My Work Wardrobe: The button through Maxi Edit

So I walked through the door at Country Road last Tuesday morning after our trip to Byron and fell instantly in love AGAIN!

Well ok, it may not have been full-blown love, more like panic lust.

Do you know what I mean?

That feeling when you see something you love/lust, but instantly realise there are only a few left – you quickly pray to the fashion gods that one of those three is a size 12?

Yes, it happened AGAIN!

The Button Through Maxi Edit

Geometric Print Split Maxi Dress $199.00 (I’m wearing a 12 – it’s quite generous)  |  Stone Necklace $199.00 both Country Road

If I’m honest, I had already been secretly eyeing-up this dress online, I knew it was a ‘me’ dress but I was unsure on:

  1. Whether our store would receive it and if it arrived while I was away, would they sell like hot-cakes!
  2. If we did have my size, would it be long enough for me.
  3. I was unsure of the button-through style, as they can be hard to pull off for a curvy pear like me.

You see, I love my maxi’s to be floor-draggers. – not ankle grazers.

I adore having enough fabric to swish or billow when I walk…that’s half the fun of wearing a maxi for me.

That and the comfort value – no need to shave your legs or worry about fake tan – pure heaven!

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that the fabric drags on the floor at all – I do understand this would seriously annoy the life out of most folks, but for me it’s perfection. My washing machine & I are very well acquainted 😉

But for me, the longer length just makes the over-all look more streamline.

I feel that dresses that fall on or above my ankle cut me off and make me look wider.

Anyway, I didn’t bother trying the dress on though. I just bought it, because I loved it enough to really make it work.

The belted look of this maxi shirt dress, does alter the way it can be worn though.

Most maxi dresses either fall from the empire line or are more figure hugging. Both styles work well with extra length for us tall girls.

The Button Through Maxi Edit IMG_3653 650 IMG_3657 650

* Excuse the quality of the images – they were shot at dusk in really poor light.


Honestly? A touch longer would have made this dress total perfection for me, but in saying that, I don’t think it could have been too much longer because of the ‘shirt’ style.

Overall, I’m as happy as a sandboy.

Wearing it with an extra button open at the top will also help if like me, you have a fuller bust.

AND you can play around with where you choose to have the belt or even add a leather belt for different look.

Higher will give the illusion of longer legs.

Lower lengthens the torso, if you are short-waisted.

You could also wear it open over a plain maxi dress or over your bikini (like the CR model) – if you have a cracking figure…Which, just for the record, I do not 😉

Now you already know I love my Maxi’s – are they your best fashion friend too?

Would you go for a button through style? 


Its Wednesday again so I’m heading over to Kimba Likes place to hang out with the girls.






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  • I LOOVE this dress. You look fabulous and like you I like my maxi dresses to be long because I’m a tall gal.

    • Thanks Bec! being tall can be an issue with length…like a said the longer the better for me.xx

  • You look amazing Bev. I love maxis and need a few more in my closet. Looks like I may have to try it on and see. V x

    • As soon as I see a maxi, my heart always skips a beat, because the outfit possibilities are endless. Give this one a tree sweetcheeks xx

  • Oh you look fabulous Bev! I bought this post haste too and can’t wait to wear it. I like the length on me and the shirt style is something new and different for me in a maxi. I really love you in blue too! x

    • Thank you so much lovely. I am drawn to blue – I just love it…almost as much as my black!
      Can’t wait to see you in this one V, it has sold like hot-cakes…I’m already looking forward to see what bargains you bag in the next couple of days with 25% off store wide! xxx

  • I’m a shorty too but love the shirt style and the way you can wear the belt high or low. You look gorgeous and I agree the fun of a maxi is the swish it gives. And soooo true about not having to shave your legs – such a bonus xo

    • Thanks gorgeous! Maxi’s always make me feel fabulous…even on my daggy days.
      This shirt style is different but very wearable and flexible. I also think it would look cute worn open over shorts, a tee and lace up pumps! xx

  • LOVE me a maxi… and I agree, the longer the better. More drama, is well, more! Learning how to pull of hte belted styles is tricky for shorties like me, I usually find it’s all too much puffy fabric. But this one is quite streamlined, will have to check it out in store. Gorgeous miss! K x

    • Thanks darling! I do love all of my maxi’s…the more drama the better I say.
      Kate you rock everything you wear to perfection, so I feel positive you could easily whip this belted frock into something special xx

  • great dress! I love the print. You look wonderful in it.

  • Oh that is a stunning print! And really quite a practical piece – as you’ve said you could style it so many different ways! 🙂 I’m a big fan of maxi dresses and skirts, despite being a tiny little shortie. I am different from you in that I prefer the hem off the ground, which unfortunately means I have to get most maxi items altered to suit my tiny little legs, haha. But oh the comfort of them, makes it worth it! 🙂

    • Mica you are so right – the comfort factor gets me every single time too.
      Plus they always look special, even when you’re dashing to Coles for a loaf of bread! xx
      Thanks for stopping by lovely xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning this dress Bev I love it on you ,I like my maxi dresses long too,even though I’m short I think it gives a more ethereal pretty feeling when they swish along the floor,I just hold them up so I don’t trip over,gorgeous dress Xx

    • Thank you my gorgeous friend. I always make sure my maxi’s drag the floor – it makes them feel so special.
      You have a drool worthy selection of frocks darling – I love them all xxx

  • Love this but I’m the opposite, I need super short maxis…which Victoria’s Secret do 🙂

  • You look gorgeous. I wish I had the height and the legs to pull this look off.

    • Thanks darling – this dress is very wearable! I’m sure you would look fabulous in a maxi xx

  • What an awesome piece of clothing Bev. So many options!
    As a ‘shortie’ I rarely have the problem that something is too short, usually the opposite 😉 My Maxi’s are always dragging on the ground haaa.
    You are pulling off this ‘dress’ PERFECTLY!
    You’re Gorgeous!
    C x

    • Oh Claire thank you so much – how lovely you are!
      It’s so funny how you can’t tell someone’s height from a pic. In my mind you are as tall as me!
      Lucky you, always having floor-draggers – I would be in maxi-heaven xxx