Getting my curves under control

If you pop by here often, by now, you will have already gathered than I’m the kinda girl that’s more than happy to accept any help I can get, when it comes to me looking good that is.

I like to look my best most of the time (as I mentioned in this post – I stick to the 70/30 rule…70% of the time I make sure I look ok, the other 30% I embrace my inner dag – this balance works perfectly for me).

Whether that be a touching up my botox, wearing a moisturiser that is offering to make my skin look as good as a new-born baby’s bottom or a trip to the salon to banish my grey hair  touch up my roots – maintenance is crucial as far as I’m concerned.

I’m also fond of happily accepting help that comes in the form of shapewear…My only rule: it has to be comfortable. I positively hate being trussed up like a turkey – all for the sake of my vanity.

You know that sensation when your  tummy and bum feel like they are in a vice? Yes, that. – No thank-you!

Until now, the only range that I would ever spend my money on was Spanx. In particular, the Slim Cognito range. Seamfree, pain-free control underwear that makes you drop a dress size and feel a million dollars in a heartbeat.

Back in the UK when I had my bridal boutique, I would often have my brides wearing a full Spanx body suit on their wedding day.

A beautifully soft, silk crepe frock could not be spoilt by VPL (visable panty line).

As soon as brides saw how amazing their wedding gowns looked – and how magical their already stunning figures felt –  they never gave a second thought to wearing them.

They still brought their beautiful undies, but they just saved them for later in the day…

Why, because we all want to look as good as possible. Especially for the bigger events in our lives.

If I feel I look good – then I’m more confident.

So, as you know from what I already wear in my outfit posts, this curvy girl is more than happy to embrace a tight-fitting number.

Like most people, I never really appreciated what a good figure I had in my twenties/thirties. Now, I’m heavier than I’ve ever been, but ironically I don’t seem to stress as much about my curves anymore.

The one thing that I  positively hate though, is a dodgy knicker line showing through a tight-fitting frock.

Or the feeling of having to hold my breath all day to stop my tummy sticking out.

Dead-set nothing worse.

So when I received a nice little package from the lovely Michel at Bella Bodies – my interest in all things tight-fitting/control undies was spiked…I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Would they match up to my beloved Spanx?

Quite hilarious, but I think I contacted Michel of Bella Bodies within a couple of days of the goodies arriving, to say just how impressed I was with the comfort and wear-ability factor.

Michel had kindly sent me a few different items to try – I already knew the one that would appeal to this curvy girl straight up, was the Runway Slip (coincidentally this is also one of their best-sellers).

I was in heaven.

You might want to look away now…

I apologise in advance but I really wanted you to see me practising what I preach. Because let’s face, it I’m no skinny Minnie!

Getting my curves under control

Twisted Back Maxi Dress $129.00 | Rylie Wedge $179.00 both CR  |  Runway Slip $85.99 (I’m wearing Medium) Bella Bodies *  |  Juliette Heel $179.00  |  Antonia Mule $179.00 both CR  |  Stone Necklace $199.00 CR

The slip is really comfortable (so comfortable that I can wear it all day at work and not melt in the QLD heat). It doesn’t ride up either!

You don’t need a shoe horn to get it on. Nothing more than a quick wriggle and you’re in. I didn’t wear  bra under mine but of course you could if need be. They only extra thing I added was gel insert covers to protect my modesty.

It goes without saying, that control undies are not for every day, although the lovely Sonia Styling swears by the tummy tuck ultimate panty under her jeans.

They are for special occasions or the days when  that extra bit of confidence will make you walk tall and strut you beautiful stuff!


Psssstttttt – tell you buddies, Michel is offering all Iris May Style readers a 15% discount for the next 7 days. Use code IRIS15 at the checkout.


*This was gifted to me for editoral consideration.

So tell me lovelies, do you run a mile from control undies?

Do you have a favourite brand that you’d like to share with us all?

As it’s Thursday, I’m nipping over to Link up with Rachel from Redcliffe Style  – come over and say Hello.




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  • Uggbootdiva

    You are great. Great post- very real and very helpful. I love it when bloggers show clothes ON themselves as real people. Did I read that the slip has built in undies??

    • Awww thank you so much! I always try my best to give the most honest account of all of the products I’m gifted – even if it means stepping completely out of my comfort zone!.

      Yes, there are built in undies – winner! x

  • You. Are. Smoking. Hot. End of story! x

  • There is nothing to look away from. You look gorgeous in underwear. I hate frump and rump but this brand is soo on my radar to buy from. I’ve been investing in free flowing dresses lately and I hope to lose my baby weight in the new year!

