My Style Challenge: Missoni

Morning Pretties.

Today’s post is sort of the holiday (well short break) edition.

Guess where I am this morning?

Byron Bay that’s where. Oh Yes I am.

Mr IM and I have decided to  hot-tail our asses down here for a couple of days of much needed R & R.

We have both been working a little too hard of late. So in order to charge our batteries and for me to get ready for the onslaught of working retail over Christmas, we both agreed that time-out would be the perfect solution.

Byron has been a favourite place of ours for a long time. It’s the kinda place that draws you in and never seems to let you go.

We first visited Byron on one of our many holidays here.

It’s funny but parking the car for the first time was hilarious. We all stepped out and wondered where the hell we were.

It was like time had stood still in the sixties/seventies. But first impressions can be deceiving. Underneath all the 70’s hippy charm there is something about Byron that burrows its magnetism deep into you soul – ensuring you make a promise to keep on  returning.

That first visit didn’t cement our love at all – I remember not understanding what all the fuss was about…it took another trip back to truly get Byron.

Anyhoo, this trip will involve: in no particular order…

  • A morning walk to the lighthouse.
  • Afternoon drinks at the iconic Beach Hotel.
  • Leisurely stroll around the shops – too many to list.
  • Lunch and a lazy afternoon watching Byron do its thing at The Balcony Bar.
  • Dinner at St. Elmo’s.
  • Making sure we visit our favourite spots at Belongil, Clarke’s, Main and Watego’s Beaches.

Plus as many other things as we can possible fit into our short break.

But most of all, we will relax and kick-back.

So in keeping with all things holiday, I’m offering up a touch of ‘beach-style’ into today’s mix.

Yes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and mixing it up a little here on the blog, by showing a bit more leg than I would normally find acceptable.

Let’s just talk about my legs for a second or two shall we?

Yes, they get me where I need to go (most of the time they ache like crazy – from standing up all day) and they don’t look too bad in a pair of jeans or pants.

It’s when they pop out on show for everyone to see, that I find myself hyperventilating.

I know all the things I would say to anyone else who complained about their legs the way I do – BUT they are my nemesis!

Always have been, always will be.

I am a self-confessed Pear shaped, curvy girl.

To be honest, for the most part, I’m totally ok with that – because time has taught me how to make the most of what I’ve got.

I am the master or should I say mistress of disguise 😉

The hyperventilating only starts when it’s time to show them (my legs that is) some daylight.

But I’m so excited about owning something Missoni that I’ve dosed myself up on self-love and I’m throwing caution to the wind…

Look away now.

My Style challenge: Missoni

When Target launched the Missoni range, I felt more than a little excited

Mostly because I would be able afford to lovingly stare at a piece of Missoni in my wardrobe, rather than lusting after the collection online.

So a couple of weeks ago, after the initial launch excitement had died down, I popped into my local Target one Thursday evening to see if the hype lived up to the expectation.

It did.

I was gobsmacked by the extensive range that greeted my arrival – Wow. Just wow.

  • Womens
  • Mens
  • Kids
  • Home

The first thing that caught and held my attention was the swimwear.

Especially the triangle bikini. Yes, I am wearing it under the kaftan above I promise…can you see the halter-neck string in the picture above?

My Style Challenge: Missoni

Now, when it comes to bikini’s, I’m more than happy to still wear one.

Mr IM prefers me in a two-piece.

Both of us agree, a bikini is more slimming on me than a one-piece.

Depending on your shape though, you may feel differently.

If you have a flat tummy, and pins to die for – go for what ever makes you feel fabulous I say – who cares!

Got a tummy and prefer a one-piece?- Hell Yeah, wear it with pride.

Wear what suits you and stuff the bloody rules.

The reason I choose to hunt down a triangle bikini though, is the bottoms seem to flatter my curves better than a full brief.

My problem area is my thighs. If I wear a full brief, it cuts me off in all the wrong places and emphasises my legs making them front and centre!

Chunky-Monkey Style.

No Thank-You.

Obviously, I appreciate the string top can be an issue if you have a full bust – but at the moment things seem to be working OK for me in that department.

My Style Challenge: Missoni

Missoni Kaftan $49.00   |  Missoni Triangle Bikini Set $59.00 I’m wearing a large in the bikini and a 14 in the Kaftan (I probably could have gone for the 12 in the Kaftan but hoped the 14 would give me a touch extra length).

There are gorgeous choices in the range, not just string bikini’s. They have tankini’s and full swimsuit options too, all available in a great choice of prints.

And don’t even get me started on the mens range – de-light-ful – Mr IM will be wearing some very soon.

So if you fancy a bit of Missoni in your life, hop on down to your nearest target, or jump online, because I for one was very impressed with the range, quality and price.

Well done Target. Well done.

Have you shopped the new Missoni range? If so, share your stash – what did you get?

What’s your favourite when it comes to swimwear? Bikini, Swimsuit or Tankini?


It’s Wednesday you gorgeous lot so you’ll find me at Kimbalikes place as per – she is the hostess with the mostest you know!





