My Style Challenge: Seed

I set myself a personal style challenge a few weeks ago – to step over the CR threshold and explore the shops that I manage to walk past on a daily basis, without even giving them a second glance.

You can see what I’ve brought so far here and here

Originally, this challenge was going to be a monthly thing. But, I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment – so its ended up being a two-week thing!

Also, the brief was to only shop from The Plaza in Maroochydore but why limit myself I say?  Especially if that means shopping in Seed

So, a couple of weekends ago we hot-tailed our asses to our mates place who live East of Brisbane out near Raby Bay.

We were overdue a big catch-up with them and in need of celebrating Mr IM’s birthday (which was in August) and to celebrate our mates arrival in Australia 6 years ago.

On the Friday night, straight after work we packed up the car, made sure Lulabelle was happy in the footwell and set off to make the most of the weekend.

Friday nights are just the best – don’t you agree?

Let’s just say, this one was a biggy.

We sat around the table caught-up, chewed the fat, devoured homemade curry and drank copious amounts of alcohol.

It was bliss and just what we all needed.

On the Saturday, the boys decided to be boys and headed off to the local to meet friends (yes, and consume more alcohol) and Andrea and I headed to Carindale.

Now this little shopping trip was a goodwill trip really. I had offered (why oh why do I always open my big mouth?) to drop off some stuff at CR. This act of mercy ended up costing us both big-time.

How on earth anyone, can go to Carindale and come home empty handed – I will never know!

I love the place. It has a great mix of shops and a really pleasant feel about it.

We both hit Witchery (I hear you, this is off-limits on my style challenge but I couldn’t resist). I of course, also had to pop into Mimco (Andrea stopped me from buying a pair of sunnies – she is such a good friend).

We also did Myer (hello Benefit) followed by Seed.

Let’s just say we were both successful.

My Style Challenge: Seed

The lovely girl in Seed was just hanging this waistcoat when we arrived. It’s current stock but not showing on the website and comes in one-size

Wearing it with last years coated CR jeans and Witchery Singlet finished off with my favourite CR shoes of the moment – a must buy if you’re looking for a nude shoe girls.

Fringing and a cropped back – how could I refuse? – BAM – I just had to take it home 😉

I knew instantly it would work with jeans for a relaxed dinner outfit. I was actually wearing these jeans on the Saturday anyway, so I knew straight away this was a look I would put together.

As with everything I love, expect to see lots of this little piece of versatility!

Time for a last-minute confession…

This is the first waistcoat type thingymebob that I’ve ever brought – it won’t be the last though 😉

To me, this is like a big scarf with arm-holes…and you already know how much I love scarves!


Do you find that impulsive shopping trips reap the best rewards? Or are you a more of a planner/picking online before you go shopping?

Wednesday drill girls – I’m hopping over to Kimba’s place for Wardrobe Wednesday!



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