The Stripes Edition Part One

If stripes are not your thing, then you may have to look away now. Because for the next two days consider this space stripe overload – you are about to be bombarded…

As I’m sure you can all imagine, there is not a lot of new stock that manages to pass under my radar at the shop. The ‘shop’ being Country Road if you are new to these parts!

My beady eyes NEVER miss a trick.

They are always on the look-out for MY next new purchase.

To be honest, I’m still breaking out in a cold sweat about how I managed to miss this little number….

The Stripes Edition Part One

The Stripes Edition Part One

Twisted Back Stripe Maxi $129.00 Country Road  |   Rylie Wedge $129.00 Country Road

Monochrome and Stripes!

Stripes remind you all of nautical/sailor right? Or do you instantly think of jail-bird? Maybe I’m getting my black and navy stripes a little muddled 😉

Anyway, who cares?

Let me tell you how it all happened…

I was walking past the fitting room a couple of Saturday’s ago and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a lovely lady, looking all types of gorgeous.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

What was she wearing?

Was it her own? Or had I been walking around with blinkers on? Or maybe my lenses needed changing, whatever it was, something made me miss this little piece of perfection.

Why didn’t I know about it?

Let’s just say the 30 seconds after I effervescently told the customer how amazing I thought she looked, were god damn hilarious.

Imminent panic set in to find the elusive frock…which was made a million times worse because the woman in the next fitting room also heard me hyperventilating and decided she also wanted to try the dress too “in a medium please”  – MY BLOODY SIZE!!!!

In my hast, I cornered the nearest team member I could find to interrogate delve further into the mysterious dress that I had no idea was on our stock schedule.

I then set off at full-speed (Usain Bolt had nothing on me that day I tell you, NOTHING) praying that we had two medium’s hanging on the rail.


The CR fashion gods had answered my distress signal by sending us a full size run. TWO MEDIUMS were in my greedy little mitts within a heartbeat.

Peace was restored.

Nothing could wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day I tell ya 😉

So what’s so special about this frock I hear you say?

  1. Monochrome
  2. Stripes
  3. Stretch
  4. Comfort
  5. Length

If you’re passing CR and need a spring/summer dress that can be dressed up or down and feels like a dream on – I urge you to give it a try.

  • Add a denim shirt over the top or tie around the waist for an uber-relaxed feel.
  • Looks fab with flats, wedges, mules or Birkenstocks.
  • A boyfriend jacket for  a smarter look.

This one really is a winner.

It’s first outing was when our gorgeous girl and life-long friends came home for a celebratory birthday booze filled weekend.

Here’s the evidence of just how comfy it is…

IMG_3470 650

Ms May is wearing all CR too: Rib Bind Packet Tee $49.95 (XXS)  |  Mid Rise Crop Denim Jean $119.00 (Size 6) |  Elodie Wedge $179.00

IMG_3477 650

Mr IM is wearing: Mix Apparel Short (few months old, now sold out)  |  Tri-Stripe Tee $22.46 (sale) CR  |  Lenton Boat Shoe $149.00 CR

Yep, you’ve guessed it, between the three of us ALL of my salary ends up going straight back in to the till 😉


Do you fear horizontal stripes? Would I find a plethora of stripes in your wardrobe? What’s your favourite stripey wardrobe piece?


As it Wednesday lovelies, I’ll also be heading over to Kimbalikes place, to join in Wardrobe Wednesday – feel free to come over and show some love xx







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  • Beckie

    Looking amazing as always Bev

  • I love me a horizontal stripe too Bev! I usually end up with tops but now youve talked me into dress! SOLD!!!! U look fab as always xx

    • Thanks lovely! xx
      You and your gorgeous figure would rock a striped frock Kate and look all types of awesome xx

  • StyledbyBec

    This post cracked me up. Just love your writing style and I actually felt nervous for you when you went to see if there were two mediums. I love this dress on you. I really want to get a stripe maxi dress but I’m still breastfeeding and yet to find one that can easily pop a boob out. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Bec – I was seriously hyperventilating in the changing room…nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever come between me and my next purchase – ha ha ha!!! 😉
      If only this frock was breast feeding friendly – because I feel sure you would love it! xxx

  • Spot on (or should I say stripe on) as always Bev!! Love your story about this dress and totally love the look. You and your family look beautiful and happy together – gorgeous. I bought a stretchy long sleeved black and white stripe dress which I wore during winter and it was fab (like you say so comfy). Might need to invest in a summer option 🙂

    • Awwwww thanks so much gorgeous girl – I really appreciate your kind words, I’m such a sook when it comes to my family – they really are my world xx
      Love the sound of your winter stripey number…a summer alternative is a must I say xxx

  • shannon @howcaniwearthat

    I love this dress Bev. I think I might pop in to Country Road and try it on. You look absolutely beautiful. Shannon x

    • Awwww Shannon thank you so much – you’re very kind.
      Yes, do pop in and try it – it would be lovely to say Hello in person xx

  • Petra

    Great story! Love how you’re all lined up against the “style wall” – very well posed 🙂

    • I actually made myself giggle Petra when I brought the dress – I was beside myself with panic for a whole 2 minutes!
      Glad you like the style-wall pics, I insisted on taking them of us all… within a couple of clicks everyone more than comfortable! xx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    You look so super gorgeous! And I loved reading the story about the dress. Isn’t this feeling amazing or crazy or whatever .. if you want/find something .. that faster than normal heartbeat .. Love it. You have a beautiful family Bev.

    Andrea xx

    • Andrea you are very kind – thank-you xx I always experience ‘mild panic’ when I’m clothes shopping…especially if someone is eyeing up the same thing as me. It can be such an adrenaline rush though xx

  • You look Oh So Lovely in this dress! Love the back of it so much!

    • Thanks gorgeous xx The back is so nice and completely unexpected which makes it even better! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    What a babe you are Bev ,I love this dress on you and those pics with your family are beautiful.I love a good stripe sweetie always have and always will Xx

    • Lisa my friend you are the loveliest – thank you xx I feel so blessed to have such gorgeous peeps in my life…& that includes you too Petal xx

  • OUCH! My eyeballs have just been burnt by the sheer hotness of you!
    Love the cameo appearance by the entire IMS family! x

    • Thanks darling xx Can you please write a book of awesome and confidence building responses? They always make me giggle and feel a million dollars to boot!.
      Really proud of my gorgeous bunch of humans – I’m very lucky xxx

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! And look at your gorgeous lot. What awesome photos Bev.
    C x

    • Awwww thanks Claire. I’m am the luckiest girl having such amazing people in my life xx

  • Kirsty

    I love this dress! You look sensational!
    I love when you find wins like that!
    x Kirsty

    • Thanks so so much Kristy. It was a real find…cost per wear will be zero by the end of the summer! xx

  • Simply stunning Bev. I just may have to get my hands on one of those dresses. V x

  • Gorgeous Bev … I love you, stripes, monochrome and maxis so this post is heaven on a stick! x

    • Awwww, thanks lovely xx This one has your name all over it – you would rock it too perfection! xx