Oh Byron how I (we) love thee

Oh. My.

Boy were we ready for a week off work.

Lazy days of doing nothing were just what the imaginary doctor ordered.

Mr IM and I have relaxed and caught up. We’ve reconnected and enjoyed being together 24/7.

Books have been read.

Alcohol and fabulous food consumed. Yep in that order!

All of the things that make you realise how good life is, if you just slow down for a second and take a breath.

So after a couple of days at home chilling out, it was time to pack up the car and head south.

Destination Byron Bay.

Oh Byron how I (we) love thee

Byron, you have managed to do it again.

You have re-worked your magic spell on us by showing off peacock-style.

Within seconds of arriving we immediately felt at home. The familiarity of pulling of the highway and instantly knowing where you are, turns a short break into bliss-ville…

Just like the feeling when you take off your bra and slip on your tee and trackie’s at the end of the day- best feeling ever!

Now, Mr IM and I are lucky enough to  know Byron and the surrounding areas pretty well.

As I mentioned in this post – we already had a good idea of the things we wanted to do while we were away.

But one of the things we had no control over was where we had booked to stay – we did however have a bit of inside information…

Ms May had previously stayed at Aaron’s at Byron and raved about just how beautifully relaxing it was.

She is her mother’s daughter after-all, and one of the many things that we both agree on is, accommodation is king.

We also stayed at fabulous accommodation in Palm Cove if you are heading up that way any time soon.

So before I go all gushy gushy about Aaron’s. You need to know, I’m not the type of girl to compromise on my comfort. Two/three nights of luxury wins hands down over 14 nights of budget for me.

I appreciate that we are all looking for something completely different out of our short-breaks and getaways though.

If you love camping on the beach  – fabulous.

If you adore your activity holidays – brilliant

If fancy accommodation is not your things – that’s fine too. Do whatever floats your boat and fits your budget I say.

BUT, if you are looking for a kids-free getaway – then read on because this little gem, could just be what you’re looking for…

Aaron’s at Byron – not sponsored.

I have never stayed at a guest house in Australia before. In fact, I’ve never stayed at a guest house full-stop – not anywhere in the world.

We normally go for a hotel from a big chain –  I suppose that’s ultimately one of the things I love about Byron- there are no big chain hotels fighting to command the top beach-side spot.

With Byron you have to delve deeper to find what you are looking for.

High on our list of wants:

  • Boutique style accommodation.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Private.
  • Great Location.
  • Pool.
  • Quiet.

One of the many reasons why we loved Aaron’s so much, was that it was private and quiet. We were able to park the car safely at the back of the property and forget about it (parking is limited in Byron and I hate leaving my car out on the road).

Talking of cars…

When we decided to book a short break away, I wanted to fly somewhere. Mr IM thought it would be better to drive (he hates waiting around at airports) he also said “let’s just throw everything we could need in the car and relax” – just for the record I DID 😉

Mr IM also decided that it would be a good idea to take my car to Byron. I do very limited mileage these days and it would make a change for him to be heading South towards Brisbane in a different ride.

This decision really did make our short break. Yes, my car was full with enough outfits to stay a whole week (for both of us I might add, not just me) but it also meant that we could take some little luxuries with us too. Things you always wish fitted in your suitcase and luggage allowance!

Champagne and our favourite wine for pre-drinks on the deck.

A platter of our favourite cheeses for relaxing after an early start on our  first day. We hit the ground running we arrived in Byron. Dashing straight out for lunch, the beach, shopping and of course early evening cocktails. We then relaxed by making the most of those little luxuries when the wall of tiredness hit.

Aaron’s has four suites in total. All with their own small deck area. Our room was spacious and beautifully presented with a small bar fridge and kettle. There is also a communal lounge and kitchenette available for your convenience along with a BBQ area are should you wish self-cater.

All four suites look out onto the pool and spa area which is simply divine. A gorgeous daybed (complete with the latest glossies) entices you to take a moment to nestle down with a glass of something delicious.

This place really is idyllic.

But the best thing is the location.

You can find Aarons on the main road from the highway into Byron (Shirley Street). So just the mere fact that you only have to walk 500 metres into town is bliss.

All of the suites are located at the back of the property, which makes for a peaceful nights sleep for such a central location.

So next time you find yourself looking for the perfect place to stay in Byron let Aaron’s luxury suites tempt you…just so you know they also have a sister property called Abi’s on the other side of town. We haven’t stayed there yet but who knows what the future hold eh?

There is so much to do in and around Byronshire. So many beautiful places to visit. Breathtaking beaches and fabulous laid back people.

Lennox Head – 7 mile Beach.

Lake Ainsworth – the tea tree lake.

Bangalow – is just quaint and gorgeous.

The Lighthouse – great morning walk.

Beach Hotel in Byron. The Balcony Bar and Dinner at St Elmo.

I could go on and on.

Truly we loved every single second.

Until next time Byron.

Has Byron grabbed your heart? Have you every stayed at Aarons? 

Feel free to give a shout-out if you’ve found a gem of a place in the Byron area too.







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  • We always take a short trip in the New Year and I’d love to go back to Byron with the family. Such a beautiful spot. You’ve reminded me how lovely it is there. Your pictures are stunning! It look like you had an amazing time. It probably won’t be as relaxing for me with 2 kids in tow 😉 Xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Look at your lovely pics! Last time I went to Byron (July) it sadly rained like crazy. I hope to venture back though and check out some of these lovely spots that we couldn’t get to before. So nice to recharge the batteries by driving away for a break, so many beautiful spots around. We are so lucky to live in this versatile country and Byron looks like it left you well-rested lovely! x

    • Oh we really did have a fabulous few days! It was just what we both needed. I’m so sorry it rained when you went – the weather can really put you off a place. I remember it rained on us once too – I was devastated! Next time you go, it will be perfection – I’ve just put your order in to the weather gods 😉
      You’re so right, we are the LUCKIEST calling this place home xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love Byron and the surrounding areas Bev it is stunning,we stayed in Lennox head many years ago and loved it!Your holiday looks beautiful and I’m so glad you had a lovely time together ,I will look at going back some day Xxx

    • Thanks so much darling xx Byron has so many cool and trendy places to sip a cocktail or have dinner but Lennox just melts my heart. I always feel like we have the best of both worlds when we visit – I ADORE the whole area xx Might meet you down there when you go…now wouldn’t that be fun? xxx

  • I’m dreaming of a kid free holiday. I haven’t had one in 16 years. It is long overdue. This place looks divine.

    • Whoa, 16 years! Byron would be the perfect place for you both to kick-back and relax Raychael xx

  • Thanks so much for your hot tips Bev! I LOVE Byron and had a fantastic time there earlier this year with a girlfriend. I loved the laid back vibe, fab cocktails, the beach … pretty much all you said. Great shopping in nearby Bangalow too. Thanks for the heads up re your accomm too. I’d love to return one day with Mr SnS and this looks perfect. x

    • Its a pleasure darling! Byron really is a fabulous place for everyone. Ms May enjoys it just as much as we do and often goes with friends. The beaches are fabulous all along the coast – next time you go, head down to Lennox Head – 7 mile beach is just divine! xx