Bohemian Traders Part One

When I found out I was the lucky winner of the Ahoy dress on the Bohemian Traders IG giveaway – I almost popped with pleasure, I let out a ‘Yeah’ complimented with a excited and obligatory *fist-pump*.

I was at work at the time, in the back office and couldn’t believe my luck when I checked my phone.

Although, it’s kinda strange to say, but when I entered I had the feeling I would win…

Does that ever happen to you?

Pity it doesn’t happen with the lottery eh 😉

Anyway, delighted doesn’t even come close to how pleased I was with the news…but more about the ‘Ahoy’ little beauty soon.

Today is all about Linen.

Crisp as can be, cool linen.

Bohemian Traders Part One

Boyfriend Linen Shirtmaker $229.00 *

It’s a Bohemian Traders dress that I have simply fallen head over heels in love with.

One that suits my Classic Style personality to perfection.

But you already knew I was Classic girl right?

Great jeans, jackets, stripes and simple dresses have always been my thing. Along with a safe colour palette, with only a hint of colour.

I’m pushing my fashion boundaries a touch at the moment pretties, by adding the odd Kimono/Cape paired back with jeans/tee – go me!

But overall, classic simplicity always wins the day.

So can you imagine my excitement at finding the perfect summer LINEN dress to add to my wardrobe?

Now, one thing I am blessed with, is the ability to spot a good frock at a 100 paces. One that won’t date and can be worn anywhere from the beach to dinner.

This is that frock.

Bohemian Traders Part One

I’m wearing a Medium…I also have mayor leg envy from the girl standing next to me 😉

So listen up lovelies…because this one might just work for you too.

Because it’s piece that I will won’t be able to resist wearing at every given opportunity.

A piece that I know will stay around for seasons to come, due to its simplicity and wearability.

How do I know?

  • It’s 100% Linen
  • Cool, comfortable and perfect for summer.
  • Stylish Boyfriend Shirtmaker Style.
  • Covers a multitude of sins

Total genius in both fabric and design I say. Total. Genius.

It’s also a dress I had  spookily been eyeing up on the Bohemian Traders website when their new SS collection was launched.

Match made in heaven yes – or just the fashion planets aligning?

I’ll take either.

Now as I mentioned in this post, my love of linen means that being creased doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It’s comes with the territory, it’s a trade-off I’m willing to cope with to gain comfort and breathability. I just embrace it and never give it a second thought.

Let’s face it, who wants to sweat it out all summer long in Polyester? A few creases here and there, just add character and authenticity in my book.

I’m wearing a nude slip from Bella Bodies (just the best slip EVER – let’s arrange a date to talk about this next week lovelies) which worked a treat in being almost transparent under the dress (I don’t own a nude seamless dress/slip, only black/white).

Metalicus also do fabulous seamless dresses like this one .

Or just wear  your favourite nude bra and undies – do whatever makes you feel drop dead gorgeous and confident, because this ALWAYS  gets my vote.

Length wise, I’m 5’8″ – as you can see the dress sits at a perfect length just above my knee. Any shorter, and I might break out into a cold sweat!

So I’ve decided to just add a few pieces from my wardrobe, to show how I might wear this cute little number – depending on my mood of course…

If this dress tickles your fancy as much as it does mine, Bohemian Traders have a snazzy little Spend & Save offer going on at the moment.

Spend $150 take $50 off. Spend $300 take $100 off. Spend $600 take $200 off…can you guess what other pieces I have my eye on?

*This dress was gifted to me for editorial consideration


Are you a Boho kinda chic? Or a classic type like me?

Brought anything from the Bohemian Traders collection lately?


Yes its Wednesday, so its time to show some love to the Glam Squad gals over at Kimba Likes place.






