The Stripes Edition Part Two

Yes, it’s day two on the stripes edition. You can find part one here – if you missed it !

Yesterday’s post also came with a warning – to look away if stripes are not your thing, but I’m hoping that today’s little beauty might once again hold your attention…

So, if i’ve sparked your interest, read on my gorgeous friends. Because this one is called the  Block Stripe Neoprene dress and it’s all kinds of awesome and a ‘dressier’ alternative to yesterday’s more casual look.

Bold yet Chic is the way Country Road are describing it. I have to admit, I totally agree.

The Stripes Edition Part Two

Block Stripe Neoprene Dress $199.00 I’m wearing a medium  |  Juliette Heel $179.00 both Country Road

Before we go any further – let’s address the elephant in the room…Neoprene.

My first thought when I think of neoprene, is a wet-suit.

Just for the record I have never ever worn a wet-suit, and  after looking into my crystal ball – I don’t intend to change that any-time soon! I personally prefer to sit under a shade with a long G & T in my hand and leave the wet-suit stuff to all the stunning young surfer mermaids out there!

Right back to the job in hand, let me tell you why I think it’s a wardrobe staple.

Firstly, the crispness of the stripes is eye-catching and never fails to impressive me.

I adore knowing I have a dress that will fit most occasions with a simple bit of tweaking.

A piece that would not look out-of-place anywhere from the office to a wedding and everything in between.

The fitted shape is helped immensely by the fabric, which offers lots of substance and wear-ability with a touch of edgy thrown in for good measure.

Perfect for Melbourne Cup don’t you think?

With or with a jacket or cardigan? – It just works.

Nude /black heel or open-toe sandal/wedge? – Perfection.

Or how about adding a statement pop of colour in your shoes or accessories ? Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red or Bright Green?

So many options!

Now to be honest, when this dress arrived in store I really had no intention of trying on this monochrome gorgeousness.

I HAD set myself a challenge to steer clear of my beloved black/white (challenges can be tweaked, yes?).  Also when I initially felt the fabric, I instantly pictured myself sweating like a pig profusely through our humid summers. BUT as soon as I tried it on – all the negatives turned into positives and I fell in love AGAIN.

So girls, don’t even consider rummaging through your knicker draw in search of your Spanx – because it’s not needed with this frock.

This dress is so complimentary  and a total eye-catcher to boot.

Oh dear. My obsession with monochrome and stripes of any colour, seem to be well and truly taking over my life and my wardrobe space.

I think it’s time to CULL.

My next challenge to clear out at least half of my wardrobe to make room for my next new purchase…Well a girl has to be realistic – the chances of me stopping shopping is pretty darn slim!

Do you separate your clothes into  Day or Night? Everyday or Special Occasion? Dressy or Casual?

Or are you the type to wear your fancy-schmancy stuff whenever you get the urge?



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  • Love this, and you look fab !! Can never ever go wrong with black and white!!

    • Thank you so much…it feels like a dream to wear! It’s so comfy and the stripes make it a classic piece that would suit any occasion, from a girly lunch right through to boardroom chic! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh Bev, I’m on Bloggy catch-up and Wow! I loooove that dress! The neoprene sounds interesting and I’d say this dress is perfect for dressy pool parties too…it must dry quickly if splashed?! I love monochrome, I’m still toe-dipping when it comes to colour (must be a British thing maybe?). As ever, I love your CR picks! x

    • Thanks darling! So pleased you like the neoprene…it feels all kinds of awesome on (quite supportive but not too hot) and looks the part. Maybe a need to have a pool party? xxx

  • StyledbyBec

    This dress looks fab on you too. I do separate my clothes from casual and night time. Helps me work out at a glance what to wear too.

    • Great idea Bec – I’m in desperate need of a wardrobe cull – I just can’t see the wood for the trees at the moment…or maybe I just need to stop spending! xx

  • You look amazing Bev. This dress is perfect for you. Yes, I need to cull so much to allow room for more. I wear whatever I like whenever I want, why keep everything for special? V x

    • Awww thanks so much my love.
      Love your work Vicki – to look and feel fabulous everyday is the way forward! xx

  • This dress is gorgeous on you! I had the same reservations as you re: neoprene or ‘Scuba’ as I’ve also seen it referred to and have so far steered clear…might be changing that very soon! Please send the culling fairies to take care of my Spring wardrobe edit xxx

    • Culling fairies have been dispatched and are en-route to Brisbane!
      Next time you’re passing CR give it a try. It feels a dream on and with your fabulous figure it would look simply divine xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Oh hello hottie Mchottie! You’re looking fab there Bev! Love the dress and I love it on you too!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    This looks gorgeous on you too sweetness I have never seen a dress made out of neoprene…. Sounds interesting but I love it anyway Xxx

    • Thanks darling, you’re very kind…this is the second dress that CR have brought out in the neoprene. The first was a shift and it didn’t work as well. This one is much better and a big-hit with everyone that tries it xx

  • Stop it. Seriously, just stop. With. All. The. Gorgeousness!
    I have grand plans for a ruthless wardrobe cleanout this weekend. It simply must happen for my sanity and for any beautiful future purchases.

    • You are just too lovely for words – thank you darling xx
      I MUST clear out to make room too…I’ve now started using Mr.IM rails – which might end in tears if I don’t act fast xx

  • Petra

    Now this dress is great too! I used to separate my “good” clothes from my everyday clothes but my wardrobe has changed so much in that now all I wear are smart casual clothes. We don’t really go out anymore, which is fine, but some of my smart casual clothes would definitely be ok for a nice restaurant anyway. I had a mammoth cull the other day, so exciting!, and I’ve decided minimalism is key! I need a few mix and match pieces then I’ll be right!

    • Well done Petra on the mammoth cull (I’m in dire need of a clear out) – I totally agree, if you get the right basics and staples, you can mix and match so many fabulous outfits and save a whole heap of cash to boot!
      Like you, I always had my ‘best’ outfits separated in my wardrobe, now not so much. If I really love something I will just pull it out and wear it to death – that way I have no regrets!
      Glad you like this frock too – it really is a classic wardrobe addition for me xx