The Summer Dress Edit

Not sure about you, but when I’m travelling I need to be comfortable.

I can’t stand feeling trussed up like a turkey when I’m sitting in the car. No I can’t. Never. Not on your nellie.

I also like to arrive at my destination looking polished and ready for any eventuality. I mean who knows where we might stop en-route to Byron eh?

So when planning my short break wardrobe I had to cover all bases.

The one thing that can send me into a tail-spin is not having the right clobber with me. So when travelling by road,  I make my life as easy as possible by taking everything but the kitchen sink.

I cover every (yes every) eventuality.

Rain, shine, thunder, sub-zero…even I have to admit the jumper and trackies was over-kill.

Poor Mr. IM – even I feel sorry for him on this occasion.

Let’s just put it out there – the car is over-flowing!

Mr IM had a plan to travel lightly in my car (it’s a 2 door coupe) rather than his Jeep. That minor tactic did not stop me.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ms.May is 22 years old and not even coming to Byron – I may even of packed her bucket and spade (if she still had one that is).

Hello pretties, my name is Bev and I am a self-confessed over-packer.

It’s  at time like this that I really need an ally….

Thank goodness Nikki from Styling You has confessed several times to being an over-packer. Although, in Nikki’s defence, by the looks of it she seems to have her lightweight packing down to a fine art these days!

I, on the other hand, do not.

Just for the record folks, if I’m travelling by air, then of course I conform to the weight limit – by using of much of Mr IM’s luggage allowance as possible of course.

Take away a strict luggage allowance though, and I become like a woman possessed 😉

Right, back to the good stuff.

The Tee-Shirt Dress Edition

Cut Away Midi Dress $99.95  |  Rylie Wedge $179.00  |  CR Model’s shoe: Marissa Sandal $129.00 – confession: this is the first pair of CR flat shoes I have brought (I secretly love them, but please don’t tell my heels/wedges – because it would make them very sad).

I’m wearing a large in the dress. I didn’t want it to clip my thighs at all. It’s a little roomy at the top but I can compensate for this by adding a belt to break-up the extra material –  even if I don’t, I’m easy either way.

If you follow me on IG you will have seen this frock yesterday. Because I travelled in it.

It’s was the perfect dress to keep me cool and comfortable for the drive down to Byron and take me straight out to lunch as soon as we arrived.

I love just how lightweight it is, the colour gives it a classic edge and helps immensely by not looking too creased and dishevelled.

Yesterday I added a belt and a scarf and some flats, just to keep it simple.

Some of the bigger CR stores may have received their delivery of this cute frock at little earlier than our store. BUT within 2 days of arrival & hanging this dress on the rail in Maroochydore – we (with the exception of  an XL) completely sold out.

Yes, it’s certainly a #keeper.

The dress also comes in a stripe version which is as fabulous. It looks like this.

So if this one is your kind of thing beauties, I would suggest you get on the case toot-sweet, because these babies are quickly becoming like gold-dust!

Have you brought any lightweight frocks lately that you know you will wear to death?


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