Bohemian Traders Part Two

When I entered the Bohemian Traders give-away on IG I knew I would win.

I just had a feeling the Ahoy dress already had my name on it.

Does that ever happen to you?

Or am I just a clairvoyant in disguise? You can call me mystic Bev 😉

After seeing a few of my favourite bloggers already rocking this dress – I desperately wanted to give a go myself. Style it my way if you like.

You can see  the gorgeous Sonia and Rachel wearing their Ahoy frocks here: Sonia Styling  | Rachel from Redcliffe Style

Anyway, the Ahoy dress, is a dress that I would wear anyway, a dress I would part with my hard-earned cash for.

What’s not to love about a V-neck with stripes eh?

Bohemian Traders Part Two

Ahoy dress $139.00 Bohemian Traders I’m wearing a large (could have gone medium)  | Gladiators last year from Witchery | Sunnies –  Ray Ban Wayfarers

So when I entered, I was already picturing myself wearing the dress tonnes of different ways.

Before I go on, if you are new around these parts, you need to know, I love my heels. When I’m imagining myself wearing anything for the first time, the picture that enters my head, is always with a heel.

Please tell me you love heels as much as me…they can be extremely comfy – I promise, but always flattering to the leg.

Now, as this dress is casual in design, fabric and colour, my beloved gladiator heels felt like the perfect choice.

Flats of course will always work fabulously too – think slides, lace up brogues. pumps and boots.

Do stripes make you as happy as they make me? I LOVE them – I truly do.

So anyway, when I contacted Emily (from Bohemian Traders) trying really hard not to gush and squeal with delight (I also didn’t want her to think I was a complete idiot – which I am of course).

The first question she asked  was what colour I would prefer, I’m not sure why, but I opted for the red.

Red  is completely outside of my comfort zone.

If I’m honest, red is probably my least favourite colour ever. I’ve always had an aversion to red for as long as I can remember – 

I obviously get a major kick out of challenging myself!

Let’s face facts here. I know I’m conservative when it comes to colour, my wardrobe is predominately black and navy, so when I asked Emily for Red  – even I was shocked!

I guess I was more relaxed on the colour because it was a gift – I don’t know. All I know is the second it arrived I instantly knew I’d made the right choice.

I LOVE  the red…Note to self: throw caution to the wind more often.

Pretties, let’s just talk in more depth about this dress for a second or two shall we? Because I believe it’s the perfect shape for most body types.

As you already know I’m a curvy pear. All of my weight is on my rather large posterior and chunky thighs. Yes I have a bust too, but when I look in the mirror I am wider on the bottom half of my body.

But what I loved most about this dress, is how easy it glides on.

The Ahoy dress is not too fitted anywhere, which makes it a perfect throw on.

It’s also extremely lightweight – making it a perfect summer staple.

The stripes instantly give the frock the style factor too – perfection I say. Perfection.

Don’t be frightened by the deep v-neck either. The wider shoulder straps offer great balance to the dress, the v-neck also means it’s super-duper for wearing with a jacket too.

Oh and the best bit…POCKETS!

Oh yes, darling Emily, I have to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life complete.

You see, I do love pockets that much. 😉

Have I convinced you to give it a try?

Did you catch Bohemian Traders Part One?

Last week I gushed with glee about the fabulous linen Shirtmaker dress – a must if you’re a frock lover that adores linen like moi!

Do you embrace the stripe? Or is your first though to run a mile from a horizontal stripe?


It’s my favourite day of the week again…Wardrobe Wednesday over at Kimba Likes place.



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  • You look GORGEOUS in this dress! I have it in both colours and it is seriously the easiest dress to just throw on and feel “done” (as well as stylish). Thanks for the link love! x

  • Kathryn

    Bev you always look fantastic! I love this dress, I have the navy version. (Pity there isn’t a black version lol) I just love wearing it. I wore it on the plane with a denim jacket, scarf and sandals. So comfortable, and I even slept okay in it. I have been thinking about buying the red too! I really really want one of BT’s Falling Flowers kimonos – maybe I could just play Santa to myself! xx

    • Kathryn you are so lovely, thank-you. I’m head over heels in love with this frock. It’s so comfy and looks crisp no matter how you wear it…which means you definitely need another!
      Santa baby? Oh yes indeed! xx

  • I adore this dress, and I have it too. In the red of course! I also bought it a little oversized and I love it!

    • Seriously you are rocking everything you wear at the moment…you have major cuteness factor too – which I love!
      Not surprised at all that you chose the red! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Well, like you, I’m not too keen on colour as such. I like to stick to the neutrals…is it a Brit thing? Having said that I’ve just bought 2 tee’s in brighter colours, it’s a change! The red looks awesome with your hair and the white in the dress breaks it up to make it more ‘do-able’ for us on the fence. I think Kim-Marie had the red too. It’s a gorgeous shape and I have been admiring it for a while, lucky you to win one!! I love how you’ve belted it with heels! x

    • Do you know what, I think it could be a Brit thing…we didn’t see that much sunshine did we? No wonder our wardrobes are bursting with Monochrome – to match the weather maybe 😉
      I have truly fallen hard for this dress. I especially love it with the tan heels and linen jacket…stripes might just have converted me to wearing red…or maybe it was the pockets! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Red really suits you Bev I like the red,and I also like the navy I have been going to buy one but not sure of which one yet! though i probably have enough dresses in my wardrobe already

    • Oh Lisa thank-you so much. I was so happy I could have burst when I found out – delighted doesn’t even come close! This dress is so versatile, you would look stunning in it. You have a fabulous figure and rock every frock you wear!
      Christmas present to yourself maybe? Pockets and stripes would make me smile so much on Christmas morning 😉 tonnes of love xx

  • Petra

    Why oh why would you NOT wear red – you look AMAZING in red with your blonde hair and tan. You must wear it more often! Stripes have always been a fave of mine, since my teenage years when I used to wear a lot of nautical. I saw 2 elderly ladies today wearing red, white and blue (with stripes) and they looked so smart. I think I’ll embrace the look again because it’s easy to mix and match and suitable for all occasions methinks. Have a great day Bev xo

    • Oh thanks so so much Petra. No sure where the aversion to red even came from…maybe I need to stop focusing on not liking it and just throw myself in! Stripes are the perfect way for me to start don’t you think? This dress might be the start of things to come…what this space xx

  • Looks amazing on you! Love a dress that doesn’t cling to the hips!

  • It’s quite a simple dress but you wear it with such fabulous style. The blazer combo is fantastic. Lightweight and pockets!! It’s definitely on my wishlist xo

    • Thanks so much gorgeous! I just adore stripes and blazers together – it’s my ultimate favourite style. Classic and easy to wear…Christmas wishlist maybe? I think you’d get lots of wear out of this one! xx

  • I just love this amazing dress on you. I love it on Sonia and Rachel as well. I think I need to get my booty over to Bohemian Traders to buy one. You look gorgeous lovely lady. V x

    • Thanks so much beautiful girl. You’re so right Sonia and Rachel look fabulous in theirs too. As would you…I feel sure you would love this one to bit’s – it’s perfect for you! xx

  • Katypotaty

    Freaking love it, darling! I think it’s going to be the perfect casual Monday outfit all Summer long!

    • I just knew you would. This has your name written all over it…perfect work dress treat? xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    You wear it so well Bev, I just love it with the blazer. I think I need one! X

    • Oh thanks so much Jen. It really is a fabulous lightweight and very wearable dress – perfect for the summer months…go on, treat yourself! xxx