that are now in my wardrobe.


Sizing wise, I ordered my normal size 12/medium.

Every piece (with the exception of the soft pink lace camisole fitted well (I just wished I had gone up a size in this one)

So lovelies, if you are looking to top up you basic go-to wardrobe, with prices that will blow you away, then please take a leap and look at Wool Overs.


Because I for one, am truly impressed.

My items arrived quicker than most online orders I  have placed in Australia (not sure how this is possible but it’s true). A couple of weeks ago I placed an order on the website of a large Australian retailer and it took 10 days just to arrive at my local store, when I got the parcel home the items inside were broken…so frustrating!

Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Psssstttttt….One more thing, Wool Overs are offering a 10% discount to all Iris May Style readers just quote IRIS10 at the checkout, this discount is available until 28 December 2014.


Are you brave when it comes to shopping on the internet? 

What’s your favourite website for online shopping?


All of the above items from Wool Overs were gifted to me for editorial consideration.



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  • angie

    I love grey and white together, gorgeous. Can you tell me where you got the black and silver necklace from please? Thanks 🙂

    • Me too, grey and white are a match made in heaven. The necklace is from CR and went on sale…fingers crossed there are still some around! xx

      • angie

        thanks Bev- it looks great with so many outfits as you have shown lately- I will try to track it down- it’s online, but I do like to touch and feel things first!

        • Angie, get it now (gone down again in price) I promise you will love it. Best necklace ever! xx

  • Jo

    Thank you very much have spent enough if the sales but HAD TO HAVE silk and cashmere pieces as modelled by you. Thank you for introducing this company to us all of course I missed % off but purchased anyway. In Hobart you can wear jeans, puffer jackets and thermals even in December. Makes wardrobe organisation something akin to bloody hard work. Luv your blog !

    • Oh Jo thank you so so much. To be honest, I was blown away with the quality for the price – incredible! Never been to Tasmania – but when I do, I might need to send a trunk of clothes over to cover all weather bases!
      So happy you love the blog, Mwah xx

  • Oooh that cardi is beautiful! 🙂 really nice pieces, sure to be wardrobe classics! 🙂

    The weather has been a bit odd lately hasn’t it? It was nice to have a few cool days to let us breathe a little before the summer humidity hits! 🙂

    • Mica I’ve been blown away by the quality and price from Wool Overs. Such classic pieces that we all need but hate spending a fortune on!
      Yes, crazy weather…warming up again now though xx

  • nellie1964

    You are just one of the most stylish women out there! Love following your blog! Cheers to you!

    • Oh you’ve truly made my day! In fact, my year! Thank-you so much for the fabulous compliment…and THANK-YOU for following along with my ramblings xxx

  • Louise

    I have some of their cardis and can vouch for their washability (2 dodgy words in one sentence :P). Must investigate the kimono top though. Thanks Bev.

    • Dodgy words worked perfectly for me lovely!
      The kimono top is a great workable piece that looks stylish – I love it!
      Thank-you for the lovely compliment about the pics, you’re very kind xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning in all these pieces Bev ,I love online shopping ,though I really don’t have a favourite store I like them all.i get too hot in jeans unless it’s freezing,so mine may be laying in wait for me till autumn,lovely post Xxx

    • Thanks darling you are very kind. I miss my jeans so much when the mercury rises…but I know they are impossible to wear without melting into a (middle-aged) puddle. Mwah xxx

  • Petra

    I love the soft grey with the white jeans Bev – always a classic! I only wear trousers of any sort (including tights) when it drops below 18!!! Anything above 18 I’m in flowy tunics! Good thing I’m in Melbourne now!!! Have a wonderful weekend Bev (I’m celebrating my boy’s 13th – wow time flies!) xo

    • Thanks so much Petra – I adore pastels with grey and white such a great combo…you’ve made me giggle – 18 & above = flowy tunic LOVE this!
      Have a wonderful fun filled weekend with your boy darling xx

  • What fantastic value! I love these pieces, particularly the long cardy. I often buy from o/s retailers and am often surprised at how quickly they arrive. Thanks so much for introducing me to this fab brand! x

    • It’s a pleasure darling. I just knew you would love these gorgeous girl…after all, we are kindred fashion souls!
      Plus, 10% off already low prices for cotton and silk that is machine washable – for me it’s a no-brainer

  • Looking fabulous here Bev. I love every single piece. V x

    • Thanks V, I was gobsmacked with the price and quality from Wool Overs – I know I’ll be wearing them for seasons to come! xx