I’m a foundation junkie

Pretties, I have a bit of a problem. I’m taking over the bathroom drawers with my make-up addiction and it could turn ugly in the IM household…

Poor Mr IM is getting pushed out and he’s not a happy hubby.

If only you knew how much make-up I owned… far too much for one face to deal with, I tell ya!

Anything that promises to make my skin look top-notch instantly gets my attention – every single time.

Alright I’ll admit, this addiction of mine is totally quite embarrassing really.

But I just can seem to help myself.

I’m no make-up artist or beautician – just a girl who loves to look her best most of the time...I use the word most quite liberally – I stick to the 70/30 rule (30% of the time I’m totally happy looking like a complete dag).

So what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I resist the temptation of trying every new product that hits the shelves?

I must also confess that even though I buy most new products I mostly end up sticking to the brands that I know and love.

The brands that I have used for years.

Why? Because they deliver what they offer.

But it still doesn’t stop me trying everything new.

Although, in my defence, my motto in life has always been to be selective, yet open-minded to change.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

So like all good make-up lovers, when something new pops on my radar I’m always cautiously excited to give it a go…will it stand up to the stiff competition it’s pitted against?

Because I’m realistic enough to know that my 50-year-old skin is a challenge for any foundation.

Add to the mix, my extremely dry skin and most foundations pack their cases and dash out the front door before I’ve even had chance to break the seal on the bottle.

Dry, sensitive and prone to psoriasis breakouts in times of stress – it takes something special to stick around I tell ya!

So when these two products dropped into my letter box, I found myself rather excited to give them a try.

After all, they arrived promising to pack a hefty punch.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation *

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer *


I went for the 040 Fawn (which is quite dark – because my body is tanned) in the foundation and 03 medium in the concealer.

Here’s what usually floats my boat in the foundation stakes:

  • Flawless medium coverage.
  • Staying power in an air-conditioned environment (my skin is zapped of moisture).
  • SPF is a must (I’m just too lazy to apply this separately).
  • Not drying or cakey. (My wrinkles are bad enough, thanks very much!).

There are a few steps to achieving perfect foundation application though. Steps that I believe are extremely important as we get older and our skin’s needs are greater.

  1. Exfoliate away the dead skin cells (I use a gentle exfoliator or my Clarisonic in the shower every morning).
  2. Cleanse – I’m loving Dermalogica in the shower or Bioderma for a quick fix.
  3. Serum – this needs to be specific to your skins individual needs.
  4. Moisturiser – Using Dermalogica and loving the results.
  5. Primer – I can’t stress how important a primer is to my foundation application/staying power. I’m using Hourglass veil which was a recommendation from the lovely Barbe over at Fashionisa in Suburbia. It is amazing stuff and means that I don’t need to touch-up my make-up all day.

Here is what Maybelline say:

“Maybelline’s first vitamin enriched long wear foundation & concealer with skin improving Actyl-C for flawless coverage now, smoother, more even skin in 3 weeks!”

Enriched with Actyl C which leaves the skin feeling energised and looking fresh and radiant. Actyl C helps with skin regeneration.

Visible changes in your skin over a three week period. Including hydration, supple and even skin tone. Along with brightening of dull and tired skin.

Flawless all day coverage. The innovative air-cushioned pigments feel lightweight and offer a flawless coverage that lasts all day.

The concealer is enriched with the same vitamin enriched ingredients which works well on blemishes, redness and dark circles.

The foundation is available in 5 different shades – I opted for a slightly darker shade than I normally wear, as its almost summer time here.

My thoughts:

  • As the foundation is a liquid base, I applied it with a brush.
  • It went on well and settled on to my primer quickly.
  • I really loved the extra moisture boost that my skin received.
  • Coverage lasted from 7am until 6pm with no touch-ups. Hurrah!
  • I would probably have benefited from adding a touch of mineral powder over my nose to reduce shine (which hardly ever happens).


Excuse the close-up peeps – but I wanted you to see the coverage!

So if you are in the market for a new foundation beauties, consider giving this one a try.

Because overall, I was pretty darn impressed.

Ouch: I’ve just realised…I now have to explain to Mr IM why TWO more products are taking up valuable ensuite space – EEK!

Wish me luck!

Are you a make-up junkie too? Or do you have a tried and tested product that you can’t live without?


** These products were gifted to me for editorial consideration**



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