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  • Cheryl

    Nothing wrong with those legs! Looking damn fine to me!! I can’t do a bikini – had my first bub at 21 and ended up with stretch marks from boobs to mid-thigh. I don’t have too much in the boobular department though, so a tankini with high sided bottoms look okay. (Apart from those dang stretch-marks on the upper legs — but what’s a girl to do? Neck-to-knee bathers?). You look lovely in the dress! Truly. x

    • Naw thanks Cheryl – you’re very kind! I know we all have insecurities when it comes to summertime…I try to tell myself that nobody cares what I look like, because they are far too busy having their own fun! Tankini’s and high leg briefs look all kinds of fabulous – wear them with pride darling! xx

  • These finds and total winners Bev. I love matching beachwear! I hope you had a lovely time in Byron and are enjoying your break. x

    • Thanks so much Shannon. I’m delighted to have such fab wearable pieces for such a good price!
      Byron was everything we expected and tonnes more xx

  • I’m super happy wearing my bikini. I tend to go for a retro cute vintage glam style. Having, ahem, generous boobage, I find a bikini top offers me the best support. I keep getting offered shapeless tankini tops (my boobs would look like two puppies fighting in a sack if I tried to swim in one of those!) or togs (tankinis, bikinis and one pieces) with moulded foam cups that cover about a third of my boobs.

    You look fabulous in your kaftan. I think I like it a little more oversized – lends a more 70s glam element!

    • You and your generous boobage have made me giggle.
      I remember seeing an IG pic of you looking sen-bloody-sational in your vintage glam bikini. Total hotness I tell you and the perfect shape and style for you!

      Love this kaftan so much…they had two different patterns, I may even go back for the other! xx

  • Nawww I wanted to see a pic of you rocking that bikini! My hubster also likes me to wear a bikini even though I’m not sure 😉

    • I’m working up to it Janet…! I came very close though, but I felt the need for a bit of tan (which always builds my confidence) with no time to apply it before I left for Byron. Next time I might xx

  • Love that Kaftan. Will never wear a bikini again because of my stretch marks after having 3 girls. I did everything to prevent them but they are hereditary. I’m happy to wear a one piece anyway because of my fair skin. x

    • Thanks Bec! Stretch marks are such a pain. I’m sure you look fabulous in a one-piece though and probably feel lots more confident to boot. They just cut me off at my widest part though, which emphasises my cellulite to perfection! xx

  • That kaftan looks great on you! 🙂 You definitely don’t need to worry about your legs! 🙂

    I ended up picking up a few things for baby and the house, but nothing for me from the Missoni range. I made the mistake of going on launch day and got in the way of the dedicated shoppers with trolleys full of stock, so I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, haha!

    • Awww thanks Mica, you’re very kind xx
      I was super impressed with the quality of the range, and the fact that they had something on offer for the whole family. Maybe, next time your passing eh?…as long as there are no crazies with trollies! xx

  • Great pick ups Bev! I love this outfit on you. I did pop down to my local Target but what I was after was not available in my size (the tunic) so I meant to get online but haven’t quite made it yet. You have inspired me though. Go you! Have a great time in Byron and keep being gorgeous!

    • Thanks darling! Our local Target was stocked to the rafters when I popped in after the initial interest had died down. Definitely worth a purchase though, the quality is great, especially for the price!
      Found some great accommodation in Byron – if you and your man every fancy an escape minus the kiddywinks – I think you would love it. Blog post will be live this week. Mwah xx

  • I like that bikini but I’m so self conscious of my bum that I fear the pants wouldn’t cover enough. Love the print on you xx

    • How. Just how can you possible think your bottom is big? You have a cracking figure, that is just made for a string bikini! So there! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love Byron bay too,it’s a beautiful place Bev.I love you in that kaftan it looks gorgeous,I haven’t actually looked at the Missoni range yet ,I will though ,our local target didn’t stock it.I think you have gorgeous legs but we all hate something about ourselves,I don’t like my legs or my tummy!
    I usually wear a tankini but did buy a bikini last year but I will wear it around the pool,have a relaxing and enjoyable break at Byron beautiful girl Xxxx

    • Lisa you will love the Missoni range – so many fabulous pieces at great prices too. Definitely worth a look!
      Thank-you for the lovely compliments darling – my legs are my nemesis! I do find wearing a string bikini slims my thighs down immensely though – which makes me happy!
      Byron was fabulous – we kicked back, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed our time together xxx

  • Hello gorgeous! Enjoy your Byron break. I finally went there for this first time this year and instantly fell in love. I will be back…again and again and again. x

    • Byron was amazing. The weather was beautiful, the accommodation fabulous and we managed to eat drink and get very merry at all of our favourite places.
      Especially good was the pork and chorizo special at St Elmo – which was a little piece of heaven in a bowl xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Nothing wrong with your pins at all! The Missoni at Target beachwear was gorgeous and it so looks good on you. I’m so envious of that bikini but there is no way it would work for me, I can’t do the string top nor string bottoms at the moment. I need to do some serious gym work! Enjoy your Byron break lovely! x

    • Why thank you beautiful…alas, my legs are not the best so I try to keep them hidden as much as possible! You on the other hand have a stunning figure and I see no reason what so ever why you can’t rock a string bikini! xxx Byron was everything we expected and tonnes more!

  • You look just fabulous Bev. Enjoy your break. V x

  • StylingMyCurves

    I adore the Missoni range at Target – that Kaftan looks gorgeous on you. Enjoy your short break!

    • I was seriously impressed when I walked through the door!
      Thank-you – So looking forward to doing nothing xx

  • You look absolutely gorgeous. So envious of your short break.

    • Thank you so much Raychael, you are very kind. I thought twice about this one, but thought what the heck, we all of bits we don’t like right? xxx

  • Katypotaty

    Ooooh, so jealous! Byron is just lovely, but I honestly haven’t spent very much time there. Maybe a girl’s trip is in order after Christmas craziness?

    • A girls trip to blissful Byron sounds like heaven to me darling…my first CR Crimbo too – will I survive my first boxing day sale? You will have two stores too – Yep – we will defo deserve a break!