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  • You look fabulous in this frock Bev! It really suits you. I am well and truly on the Bohemian Traders/Linen train too. Toot toot! x

    • Thanks so much beautiful girl…I can already picture you wearing this one! Toot toot indeed! xx

  • This dress is amazing! I have been eyeing it off and would love the white one too. Stunning! Rachel xx

    • Thanks gorgeous! I can highly recommend it Rachel…a dream to wear and it’s cool. Go for it! xx

  • I love this dress on you. And I need to get me one of those bella slips ASAP! I get scared wearing full on white with little kids. Milk spills are camouflaged but not Vegemite stains!

    • Thanks Bec! Wait until next week, I’ll be blogging about Bella Bodies and I will have a discount code. It is seriously the best thing ever!
      Totally understand about the white…little ones with sticky fingers and all that! xx

  • LOVE the simplicity of this wardrobe essential. You look gorgeous in it Bev. I really need to head over to BT RIGHT NOW x

    • Thanks so much Kate – this really is a fab dress. BT has some fabulous pieces and I’ve heard their jeans are to die for too xx

  • Congrats and wow – you totally own this look. I’m definitely a linen and classic fan. Recently I’ve been loving a bit of navy linen but that whiteness is gorgeous! I must sort myself out with a nude slip soon. I see so much Bohemian Traders beauty on IG I do need to get on board!! I love the look of their dreamer dress and the kimonos…..hmmm Christmas 🙂

    • Awwww thanks Wendy! I truly LOVE linen – any colour will do. I’ve also been buying lots for Mr. IM too – he is almost as bad as me when it comes to clothes! Try Metalicus or Seed for a slip – they are just the perfect slips for under Kimon’s and Kaftans…although I often add them under floaty dresses too.
      The Daydreamer dress from BT is divine – I hope Santa has received his letter xx

  • Love, love, love! Such a classic piece. Need to get me some BT action stat. Xx

    • I’m honestly in dress heaven with this one gorgeous girl…Yes, you need to get on the BT train asap – you would rock the Daydreamer dress in Cobolt me thinks! xx

  • Congrats on winning the competition, woo-hoo! 🙂

    Your linen one you got is a pretty one too! I love it styled with the black and white kimono! 🙂

    I’m not a linen fan, the creases just get too me too much…but there is no denying it’s the perfect fabric for summer! 🙂

    • Thanks Mica..there is nothing like the feeling of bagging a frock you already loved!
      Wasn’t quite sure if the kimono would work – but I loved it too.
      Linen and summer really are a match made in heaven…that’s if you can but up with the creases of course, otherwise a good cotton always saves the day! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I’m a huge linen fan, it’s perfect for the QLD summer. I too love a classic dress and shirt style will never date as you say. Seriously, I’d love any cast-offs you may have in your wardrobe Bev! You look fabulous lovely! x

    • Linen is king. Mix linen with a silk yarn and I love it even more! This dress is so flexible – I just know I’ll wear it to death.
      Our taste is very similar. I’ll keep you in mind for my cast off’s darling…because I’m seriously running out of wardrobe space! 😉 xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love Bohemian traders it has some gorgeous things.I love this dress on you Bev it looks amazing and with those tan sandals just perfect.I also love your hair in these pics very edgy and chic,thank you for sharing Xx

    • Bohemian Traders do have some fabulous and extremely wearable pieces at the moment darling. Thank-you for the lovely comment, like you I adore a tan/white combo!
      I was having a very lazy hair day (couldn’t be bothered to dry it) so I embraced the curls…maybe I should do it more often! xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Love that dress on you! I’m not a huge fan of linen but B.H has got some lovely pieces that have caught my eyes at the moment. Can’t wait to see your Part 2 😉

    • Oh you’re a darling, thank-you! So many cute wearable pieces on the BT website at the moment AND it’s spend and save time 33% off is huge! xx

  • Looks fabulous on you! I’m a big Bohemian Traders fan. I love all my old season and new season pieces.

    • Thanks darling! I’m lusting after quite a few BT treasures at the moment…still admiring the white distressed skinnies. Do you have them? xx

  • Adore this dress on you!

  • I absolutely love this dress on you Bev. Just divine. Vx

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl. The quality of the linen is incredible – I’m in love AGAIN xxx