    • Thanks Bec – you’re lovely! I think the new year is the perfect time to tackle a new regime, so just relax now and enjoy the festivities! xx

  • Great post Bev. I really need a slip like this one to wear under my dresses, especially the dresses that are a little see-through. You look gorgeous as usual. x

    • Thanks Shannon – you’re too kind. I was more than worried about this post, but I really did want to shout about just how fab this slip is and I felt the only way was to show me wearing it! xx

  • Cheryl

    I wish I’d have read this post (mind you, you would have had to have written it a while ago) before I bought my stuff from Target. All it does is create bulges elsewhere and rolls up from the bottom and down from the top so it’s like wearing a damn sausage around your hips. I want to hide bulges, not create them! This is on my list, now and thank you for the % off too 🙂

    • I’ve never tried any of the Target shapewear Cheryl (although I have tried similar brands in the UK – spending a fortune in the process). The Bella Bodies slip really does stay in place and with built in undies, its the perfect piece for hiding the bits we don’t love xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    There is nothing worse than lumpy bulges under smooth clothing. I do like my M&S light control underwear and I find it’s quite wearable here in our climate. A slip dress, I find is much more wearable than those cycle pants type control wear. Thankfully control wear is much more sexy than it used to be! You look fab and bravo for sharing! x

    • I might have to order me some of those M&S undies gorgeous girl. Thanks for the tip…I still place a regular order with M&S every couple of months – thank god for free shipping!
      Slip dresses (that don’r slip) are amazing. The one I have on, has a special non-slip edge at the bottom that works a treat xxx Oh and thanks so much for the lovely comments – I was more than a little nervous about sharing the pic in my undies!

  • I love your outfit. Generally speaking I find shapewear to be too restrictive and uncomfortable for me. If I had an extra special occasion and an extra special outfit I might consider it.

    • Thanks so much Ingrid.
      Finding the right brand is a must when it comes to control undies. They can be expensive too – the only two brands I would wear are Spanx and Bella Bodies because I refuse to give up the comfort factor! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look wonderful Bev and you have curves in the right places.I run a mile from control underwear usually because the only things I gave ever tried dug in and were so uncomfortable and made my tummy hurt.
    I do wear what I call my big girl pants when I want a smooth line under dresses they are bonds high cut cottontails knickers,not the ugly ones though I think they would be comfy

    • Lot’s of people say how uncomfortable control wear is Lisa – there are so many ‘vice’ like contraptions on the market, it’s no wonder they are painful to wear. Both the Spanx and Bella Bodies pieces I have are like a dream to wear. I definitely wouldn’t want to wear them everyday though, but for those special occasions they are amazing!
      Thanks so much my beautiful friend for the wonderful words – you’ve made this curvy girl really smile xx

  • I am with you Bev – excellent support wear is a must. I love my Bella Bodies pieces too – the lounge bra is great too for mooching around at home. x

    • I haven’t tried the lounge bra yet V, but it sounds like a dream in the comfort stakes. Support wear is just another string to our bow when it come looking our best, don’t you think? xx

  • You look amazing in the first picture, but you can tell in the last night that the slip just helps iron things out a little. Good on you for being so brave and sharing that middle photo, you even look amazing in control underwear!!!

    • Thanks so much Vicki…you’re very kind!
      I’m with you, the slip just irons out everything to make it look smoother and less obvious. Control wear has been part of my fashion arsenal for as long as I can remember – but these days though it’s so much more wearable/comfortable it you get the right brand! xx

  • I think you look fab!! I think this is exactly what I have been looking for. Does it roll up at all while you’re wearing it?

    • Thanks so much Rachel! I think you would love this. I’ve worn it twice for work under tight fitting dresses and it didn’t moved at all – in fact, so much so, I felt the need to keep showing everyone how good it was! xx

  • Angela

    Ive not had much luck with undies, they ride down, but i might try the slip. Im going to ask a bit of a dumb question. Do you wear normal knickers underneath?

    • The runway slip doesn’t move at all Angela. It’s actually quite incredible…I have trialled it on two separate days for work and it has moved an inch – even with all of my running around the shop! There are undies built in to the slip, with easy hook & eye access for going to the loo! I loved it and will invest in the black too xx Hope this helps!

  • For some reason I find anything restrictive on my tummy (like shapewear) gives me a terrible bellyache after a couple of hours :-(. Love that outfit though!

    • I’m all for comfort Janet – if it causes you pain, don’t wear it! T
      Thanks for the lovely comment! xx

    • Lisa Mckenzie

      I agree Angela Xx